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One of the easiest and most popular ways of making money online is through completing surveys. There are quite a number of different sites you can visit on the internet that will pay you some money to complete surveys based on your opinion.

These different sites have different advantages compared to one another and different methods of payment for your services. If you are looking to complete a survey for a certain site, it is important that you first consider the method of payment that will best suit you.

One of the most popular survey sites is My Survey. This article is going to provide a comprehensive review of My Survey. You may also want to check out our Swagbucks reviews as they have one of our favorite platforms this year.

What is My Survey?

My survey at is a survey site that has been operating for a relatively long time compared to most survey companies today.

My Survey started off as a market research company that used to gather data from different consumers in the UK, Canada, France, US, and Malaysia.

This company started its operation as early as the 1940s. The online version of this company was launched back in the year 1995, and Lightspeed Online Research Inc operates it.

The company pays for each survey filled out. These surveys that respondents are supposed to fill covers a wide range of topics. The respondents are paid for their opinions on a per survey basis, which is then converted into points.

my survey review

To answer the question, if My Survey is legit, the simple answer to this question is, yes, is legit!

Is My Survey Legit?

Before we discuss any further about this company, it is important first to know its legitimacy. If you look back to the 1940s, 1946 to be exact when My Survey was launched you can be able to trace its roots as a National Family Opinion Organization. When the company started, they use to collect surveys via the email and over the phone.

In 2001, National Family Opinion went ahead and created My Survey to help in expanding their study so that they can be able to reach more families across the nation.

In 2010, the company was bought by another company known as Lightspeed Research. Lightspeed Research was a global market and analysis company. Lightspeed Research operated My Survey throughout the years to what it has become today. My Survey is today one of the largest survey providers globally.

According to their website, My Survey rewarded their members all over the world a total of $15,000,000 in 2012. Several years later, the company continues to be among the leading in the industry.

To answer the question, if My Survey is legit, the simple answer to this question is, yes, is legit!

my survey review

How Does My Survey Work?

It’s quite simple to get started on My Survey especially if you have zero experience with online survey service. My Survey has a user-friendly website that is simple to use. The website will walk you through the process to ensure that you have followed all the required process correctly.

First, you will create your own profile with all the relevant personal information. After creating a profile, you will be required to complete a short questionnaire of around ten questions. These questions will allow My Survey to know what kind of survey it’s going to send you.

After you are done with this simple process, you will be now good to go and make some money by completing surveys.

Different survey services operate on a different way, which mea different companies will have a different payment methods and the amount paid.

For My Survey, you are going to be paid depending on the length of the survey and the topic you are handling. Normally, you will earn anywhere from $0.5 to $1.25. The longer the study you are completing is, the more you are going to be paid.

When you have accumulated your points, there are several ways that you can use to get paid and enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, one of the main disadvantages with MySurvey is that you must attain at least 1,200 points for you to be paid.


my survey review

Fortunately, with hard work, this is very easy to attain. The most common method that My Survey uses to pay is through PayPal account. For every 1200 points that you have accumulated, you will receive a sum of $10. If you make up to 1800 points, you will receive $15.

Depending on which nation you are from, it is going to take you 4 to 8 weeks to process your cash and get it into your bank account. As long as you don’t require cash instantly, this is a great way to make some dollars.Instead of converting your point into cash and have them sent into your PayPal account, there are other several ways you can use your points. You can have your points redeemed as a charitable donation.

The company gives you an opportunity to choose the option of having your cash donated into one of the charities they are in partnership with. 1100 points will be converted into a $10 donation. This is an awesome way of giving back to the community. The other way you can redeem your points from My Survey is by a gift card.

My Survey can have just any retailer of your preference, and you can buy as many goods as you want to depend on the number of points you have accumulated.

For a standard gift of $10, you will need 1100 points. The last way you can use to redeem your points from My Survey is by purchasing certain goods.

The company has a huge library of merchandise at your disposal that you can choose from to redeem your points. The company has a broad range of goods that respondents can choose from ranging from jewelry to electronics. This is an easy way to get yourself or a loved one a gift.


my survey review


Factors that determine the number of points a respondent will earn includes the length of the survey, time that is required to fill the survey, the number of people allowed to take the survey and the level of expertise required. Respondents are first evaluated to verify if they are qualified for a specific survey.

However, even if the respondents will not qualify, they will still be rewarded with some points for simply going through the screening process. To make things much easier, My Survey has a mobile app where respondents use to apply for surveys.

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Other Ways to Earn Through My Survey

Completing surveys is not the only way you can earn some points on the site. Another simple way is making use of
the company referral program. For every person, be it a family member or friend that you sign up for the company, you automatically earn 150 points.

This an easy way to add up to your points. The good thing about this program is that there is no limit on the number of people you can refer to the site. The longer you participate completing surveys in the program, the more likely it is that you will choose to complete a product testing opportunity.

This program requires that you use a certain product and then complete some questions that you will receive concerning the product. The questions will be largely based on the level of satisfaction you attained while using the product. The payout you will receive from such a product review will depend on how involved the product is.

Another simple way of earning some points from My Survey is by winning sweepstakes. These sweepstakes are randomly selected every month. Every month all the members that have been active through the period are randomly selected, and the lucky person receives a bonus of 10,000 points. All active members are selected though you can still earn some additional entries so that you increase your chances of winning.


my survey review

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Lightspeed and what is My Survey?

Lightspeed is a consumer research company. The company has been helping businesses know what consumers think about their products since they were first launched in the year 1946. The company runs survey via email, phone, and the online platform. The company pays its respondents through cash rewards. My Survey is the online platform where the company completes its surveys.

What are Surveys Carried Out?

Governments, businesses, public bodies and other similar organizations are interested in what the public think about their products or services. The more they know what people think about their product and services, the easier it is for them to improve on what they offer. My Survey gives these organization an opportunity to do this and also gives you an opportunity to influence what happens around the globe.

Why Should I Participate in These Surveys?

Different countries around the globe use marketing research to make major decisions on marketing and product development. By participating in these surveys, you will be helping in the development of new products, better the services you receive and shape the products you see in stores.


How Much Does it Cost to Join My Survey?

Joining My Survey as a member is always free and voluntary. In fact, your time and opinion are rewarded with redeemable points. You can redeem these points for cash, gift cards or donations to a charity organization of your choice.

What Happens With Information I Give You?

My Survey values the privacy of every member of their site. They will never sell your personal information to any other person who might be trying to sell anything. They take all the necessary precautions to secure all the information you provide to them.

What is Cookie and How Does My Survey Use Cookies?

A cookie is a very small text file that is placed on your hard drive by a web page server. It’s a type of electronic identification card. Cookies cannot deliver any virus nor execute as a code. It is uniquely yours, and the system that gave it to you is the only one that can be able to read it. The company uses cookies to protect the access of every member, identify valid members, and personalize every member’s experience. No personal details are stored in any of the cookie. Respondents who choose not to allow cookies cannot be able to access My Survey website and cannot enjoy any of its associated member benefits.

How Many Members of My Household are allowed to join?

Currently, only one member per household is allowed to join the website. From time to time, My Survey may ask differentCrowdology members of your household to take surveys, but they can only do this using your membership.

How Do I Check My Point Balance

Once you log into the website, the number of points that you have accumulated will be displayed.

Benefits of Joining My Survey


A Good Track Record

My Survey has extended its operations to over 40 different countries and had more than 4 million users. In 2013 alone, it awarded users more than $16 million.

The company has received lots of positive reviews from satisfied users. Most users have said that My Survey sends an excellent taste of the product and that in most cases there are surveys always available to complete. Respondents receive a quick notification whenever they fail to qualify for the survey.

There is nothing bad like waiting for a substantial amount of time to complete a survey only to be notified later that you have not qualified. My Survey has been around for years, and arguably one of the most established online paid survey globally.

Make Money

My survey appreciates its customer’s opinion thus they reward them handsomely for their time. After participating in a survey, you earn points which can be later redeemed for cash. To make sure that the customer can access the money as soon as possible, the payout is set vto $10 which is equivalent to 1200 points.

Although the points may sound quite a lot, you will be amazed by how the points can accumulate quickly and it is possible to earn a minimum of $5 per survey. The urgency and the length of the survey determine how a survey pays. Urgent and lengthy survey is likely to pay slightly high than short and less urgent ones.

Additionally, the points don’t expire, and this gives the respondent enough time to accumulate more points and withdraw the cash at once.

Instead of watching funny videos on YouTube in your spare time, you can decide to take a few surveys and earn yourself some extra coins with little efforts. Most graduates and retired people tend to have a lot of time to kill which can be converted into valuable time worth supplementing income.

Although you won’t make a million, the amount earned is favorable compared to the amount of work one can put in while conducting the surveys. Moreover, you can also earn points by simply convincing your friends to take part in the surveys through their special referral program.

Work from Home

Are you tired of waking up early so that you can make it work in time? I’m very sure you would enjoy if you were to wake up oneDarwin's Data morning, have a cup of coffee and sit in your living room and start working. You don’t have to worry which clothes to put on. My survey offers a flexible and ideal working freedom since you are the one to determine how much or little to work.

The level of freed offered is quite intriguing, unlike the traditional job. You can also configure your working station depending on how you want. You can work while listening to music and no one will dictate the outfits to wear. In fact, you can work in your pajamas. The choice solely depends on you.

Work from anywhere else

With the new mobile app recently launched, My Survey offers a very flexible working option. Completing surveys from your mobile phone is easy. Thus you don’t need to carry your laptop anywhere you go. Therefore, you can be making money while queuing for your favorite cup of coffee or even when you are waiting for a bus. With My Survey app, every minute of your free time can be converted to money.

Webcam survey

E-Poll SurveysConducting many surveys becomes boring especially ticking the similar boxes over and over again. My Survey offers a solution that mitigates boredom through webcam surveys. Webcam survey offers you a chance to relax your hands since no typing is needed.

The site is cable of detecting your webcam, and it can automatically switch it on especially when the survey involves watching a video. Your expressions and reactions on the subject at hand are captured and left for the experts to analyze later. For you to complete the survey, answering a few questions concerning the topic is required. The reactions and the responses are converted into vital marketable information.

No Special Skills Required

Unlike mostof the other companies where you are required to fill up an application and must possess some skills, My Survey does not require such. It does not require any prior qualifications or experience. You don’t need any college degree; you don’t need to pass any test or act professionally. All that My Survey needs is you in person and some few basic information. Such basic information includes your age, the music you like and how to make your favorite product better. All you will be required to do is give your opinion.

Drawbacks of My Survey

As much as My Survey is a legitimate website where people can use to earn some passive income, it does not go without some MySoapBoxchallenges. A number of respondents have reported some dissatisfaction that the company needs to address. Here are a number of drawbacks with the site.

Screening Respondents Out Through Unjustified Reasons

The company ads regarding the amount of time it will take to complete the surveys can be misleading. Also, some respondents face some issues with completing surveys only to be told at the end that the number of responses required for that particular survey has been reached. However, this is a common problem with some other popular sites offering the same services.

Unjustified Deactivation of Accounts

Another problems respondent’s face with My Survey is deactivation of their accounts for reasons not known to them. This problem has occurred to many respondents with no explanation whatsoever from the company as to why that has happened. This poses a major challenge to especially those people who have gathered enough points for a payout only to realize that they cannot access their accounts.

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No Surveys to Complete

Another challenge is that they are some time that there are no surveys to complete on the site. This can be quite frustrating especially to those people with nothing else to do and views the site as their main source of income.

Screening Respondents Who are in Progress of Completing a Survey Out

At times, the company can screen a respondent out even after starting the survey. For example, a respondent can be screened out after he or she has completed 75% of the survey. The company can do this by just giving the reason that they are not qualified.

Low Payment

The company pays their respondents depending on the accumulated points. Some respondents feel like the amount paid to them is quite low depending on the amount of time and efforts you need to complete these surveys. It will take a long time to earn the minimum points you are required to earn for you to convert them into cash.

Bottom Line

My Survey is one of the oldest and most trusted survey websites you will find on the market. It has for years assisted many users to earn passive income. You may not make this site your main source of income, but it is an excellent way to make some few extra coins during your free time. Most of the time you can finish one survey during your lunch breaks.

You can join My Survey (now LifePoints) here!