MySurvey Review 2017: Ten Reasons Why It Is Best

In 2001, National Family Opinion launched MySurvey to expand and digitize its survey-taking operation worldwide. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, attracting more members and collecting more opinions amidst a growing number of scam surveys and unscrupulous middlemen. With that in mind, here are ten reasons why I consider MySurvey to be the best paid survey online right now.

10. Make Money

MySurvey Cash

As much as you might appreciate your consumer opinion be valued, let’s be honest – you’re here for the money. MySurvey knows this, and compensates its users handsomely for contributing their opinions. When you complete surveys you earn points, points which can then be redeemed for cold hard cash. It won’t take long for you to be rewarded for your efforts, the minimum payout set at only $10, or 1200 points. I know – 1200 points sounds like a lot. But I found myself accumulating that a lot more quickly than I thought, earning roughly $5 per survey.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s totally legit. Granted, the amount you earn depends on the survey urgency and length, but the payout is pretty good considering the amount of work you’re putting in. Some websites have a questionably short expiry date on their points, but not MySurvey. You have up to a year to redeem any points you earn, so you have plenty of time to save up and purchase something you really want.

Say you’ve just graduated and you’re still searching for a job, or maybe you’ve just retired and are looking for a new hobby. You won’t make millions, but for someone looking to supplement their income MySurvey is ideal. Setting up an account was easy, and the site never asked me for any credit card information, assuaging any doubts I might have had about this being a scam. The one drawback was that it took my winnings a few weeks to be processed, but if you can stand it the wait is entirely worth it.

They also have a neat referral program where if you invite a friend and they sign up, you get a cash bonus. Win-win.

9. Work from Home

You wake up early, you commute, and eight hours later you commute back. Everyday. Reviewing MySurvey was a welcome break from the daily grind, primarily because I got to test it from home. For one beautiful day I got to define my own hours and work as much or as little as I wanted. Given that I had had trouble sleeping the night before, this was ideal. I woke up later, but feeling more refreshed and ready to do my best work. A traditional job doesn’t offer that level of freedom, and it’s not difficult to understand why many have abandoned the rat race for paid survey sites like MySurvey.

Not too relaxed however – I did have a job to do after all. But it is a lot easier to sit down at your desk when you can get up whenever you want. You can also configure your workspace however you like. Perhaps you like to blast pop music or, like me, you are most comfortable in your pajamas. The choice is up to you, and by having this freedom I was better placed to do the best work I could, work that my regular job doesn’t always inspire me to do.

8. Work from Anywhere Else

Young Man with cell phone walking

MySurvey recently launched a mobile app meaning that you can now complete paid surveys on the go. I haven’t encountered any other paid survey that has this feature which is surprising, because it would appeal to a lot of users. For most, paid surveys are a handy way of passing the time, and there was plenty of time to pass when I was out and about. Whereas previously I would have lost time sitting on a bus or standing in a queue, now I could boot up the app and complete some surveys as I waited. With the app, time became money. It is available on tablet too, handy for anyone who feels more comfortable on their couch than at their desk.

7. Gift Cards, Charity, and Free Products

As well as cash, MySurvey also gives users the option to trade their points for gift cards. My experience with other paid surveys is that these are not worth the plastic they consist of, but this was not the case with MySurvey. I could choose gift cards from established retailers like Amazon and Target, gift cards that often offered better value than simply redeeming for cash. For me, they also reinforced the idea that MySurvey was a legit paid survey. Many users have noted that their gift cards arrived a lot faster than cash, so they may be your best option if you are looking for a quick fix.

Showing woman presenting blank gift card sign

I was given the opportunity to donate my points to Unicef which, like the mobile app, was not something I have seen with other paid survey sites. It is reassuring to know that some good could come from something as simple as me sitting at my desk and completing surveys on my computer.

MySurvey also occasionally sends out items for its users to try, free of charge. There is the small catch of recording your impressions of the product and sending them back to MySurvey, but that’s it. What’s more, any items sent to you will be tailored to your demographic. So whether you have just become a mother or you are celebrating your 21st birthday, you know the products you receive will actually be of use to you.

6. Webcam Surveys

If you have ever gotten bored of ticking boxes, this entry is for you. MySurvey has recently launched webcam surveys, surveys that you can complete without even typing. It sounds a bit odd, but I found it works rather well – MySurvey sends you a video, which you watch. The site automatically detects your webcam and switches it on, filming you as you watch the video. The webcam captures your expression for MySurvey to analyse later, transforming your reactions into marketable information. Afterwards you answer a few short questions about what you just watched, and that’s it.

I was understandably squeamish about opening up my webcam to the world wide web and any potential scams, as I imagine you might be too. MySurvey assures its users that all of the images taken (and their identities) are kept secure on their surveys. The company’s excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau makes me inclined to trust this service.  

5. A Good Track Record

At first I was a little dubious of the claims that MySurvey makes, but they check out. The site has more than 4 million members in 40 different countries across the world, and awarded users over $16 million in 2013. They are ranked #2 on, with an excellent rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 83 user reviews. Many users point out that MySurvey sends great test products and that there are always surveys available to complete. Nothing is more frustrating than joining a paid survey site only to fail to qualify for any actual surveys, so I can understand why many users would appreciate this.

When I did not qualify for a survey (as did happen on occasion) I was notified fairly quickly, and whenever I did successfully complete a survey points were awarded to my account quickly and without issue. MySurvey, in my experience, has lived up to its stellar reputation, and proven itself to be legit.

MySurvey has been around for a long time, arguably the most established online paid survey around. If nothing else, they are trustworthy organisation, something that is becoming increasingly rare on the world wide web

4. Get your thoughts heard

closeup of a survey questionnaire form and pencil

At one point while I was taking the surveys, I wondered what all of this was for. What was the point of answering all these questions? I visited their website, and found that my answers mattered more than I had thought. Opinions from people like you and me have inspired innovations like antilock brakes, childproof safety caps, even air bags. It might not have been my first reason to sign up for MySurvey, but I was proud to know that my humble opinion could have a major effect on everyday life far away from my computer screen.

You might even get in the paper. The results of these surveys are published in major publications like the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, meaning that user views could potentially shape the views of an entire readership! Maybe you have thought that your brand of detergent should use different colors in its advertising, or that your sauce of choice could be a little spicier. You might think that your opinions are just that, opinions, but they can be more if you let them. You never know, maybe one day you will see a new design or innovation being implemented worldwide and it will have been thanks to you. Not bad for someone sitting at their desk in the pajamas.

3. No special skills required

Busy woman working with her laptop

Whereas some other jobs from home require you to send application after application and prove yourself to a client or company, MySurvey requires no prior experience or qualifications. You don’t need a college degree, you don’t need to pass a test, and you certainly don’t need to act professional. What paid surveys are interested in is you as a person, in a weird commercial sense. What age are you? What music do you listen to? How could we make your favourite product better? All you need is an opinion, and everyone has one of those.

I was curious to see what I would earn for giving negative opinions, but MySurvey paid me just the same. And if (unlike me) you fall into what is known as a key demographic, you’re in luck; paid survey sites will reward you more for your time, because your opinion is simply more valuable to them.

2. Great layout

Nearly all of surveys you can complete on MySurvey are their own, and are seemingly not linked to any nefarious third-parties. Some paid surveys like VIP Voice outsource their surveys to companies that might as well be considered a scam for how poorly reviewed they are (I’m looking at you Toluna). With MySurvey, I didn’t find any evidence of this. Their website was easy to navigate and their surveys were clear, professional and well-written.

This might not sound like a big deal, but you have to remember that some people work on MySurvey for hours at a time. It is a testament to the design of the website that it’s users can happily work for long periods without issue or complaint.

1. The Sweepstakes

The surveys are good, but the sweepstakes are better. Every month, ten members are randomly selected to receive 10,000 points as a thank you for being active survey members. That’s nearly $100 dollars each. The better your standing on MySurvey, the more likely your chance to win the grand prize. For certain surveys you complete, you will receive an entry into the bonus sweepstakes, and by completing more surveys you will have a better chance of winning. I haven’t won yet, but then again I only just started using the site. I earned five bonus entries this month simply for being a member however, so I’m not out of the running just yet.

In conclusion, MySurvey has its flaws but overall it has proved an excellent choice for my paid survey of 2017. Making money from anywhere in the world with no qualifications required, in the knowledge that my opinions were having a significant bearing on the products and items we use everyday – it was a great experience to participate in. I could only enjoy and recommend MySurvey if I considered it to be a legit and reliable service, and I found this to be the case after extensive research and methodical testing. Based on our reviews, PrizeRebel and Swagbucks are also legit sites to earn some extra cash.