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Imagine finding out about a decent paid survey panel that kinda strikes a chord in your diligent soul. Good user reviews outnumber the bad ones, rewards appear to be pretty nice, and the overall impression is that it’s legit. But the bad new is – you can’t join of your own free will. That’s exactly the case with NiceQuest.

But don’t give up on reading this article just yet. There are things you need to know, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try if you come across a chance.

Who Are They?

According to the “About” page on their website, they are an online community of 1,5 million people who “respond, redeem, and repeat,” to quote it right from the horse’s mouth. For providing them with your opinions and voice, you will get various gifts with free shipping. Their Facebook page is followed by over half a million people. 

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How Can I Join?

As I said above, it’s an exclusive, invite-only community. And it appears there is no hack that could secure your way in. You can’t just enroll – you have to get an invitation from one (or more) of their partners, much like E-Rewards. If you previously shopped with one of the companies that pay NiceQuest for market research, and left your email address somewhere, an invitation might hit your inbox one of these days.

If you decide to contact them and ask for an invitation, they will decline you – it’s just a part of their policy. There’s a shortcut for receiving an invitation, though. Follow them on social media and join their monthly contests, and you may win an invitation.

If you do, here’s my 5 cents. Give NiceQuest a try. Once you get invited, it’s free to join. So, there’s nothing to lose, and there’s plenty to win – if you’re lucky.

I Managed to Get an Invitation. What to Do?

Follow the link they emailed you to create your account. Be sure to download their app too, since it’s the most convenient and least disruptive way to fill out the surveys they will send you.

From there, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You will get between 1 and 3 surveys per month sent to your email, or you can find them on your dashboard in the top right-hand corner if you are on a desktop, or in the app. There’s no need to keep checking for new surveys – they will always let you know if you have them pending.

It’s not much, I agree. But if your user profile matches what they currently need, you might get more – the number isn’t carved in stone and they admit it.

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Do I Earn Cash or Points or Something Else?

In return for the time and effort you spent, you will get a certain number of the so-called Shells. It’s their currency, which unfortunately doesn’t translate to cash. Once you accumulate enough Shells, go to their Gift Store and choose from a bunch of valuable gifts. The catalogue is so huge and rich that anyone will find something they need – it includes baby products, books, kitchen and household electronics and appliances, cosmetics, etc.

You can put your earned Shells to multiple uses – if you don’t want or need any of the gifts, you can convert them into donations, or trade them for an opportunity to engage in their monthly contests and giveaways. Plus, if you take a photo with your gift and upload it to their Facebook page, you will get 50 additional Shells.

Their surveys are fine and nicely tailored to the users’ profiles, so it won’t be boring or monotonous. Though I have to admit it’s hard to get boring with as many as three surveys each month.

Issues and Perks

Even with as few surveys as you will get, you can still get disqualified. They have an explanation for why that happens: enough people have already provided answers to the survey, and the algorithm determined there’s no need for more. It beats me why the system doesn’t just remove a survey that has already collected enough info, but it’s a very frequent problem with survey panels. There’s a consolation prize, however; every time you get kicked out in the middle of your work, you will get a few Shells, just to compensate for the time you wasted.

Finally, if you’re really lucky, you may get an invitation to join their Atlas program. Basically, it’s a an incentivized feature in their app that will track your location so that they can learn about the trips that members of your demographic category and area tend to make throughout the day. In return, you will be awarded a certain number of Shells. They claim that these information will only be used for statistical purposes. If you dislike this feature, just cancel it and you will no longer participate or get invited to it.


  • Available both on desktop and mobile, thanks to their app. Many of their competitors don’t have an app, which singles out NiceQuest from the competition.
  • There are tons of prizes you can choose from, including Nike, Sony, Apple and other high-end brands, as well as gift cards from Macy’s, Old Navy, Home Depot, Victoria’s Secret, Amazon, Walmart, Fandango, etc.
  • They are most definitely legit.
  • All products you win will get shipped to your address free of charge.
  • If you get disqualified in the middle of a survey, you will still get a certain number of Shells.
  • Surveys are relatively short, easy and fun.


  • No way to join unless you get invited by one of their partnered companies.
  • Very few surveys per month. Even though survey panels are not known for their generosity in terms of money you can earn, this one gives you even less opportunity than others.
  • Shells can’t be converted to cash. I personally consider this a downside, but many other paid survey platforms do the same.
  • For most members, surveys and giveaways are pretty much the only way to earn here. Many competitors offer watching videos, playing games, reading emails, reviewing products for cash.
  • For a $10 gift card, you will need 100 Shells on average – but it’s not a rule. The number of Shells you need for certain amounts of money will vary, and you will never know how many Shells you are about to earn by completing a survey.
  • Gift cards are the most sought-after prizes, and they will run out of stock from time to time. According to their users, it happens more and more often, which is definitely a no-no.

Final Verdict

NiceQuest is definitely legit and trustworthy, but it won’t come anywhere near the top of the best survey panels. It’s just too hard to get in. And if you ever manage to arrive there, you won’t have much to rejoice about. Their rewards are awesome, but with as little as 1-3 surveys each month, you’ll hardly get much satisfaction.

However, if you ever get a chance, I would suggest you accept and join the program. At least it won’t take up much of your time. With a bunch of other survey websites, it will help accrue decent side money.

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