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If you’re here because you’ve been looking for a survey panel to replace your day job, you may as well give up. Such a thing doesn’t exist. If it did, I wouldn’t be writing this review right now. Instead, I would be reclining in my armchair, taking surveys and racking up dollars.

As far as survey panels go, the best you can hope for is to supplement your income with a few dollars now and then. And you should be happy for it – after all, taking surveys is one of the easiest activities anyone can think of.

Still, the very concept of paid online surveys comes with many drawbacks. The jungle of panels and platforms is full of predators who would milk you dry instead of rewarding you for your time. Those fraudulent players are either after your money, or your information, or both. But they aren’t the only category of which you should steer clear. The second (and probably most plentiful) category of survey panels isn’t outright dangerous but will waste your time. Sending poorly matched surveys your way means you would be spending dozens of minutes per survey only to find out that you don’t qualify. I’ve also seen many cases where they offer very lousy rewards such as sweepstakes entries (on the verge of scam) or trifle merchandise.

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In this review, we will try to determine which of these categories does a panel called MyClearOpinion belong to. Is it safe to use? Worth your time or not? Read on to find out!

myclearopinion homepage preview

Who Are They?

MyClearOpinion panel was launched back in 2007 under the name of Building Materials Talk Panel. In 2011, it was acquired by BNP Media, a large business-to-business media corporation that’s been in the game since 1926.

That’s a respectable experience, but it still doesn’t tell us anything about the panel itself. For that, we have to dig deeper and see how the panel operates. Let’s just say, for now, that their business seems legit.

How Do I Become a Member?

You don’t have to go further than their homepage to sign up. Just scroll down a bit and you will see the Join Now button, below the login form.

earn clear cash join now button preview

You will be instantly redirected to another domain, Redirect links always smell a bit fishy to me, but not in this case. Judging by the MCO acronym, it’s their in-house platform, plus there’s the logo in the top left-hand corner.

The first thing you have to do is fill out a registration survey, to provide your contact details and some basic info. They offer an incentive even for this first step – after you confirm your email address, 500 CLEARCash points will be waiting for you.

What’s that and how much is it worth in actual bucks? More on that later. First, we need to wrap up the registration.

myclearopinion intro registration message

Tell them a thing or two about your gender, age, country, education, employment status. Then, mark the industry your company is part of, its annual income, and its name (optionally). If you’ve ever applied for any survey panels at all, you will recognize these questions as fairly typical. It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to answer them all, and you’re good to go. The only thing left is to confirm your account from email.

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As soon as I did that, boom! 500 CLEARCash points were there, in my dashboard.

myclearopinion intro registration message

However, there were no available surveys. You don’t need to revisit and refresh your dashboard all the time to see new earning opportunities. As soon as there is one, they will email you. Just make sure to check the Spam folder, since that’s where I found my confirmation email.

How Much Can I Earn?

I mentioned CLEARCash points twice so far. Here’s what they are and how they convert to tangible rewards.

The math is very simple. 100 points translate to exactly $1. That means you’re good $5 after your registration survey. For five minutes’ work, it seems like a fair bargain.

You can redeem your reward after you accrue 500 points. That means you can do it as soon as you’re done with that initial step. Unfortunately, cash isn’t an option here. There are only gift cards, as follows:

  • Virtual Mastercard
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • CVS
  • Lowe’s
  • Home Depot

With Lowe’s and Home Depot, only $10 worth of gift cards are available. Even though everyone prefers cash to gift cards, this selection of stores is probably one of the best I’ve seen. But let’s not make hasty conclusions just yet.

Head over to the About CLEARCash page and scroll toward the bottom. There is a sentence I don’t like at all. “At this time, a panelist can’t request payment of CLEARcash rewards,” they say. And indeed, my Rewards page only says that I have 500 points – no withdrawal option.

So, what does this mean? Why take surveys and waste your time if your points will just sit there for an indefinite amount of time? Essentially, it means that all your effort would be futile for the time being. It also means that you shouldn’t become a member of this panel yet. If anything changes in the future, I’ll make sure to update this article.


  • You will get your first 500 points just for completing the registration survey. $5 to get you started does sound generous as far as survey panels go.
  • Those 500 points are the cashout threshold. No need to aim for $20 or $25 in points, which is what many other survey panels require as a minimum.
  • Got disqualified? There is a consolation prize… Possibly. Every disqualification in the middle of a survey will win you a monthly drawing for a $100 gift card. There is only one winner every month, though. So, don’t rejoice too much at this opportunity. It’s nice that they offer it, but it’s far from spectacular.


  • You can’t get any rewards at the moment! This is the crucial disadvantage of this panel. Furthermore, it’s simply unfair that they still promise rewards everywhere but in the About CLEARCash page. They should make it clear upfront.
  • They don’t offer cash as an option. Even though the gift cards are fine, most survey takers are after money. And that’s completely understandable!
  • Everyone can join, but only certain people can earn. And that’s members residing in the US or Canada. They did disclose this info in the FAQ. Still, it’s fine print and not everyone is used to reading fine prints. That’s why I consider this part a con.

Final Verdict – Is MyClearOpinion a Good Survey Panel?

Many things are decent with this survey panel, but all of them amount to nothing at the moment. That’s because it’s currently impossible to cash out your points and turn them into rewards. So, my recommendation for the time being is to pass this panel and go somewhere else. There’s just no point in accruing points and hoping that they will be usable some time in the future.

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