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On My Way App is a rewards app that rests on an entirely different assumption than your average get-paid-to site. Instead of paying you to do this thing or another, it pays you not to.

There are sites that pay you for various activities – watching videos and ads, reading emails, taking surveys, playing games, listening to music… All of them, however, restrict you to very particular content that you probably wouldn’t have chosen in your leisure time.

This app presumes to be different. It rewards you for not texting or using your phone while you drive. And that’s it – there’s nothing else you need to do.

We all know that cellphones are a huge distraction and if you text and drive you are putting yourself and others at great risk. On My Way’s aim is to get you to stop texting or using your phone while you drive and in return you get money. The app is free and easy for anyone to use and essentially, using the app means you get paid to drive safely.

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Sounds good? I couldn’t agree more! In theory, this should be a very convenient way to rack in some passive cash. But we need to be very careful when adding new apps on our mobile devices. If using the internet is a bit like opening up your front door for all kinds of malware or abuse, installing new apps is like inviting them in.

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So, before you go ahead and install it, let’s take a thorough look into this app, as well as the company that runs it. Even if there’s nothing wrong with them, it still doesn’t mean the app is a good enough moneymaker!

onmyway homepage preview

Onmyway App Reviews –  Legit or Scam?

Is On My Way app legit? This is basically the most important question for every single app or site out there. Once you assert that something is legit, the rest is up to you and your personal preferences.

The first sign that it is trustworthy is the fact that it’s free to use. Another proof of legitimacy is that they have an established social media presence, and have been featured in many news outlets. For some reason, their Facebook page doesn’t work. But there are Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. At the very least, it means they are open to criticism.

But let’s dive in a bit deeper. The company behind this app is called OMW Mobile Security, Inc. The website doesn’t list their physical address or any phone numbers, but there’s an email address, so that you can contact support in case you need anything.

According to the OpenCorporates database, they are based in Woodland Hills, California.

Judging by all of this info plus the fact that the app is available both on Google Play and App Store, it seems nobody intends to trick you into giving them money. Sounds great so far!

What About Your Sensitive Info?

However, personal information is worth much more than cash. So, let’s see what info the app collects – and how they treat it. Here’s what their Privacy Policy says:

on my way policy

Unlike most other rewards apps, this one requires you to scan your driver’s licence. It’s a prerequisite because without it, anyone could just install the app and enjoy making money while, say, commuting by a bus. (That’s if you can actually resist not looking at your phone for the duration of a commute!)

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So, what do they do with this sensitive piece of info? According to this article, the co-founder has disclosed that their “advertisers may access some of it if they purchase space to place a deal in the app”.

Well, you may think, sharing your address, driver’s licence and location can’t hurt anything. But I think that in the era of large-scale data abuse, you can’t be too cautious as to whom you are trusting with any of your info. While there’s no reason to doubt the company’s good intentions, you can’t exactly vouch for the third parties that may get access to some of that info. This causes us to think, is On My Way app safe?

Is OnMyWay App Safe?

On My Way is the free app that encourages its users to start driving safely. Sounds like a company with good intentions right? 

Although it is a legitimate company that does seem to be trustworthy, it is hard to say if it is completely safe. You should be a little wary of apps that ask for a lot of personal details In order to become a member. 

There isn’t a lot of information available about their data protection policy or whether they sell your information on to other companies. This is a bit of a red flag and something that should be thought about carefully before downloading the app.

How Does It Work?

All you need to do is turn the app on before starting your ride. There are basically three ways of earning via On My Way App:

  • Driving without using your phone. You’ll get $0.05 per mile of driving without texting, calling, or peeking at social media. While you’re driving, the app will block your incoming call and text alerts and send an automated reply that you’re busy. (The reply will also contain your referral link with an invitation to sign up.) However, you are allowed to use your phone via Bluetooth connection.
  • Referring friends. You’ll get $0.02 per every mile that your referees spend driving without using their phone. And these are lifelong earnings that you’ll be getting for as long as they use the app.
  • You’ll be earning even as a passenger.

To make the app even more appealing, there are even signup bonuses. You’ll get $10 upfront, as well as $2 flat per every friend who signs up via your link. Sounds like a really good bargain so far! 

Most importantly, app users help in the mission to stop texting and driving making the mission greater than any money they could make through the app. Download the app if you are looking for an easy way to get paid and want to be a pioneer for safe driving. 

Redeeming Earnings

Unfortunately, It is quite tricky to redeem your On My Way earnings. You do not have the option to transfer your ‘dollars’ into your bank account. You can only purchase the deals that are available on the app at the time if you wish to redeem what you have made so far. You can’t redeem until you have referred enough people or until you have driven the minimum miles required according to the app. 

on my way rewards value

Note, however, that there’s a catch here. You will only get paid for the miles you spent driving over 10 MPH. Sorry, bad drivers – the countless hours you spend wriggling in and out of your parking spot won’t count!

The Good

  • The signup bonus is above par. Most rewards apps either offer nothing or anything up to $5. With $10 when you sign up and $2 per every friend of yours, this app offers a really nice incentive.
  • The referral program also sounds okay, considering that there’s literally nothing you need to do to earn it.
  • Their mission is praiseworthy. Incentivizing people to drive safely really is a great thing, nevermind the rewards themselves.
  • Good opportunity to earn a bit of money when you drive over 10 MPH.
  • The On My Way drive safe app automatically activates when you start driving.

The Bad

  • What you see isn’t what you’ll get. In other words, the dollars that you’ll see in your balance aren’t actual dollars, but the app’s currency. Is this similarity purely coincidental? I think not! Especially because the conversion of these points to actual cash isn’t straightforward.
  • You can only cash out via PayPal if you accrue 250 referrals. I won’t say that it’s downright impossible. Who am I to judge? But I’ll wager it’s a pretty unattainable threshold for most people.
  • You get to exchange your “dollars” for various obscure (and often unavailable) deals. This is the single most off-putting fact primarily because it differs from what they promise you upfront. There’s nothing wrong with obscure gift cards, especially when they’re paired with a nice mission. But it’s only fair to say it loudly and not promise things you won’t deliver.
  • Is your personal info safe with them? You may or may not take their word for it.

On My Way App Reviews – FAQ’s

You are probably still a bit confused about whether or not to download the app. We have put together a frequently asked questions section that will hopefully make things clearer. 

Q: How much do they pay?

A: On My Way pay in dollars, however, the ‘dollars’ you earn on the app equates to only 10 cents when converted to real US dollars. There is another catch, you won’t get paid the money through PayPal or as a cash deposit into your bank, instead, you must redeem your earnings by purchasing deals that are available on the app. 

Q: Will I get paid?

A: Yes, On My Way does pay its app users, however, there is a catch. You will only be able to redeem rewards once you refer a minimum number of people to the app and have thousands of miles driven on the clock. 

Q: Is On My Way worth downloading?

A: You only have things to gain from driving safely and if a company is willing to reward you for doing so then go for it. Although when it comes to using this particular app, it takes such a long time to accumulate enough money to redeem something worthwhile, making the app just more hassle than it’s worth. 

Q: How does On My Way work?

A: On My Way pays its users to drive without looking at their phone. 


If On My Way isn’t the right app for you then don’t stress there are plenty of similar apps out there! 

You can make money from all sorts of apps, not just safe driving apps. The main thing we are looking for is an app on our cell phone that will help us make some money, be convenient and slot into our daily lives.

Check out the alternatives below:

This App Saves Lives

This App Saves Lives is very similar to On My Way as it rewards drivers when they don’t use their phone while driving. The app automatically calculates how many miles you drive without using your phone as long as the app is on in the background or our phone is locked. 

Drivers can use the TASL (This App Saves Lives) points that they accumulate to purchase food, drinks, electronic products and more. TASL points can be redeemed in store or online depending on which is more convenient for you. 


QuickThoughts is an app that pays users in  iTunes vouchers for completing quick surveys on the app. Completing a survey can earn you up to $3 and the rewards are super easy to redeem. Once you have made $10 dollars, you can cash out your rewards in exchange for an iTunes gift card. 

Poll Pay

Poll Pay is an app that offers PayPal payments or vouchers to app users when they complete polls or surveys. Users that complete surveys through the app can be rewarded with the following:

  • Amazon gift card
  • Xbox gift card
  • Netflix gift card
  • GooglePlay gift card
  • PayPal balance

This is a super convenient app and surveys can be completed on the bus commute to work, on lunch breaks or while you are flicking through Netflix in the evening. 

Make Money 

The app helps you do just that… make money! Make Money pays its app users via PayPal for completing surveys. 

Earn credits for every survey you complete and eventually exchange it for a cash payment into your PayPal account. It is an easy to use app with thousands of surveys that need to be completed, so check it out! 

Safe 2 Save

This is a safe driving app that pays its users to be responsible and careful on the road. Users earn points through the app for driving safely.

You are permitted to use Bluetooth, maps and to listen to music through your phone while you drive and still earn reward points. Points can be rewarded in participating restaurants and businesses. 

Final Verdict – Is On My Way App a Good Deal or a Waste of Time?

I won’t go so far as to say that this app is a waste of time – especially if you regularly commute hundreds of miles behind the wheel. However, it’s hardly profitable, especially when you take into account the lousy rewards they offer. And when you factor in the potential exposure of your sensitive info, the case is more than clear.

However, being launched only in 2019, the app is still a young player. There is certainly much room for improvement, so I suggest you to follow its further development. We’ll update this article as soon as there’s new info, so stay tuned!

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