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(Updated January 2019)

Today we are going to highlight over the Nielsen Digital Voice (NDV). NDV is one of the most popular marketing research groups in America today. It offers a chance to earn a passive income while doing nothing out of the ordinary. Due to its nature of operation, the program has many doubters and it’s only natural, because for many of the newbies it looks too good to be true.

In our review, we are going to discuss about the Nielsen Digital Voice in depth, talk about our personal experience of using the program and determine whether it is a legit way of making money like Opinion Outpost or just another scam.

About The Company

The Nielsen Digital Voice is operated by the Nielsen Company. The parent firm is a market research powerhouse and has several businesses / panels under its umbrella. In fact, this is the same company that also recorded the TV viewing habits of the consumers in the United States with its TV Box.

About Nielsen Digital Voice

The main focus of the Nielsen Digital Voice is to provide holistic analysis of the market and consumer behaviour while using their computer. Using the feedback from its research, the clients of the company are able to provide users with a better experience and therefore have a chance of improving their online business.

The company is situated in New York since its establishment in 1923. It has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and boasts a rating of A+, from a scale of F to A+. This rating is testament to the company’s and its product’s performance in the market, over the years.

First Look At The Website

You can check out the program by visiting

NDV Website

The website looks pretty clean and minimal, following the modern trend.
It does look much better than a typical survey website and reflects professionalism in the finish. Upon loading, we are greeted with the slogan of the program and an invitation to join the panel. There are briefings given stating the purpose of the panel, why you should join it and what will you get in return for joining it. According to the website, there are quite a few countries, besides United States, in which you can use the program including the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The language is also changeable depending upon the country you select.

At the bottom of the web page we notice the ‘Copyright © 2017’ text. This is a good sign as the 2017 shows that the website is constantly updated and probably has a team of developers assigned to keep it in shape. This is a sign of a committed and reliable company.

How It Works

The website has a section that gives the operation of the program in a nutshell.

  1. The first step is signing up and competing a set of questions. Since you are going to be virtually handing over your data usage to the company, you will be asked a few questions to make the program file your demographics, age, etc. Note that you must be 18 years or older to be eligble for using the program.
  2. The second step is downloading and installing the Nielsen application on your device. The installation is pretty quick and unobstructed. The company states that its customer care is always available in case you need help with the installation.
  3. Now, after the application is up and running, you just need to normally use your computer like you do every day. This is it. You are not required to do any thing extraordinary. Just get online and surf the internet.
  4. You are rewarded for your efforts by getting entries for the Nielsen sweepstake which take place every month. The total prize money for grab is $10,000. The more regularly you use the program, the more entries you get for the sweepstake. Nielsen claims that every month 400 users win rewards.

The Nielsen Application And Safety

Quite a few of the users may not feel comfortable with the fact that they need to install an application on their computer and allow it to monitor their data all the time. In fact, we strongly recommend to not install any such application from unknown sources. However, the Nielsen Company is a reliable one and has created a lot of checks and balances to ensure that its application cannot be used for malice purposes.

The application is small in size and installs quickly. It works silently in the background and does not affect the performance of your computer. The data it gathers is autonomous in nature. This means that any data that is sent to the Nielsen servers cannot be traced back to you. There is no personal proof of the data. Nielsen uses all the autonomous data it collects to create different analysis based on age, location and other demographics.

Nielsen also states that it does not sell or rent any of the data. It is your decision to enter the program and solely yours to quit it at any time you want. You will never owe the company anything.

In a practical sense, the data collected by the application is no different to the data collected by search engines and other websites. It is only used to improve the services provided to you and should never interfere in your operation of the computer or internet.

In any case, if you want to uninstall the application then the process is also pretty rudimentary, just like the installation. Just remove the program just like you would remove any other program either on Windows (Add or Remove Programs) or Mac (Root Folder – NetSight Folder).


Nielsen Digital Voice is not like a regular surveying website. It does not pay you commission for your service.

Total Prizemoney Awarded

Instead, when you install the application and start using it regularly, the company provides you with entrees that are used for the monthly sweepstakes. The longer you use the application for, the more entrees you get. Your number of entrees increase as you become a more experienced user. The entrees can win you up to $1000 per month, from a

total of $10,000. You might think that the odds are against you but over 400 regular users win prices from the sweepstake. In general, you can earn anywhere from $25 to $1000.

If you are a lucky winner, you shall be contacted by the company representative. The reward is sent to you as a check by post. The check usually reaches after 90 days.

So you might not be overly excited by the prospect of winning big from the draw, due to the odds against you, however there is no harm in trying. You are not really doing anything, so winning or losing should not make a great difference.

The sweepstake entrees can be multiplied by entering special surveys being conducted by the company. However, you need to become a regular user before you can be invited in to any of such surveys.

Personal Experience – Signing Up And Making Money

Since we always put focus on experiencing any surveying platform first hand, before dishing out our reviews, we signed up on the Nielsen Digital Voice website. Note that we are using this website in June 2017 and you prior experience may be different, in case the program was updated.

So we signed up for the program using the sign up option on the website. It is a straight forward process and there is no requirement of adding credit card details. All that you need to provide is your real name, location, age and email. If you are wondering why you would need to provide any of the above information, the website has ‘Why We Ask’ links next to all information boxes. Click any of these links to get details regarding the respective information. There is a Norton Secured tag on the sign up page which is a great sign and makes us confident regarding the security of our data.

Next, we had to download and install the application. We are using Windows 10 whilst using the program and the installation was pretty seamless for us. After the installation, we ran the program and it minimized in the task tray. There were no obstructions during the run of the program nor any bothering bubble messages every now and again. In fact, we never saw the face of the app again until we checked if it was still working or not by ourselves – and it was.

Anyways, after the end of a month we were contacted by the company, via email, stating that we won $30 from the sweepstake. Well, this is not a great deal of money and in no way will it become a source of ‘passive income’ like the company shows off the brand. However, we were satisfied with the result and the fact that we had actually won some money. The cash was later on received via check in our office’s mail box.

Fun Fact

Apparently, when we uninstalled the Nielsen program from our device after wrapping up the research for this review, we received an email from the company which requested us to reinstall the program and continue to provide them with a feedback. To make the deal sweet, they proposed on sending us $5 if we keep it reinstalled for at least 30 days.

This made us super curious and we followed all the instructions regarding reinstallation. Guess what? Nielsen did send us five dollars in the mail after the passing of a month.

It is not certain however if this is a random selection or is valid for all the users that uninstall the program.

Account Of Other Users

The majority of the users were satisfied with the Nielsen Digital Voice program.

The people are happy that they are able to use the program on a variety of devices. Many survey systems are not available on the go, which can be bothersome for people who spend more time on the mobile than on the computer. However, the NDV program allows the mobile users to make the most of their usage.

One regular issue claimed by a majority of users is that they do not receive special surveys regularly. This decreases their chances of winning a prize in the monthly sweepstake. Others want the company to send the money electronically instead of the more conventional mail.

In general, those who won any prizes in the monthly sweepstake were quite happy while others who missed out were unhappy.

Verdict – [LEGIT]

Taking all the things into consideration, it is clear the Nielsen Digital Voice is a legit program. It allows you to earn


money passively by letting it analyse your data. There are no gimmicks or hidden conditions involved. NDV is owned by a reputable company, which has served in America for several decades. We can say we confidence that they are here to stay and perform at the highest standards.

While we cannot recommend the program as a stable source of income, we do not mind you trying it and using it. Since you are not required to commit to the program, you can work as usual and even look into other survey programs for a stable income stream, while letting NDV run in the background. In short, you get the best of both the worlds! We also did a comprehensive review on InboxDollars, check it out.

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