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There are places where you can get paid for posting your thoughts and having people interact with them. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true for all of us old enough to remember forums? Well, not entirely. The truth is, there really are such places. But whether it’s a profitable way to spend your time is an entirely different question. So, what is MyLot and how does it fit into this concept?

mylot homepage preview

Most of the get-paid-to panels that we’ve reviewed so far are paying users to take surveys, participate in focus groups, watch videos, etc. This one is different in that it aims to incite conversations and networking. In their own words, “myLot pays you for your valuable contributions to our community and for completing Offers by our advertisers”. The first part of the equation is aimed at their users. The second answers the question: why on earth would anyone pay me for being a member of a forum? Well, because you would naturally want to make more money than those meagre cents they pay you for engaging other users. So, you complete those offers, and the site earns via their affiliate relationship with the advertisers.

How Does It Work?

my lot sign up page

For starters, take a minute to complete the short registration form. In essence, you don’t have to do anything else besides verifying your email address. But this is about networking and making friends, which is why it’s better to upload a picture instead of that ugly green placeholder, and enter some info about yourself. Any additional information and personalization you provide will maximize the chances for your contributions to be deemed valuable.

You can edit your profile by hovering over the upper left corner and heading to My Profile.

my account button location

Above that option is another promising button: Offers. There, you will access current offers and promotions from their advertisers. Whenever you complete one, you will get a designated amount of money – usually mere cents, but sometimes even a couple of dollars. For example, I got a few quizzes about basketball, football and logos. They were only worth $0.01, but to get even that, I had to complete them with 100% accuracy. I am no expert in those topics, so I got zilch. But there were also offers from some survey panels such as Survey Time. To get their $0.20, I was to register and complete at least one survey. (Which I couldn’t, as I am already a member of that panel.)

You may also encounter offers that reward you for playing games. Whatever the offer is about, it is always conditioned. You have to complete a certain amount of tasks to get your hands on the reward.

How Much Can I Earn on the Forum?

There is no easy answer to this question. But one thing is certain – even if you bust your hump from dawn to dusk, chances are you won’t make over couple dozen bucks per month. Which means that you should only do it if you really enjoy hanging out on message boards.

Now, I’ve seen people complaining that they failed to earn a single dime even though they started multiple discussions. Well, they missed the point. Much as your post may be interesting or in-depth, it will be for nothing if nobody engages with it. Likes, comments, interactions, responses are what counts here. But even if you get some engagement, it still doesn’t guarantee anything. It only means that your post will qualify for rewards, not that it will actually get them. Take it from the horse’s mouth, after all. This is what they’ve written in the FAQ:

my lot earnings disclaimer

Your earnings, if any, will be displayed in the upper right corner. And here’s the sweetest thing: you don’t have to bother requesting your payment. Around the 15th of every month, they will automatically land on your PayPal balance, as soon as you’ve earned at least $5. So, you can just sit back and enjoy the interactions, without worrying about technicalities.


  • The concept of earning a bit of money while socializing is very attractive. Many long-term users testify to having made friends across the world while earning some easy pocket money. If you’re an ardent networker, you don’t have to do anything you wouldn’t do anyway! Kind of like Reddit or Quora with a small, but nice additional benefit.
  • They pay in cash via PayPal. The former is, naturally, the most coveted type of reward on GPT platforms, while the latter is hands down the most convenient channel for your cash. 
  • Low cashout threshold of $5 shouldn’t be too difficult to reach if you enjoy discussing and interacting. Most other GPT sites will require you to earn $20 or more to be able to withdraw your earnings.
  • Offers are (in theory) a nice additional way to earn a couple cents more. And who knows, maybe you’ll encounter your next favorite GPT platform there.


  • The criteria for earning are pretty murky. Okay, you’re supposed to engage other members. But even then, you will only be eligible for earning. Which means it depends on some moderator or another’s personal taste.
  • Judging by user reviews, it’s not easy to earn even the most modest amount of money. But it’s also worth mentioning that long-term users have better chances, since they will already have made many loyal followers and therefore, many cash-worthy contributions.
  • Conversations tend to be a little bit dull, with too much pointless fluff. Sure, Reddit doesn’t pay, but it is so much bigger and more colorful.

Final Thoughts – Does MyLot Qualify for Your Next Moneymaker Project?

If you’re still wondering whether you can make some substantial money here, it’s time for a shift of perspective. Because even if you can, it doesn’t mean you will. And even if you will, it most certainly won’t be enough to even buy you more than a beer or three.

Okay, that goes to say that you shouldn’t hope for MyLot to become your next side gig. There are many other get-paid-to sites that will help you do that in a more efficient and certainly more profitable way. But what can you hope for here? What about those forum-addicted people who really like to engage in a meaningful debate?

If you are one of those, you would definitely fare better on Reddit. Or even Twitter. Places where people don’t post just about any random thoughts because they are incentivized with the promise of a few cents. It appears that most people prefer to express their most genuine and creative selves for free. 

This is not to say that MyLot is a bad concept in and of itself. If you are really hooked on forums, I won’t discourage you from joining another one. Maybe you’ll manage to weed out the dull conversations-for-conversation-sake and enjoy if only a little bit. If not, you can always jump ship!

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