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If you happen to spend a lot of time on survey websites trying to make some extra money at the end of each month, you will know by now how many of these websites are just pure gibberish.

All of them offer you great rewards in exchange for the time you spend answering their market research surveys. However, the number of legitimate panels that actually live up to the expectations they themselves build around the site can be counted on both hands.

These websites often don´t let you access the rewards they promise, or don´t send you any surveys to begin with, although they have a great talent for filling up your inbox with emails that you will never read.

How exactly do you recognize if a survey panel is a scam or a legitimate site that can help your gain some money?

Well, the only ways to be sure is by trying the site yourself and, of course, by paying close attention to what those who have already joined have experienced as a member of the website.

MyView is a paid survey site based in New York that is owned by the market research company Authentic Response, that promises to reward greatly while supplying you with fun surveys.

However, is this true, and is it worth joining it?


How does MyView work?

MyView is an online community of members who can share their opinions and thoughts about companies, brands and products by taking online surveys that are focused on gathering information that can be useful for marketing research.

The website claims to offer great, interesting surveys to its membership, who have supposedly completed “hundreds of thousands of surveys” that have helped create new products and influenced important decisions. If you are eligible for taking a survey, MyView will then pay you for your time and your answers.

Their payment method consists of points, which will be added up in your account until you have gained enough to redeem them. Once you have a minimum amount of 13,000 points, you will be able to get a $10 reward.

These rewards can be Amazon, Walmart, and iTunes gift cards, VISA prepaid cards, donations to charities of your choice, retail e-vouchers, restaurant gift cards, and even merchandise. As a member of MyView, you will also have the chance to participate in sweepstakes they periodically hold.

The gift cards vary in amount, offering up to $100 in any gift card of your liking. The method through which you will be receiving the gift card will be either by mail or through your email address, in the form of an eGift card.

A particular feature of MyView is that its community offers its members the chance of connecting to each other, sharing passions, ideas, and opinions, much like a social media site.

MyView Points and Rewards

Once you sign up for an account with MyView, you will soon be getting survey invitations in order to start collecting points. If you start a survey and happen to not be able to finish it, MyView will award you 100 points.

However, if you do complete the survey, the amount of points is much higher: sometimes you can get up to 2,000 points per survey.

If you are one of those who do not like to wait for a survey invitation via email, MyView offers the opportunity to log into your account and take surveys that are posted online as well.

When you reach 13,000 points, you will be able to get a $10 gift card or donation. If you accumulate 35,000 points, the amount goes up to $25. Finally, if you reach the needed amount to exchange your points for a $100 prize, MyView will give you the chance to get a VISA prepaid card.

Another thing MyView does is send products for reviews at home, which can sometimes be new products that have not yet been released to the market.

Lastly, you will have sweepstakes opportunities, which are held every month for $2,000 worth of prizes. The first winner gets $1000, while five others receive $200. You are eligible for winning just by being a member of MyView.

Our MyView Review

There are several things about MyView’s site that do not function properly. First of all, if you try to sign up for a new account with MyView, you will be redirected to its sister site, OneOpinion, instead. It seems that they are not accepting new member applications anymore.

However, it should be noted that OneOpinion, while it might have some similarities, has a different system that is not related to MyView at all.

The thing with MyView is not that they do not pay; they do, but the earning potential is so low that you might just be wasting your time. If you need a total of 13,000 points to cash out a $10 gift card, and one survey will always pay you less than 2,000 points. You can do the math and see how long it will take you to reach that amount.

Alongside this, at least half of the surveys that you take will not pay you at all, but only count for sweepstakes entries.

Similarly, a great number of users have had their accounts closed for no reason just when they were reaching redeeming time, while others have tried to redeem their points only to find out they have issues that never get resolved, or that the gift card that was supposedly sent to their house never arrives.

Some past members whose accounts have been shut down still get invitations to surveys via email, although customer support never really explained why their account was closed in the first place.

Finally, it seems that whether the website will be useful to you or not will be determined by pure luck. They claim that if you do not get many survey invitations it´s because your demographics do not match the current studies, but online reviews all point to thinking that it is most probably just bad luck.


Does MyView have any good features?

Well, almost every market research panel has a number good aspects. In MyView´s case, you will get paid for every survey that you do not qualify for; 100 points for each time you do not match the criteria is not so bad. Some sites do not blink twice before only saying “Thank you, try again.”

Also, they have a screening method that allows them to know if your demographic characteristics are useful for the survey in the first 1-4 minutes, which means that you won´t be screened out 15 minutes in.

Another great thing is that they recently seem to have changed the point awarding system into a more practical one, allowing you to access your points as soon as you finish the survey. This can be confirmed by accessing your member account on the website, which actually has a great, simple layout for you to navigate easily.

Likewise, MyView rewards those members who are active and constantly participating with more surveys; this means more points for you. If you leave your account inactive, MyView might forget about you and you will stop receiving email invitations.

myview-reviewsHowever, if you constantly complete surveys, you will be getting up to five survey invitations a day. That´s quite a lot, isn´t it?

In addition to this, MyView allows you to search for surveys yourself; if you do not receive any email from them on any given day, you can still log on and take an online survey directly from the web page.

Also, the points that are awarded to your account are determined by the type of survey you take. Generic surveys do not pay a very high number of points, but you can still do a lot of them.

Nevertheless, if you want to get more for less, you can opt for certain surveys that require some level of expertise in the subjects they are about. If you show you qualify for these special surveys, you will be getting many more points a day.

Lastly, it might seem that MyView pays little, but as explained above, it will depend on you and how much time you are willing to invest. The truth is that with some paid survey sites you can gain as much as $5 a month, but with MyView, you will be acquiring a $20 gift card at the very least.

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MyView Review Final Verdict

The conclusion is that MyView is a website that does pay its users for completing surveys regarding products and services. After having studied the company a bit, it might have a lot of downsides, but it has a lot of advantages as well.

It seems that, in order to be successful with MyView, you will need to be diligent, patient and willing. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who receive up to 5 survey invitations a day, the amount of money you can make is quite impressive at the end of the month.

The bad thing is that you might not be making any cash, as they do not offer PayPal payments or checks anymore (they used to, though), but if you are interested in getting a Walmart gift card every once and a while, you will find MyView, or OneOpinion nowadays, quite useful.

If you’re looking for a more legit survey site, we recommend PrizeRebel.

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