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(Updated Jan 2019)

Hi everyone! Welcome to yet another review of a survey website. Today we will go through OnePoll, which is a UK based Research Company. We will let you know whether it’s worth your time at all, or it’s a scam that you should run very fast from.

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About the company.

OnePoll is a survey company based in the UK with offices in Filton, Bristol. They have partnered with major retailers in the UK to provide market research services for them while incentivizing its members for their participation in the surveys. They currently accept membership from all over the world.

They have a mobile app to allow users to have an easier time answering the interviews. This is a great plus because when your laptop is inaccessible, you can continue making money with your phone. The app also adds great flexibility in such a way that you can do the surveys anywhere whether in your bed, floor mat, kitchen, working table or even outside on your lawn.


First Look At The Website.

From the first impression, the website looks very enticing for visitors. The owners must have dedicated a significant amount of money into optimizing their website. The sign up/sign in buttons are displayed neatly at the top corner so you shouldn’t have any problem with finding them.

The website lacks payment buttons which can be confusing for first time users who don’t know how to get their payments out. The paypal buttons usually appear once you have reached 40 dollars and then disappear again. This is one of the features which should be fixed by the OnePoll development team.



Signing Up And Using The Website – Legit or Scam?

Signing up to OnePoll is open to all nationalities which is a good thing considering that most survey websites usually ban people that aren’t from the UK. Joining the website is completely free so long as you are over 18 years. In fact, they will give you 5 sterling pounds just for signing up.

To sign up, just enter your full names and your email. You will then be directed to the dashboard, where you have to fill up your profile. This is where you will be required to fill up some very personal information so that they can customize the right surveys according to your preferences. But once you are done with this, you will be glad to know that you never have to fill up any profiles again.

You will then be presented with several surveys, and you can start off. You will see several new surveys each day, some will be available the whole day while others can be available for a whole week. The surveys are short and take roughly around 2-10 minutes with earnings of around 25p. You will get on average 2-3 a day, best day about 7. It takes about 3 weeks to get 10 pounds which translates to around 50p each day.

OnePoll also offers Facebook and Twitter competitions that go at a rate of around 100-1000 pounds, as well as occasional case studies that pay 100 pounds.

The minimum payment checkout is 40 pounds which will take you on leverage about 5 months to reach. This is quite discouraging especially if you wanted a hustle than can give you instant payments, there and then! OnePoll really failed in this aspect and could be turning off many customers who would rather go for other sites. Most sites offer payments once you have reached 10 or 20 pounds.

You can request a withdrawal from the website in three ways:

  • Paypal- This is one of the most common transaction methods available online. Anyone, anywhere, all over the world can get paid and then withdraw the money into their local bank seamlessly. You only need to verify your account by providing a few details.
  • Checks-This is another popular method. The only downside with it is that you have to be from within the UK
  • BACs-

Once you have chosen your preferred payment method from the above, you will get your payment wired in about a month’s time.

OnePoll also offers a referral program whereby you can earn 50p for every friend or family member who you introduce. In case their earnings reach 20 pounds, you will be entitled to making 1 pound. A short time later after they earn 40 pounds, you will earn 2.50 pounds. The only disadvantage with this is that they allow only up to 10 referrals.



User Reports.

From research data collected from, the website has a customer review rating of 3/5 stars after 30 reviews. The most common complaint was that their surveys take very long to complete, yet they pay small amounts.



What we think.

First things first, we have given this website the stamp of approval because they have their contact information displayed on the website. This means that you can easily get in touch with them if you have some concerns. They also have a privacy policy that details the various measures they will to keep your personal data safe away from the prying eyes of hackers, and other interested parties.

Below we will detail the various advantages and disadvantages of using this website:

The good.

  • OnePoll offers world-class customer service and you can expect your issues to be solved by their agents. Your queries will be responded to in a maximum of one day.
  • The website offers access to the premier companies so you can be assured you aren’t dealing with a scam website.
  • Anyone no matter their nationality can join the website and start earning money.
  • They rarely discontinue users from the website meaning that you can be assured of regular income flow.


The bad.

  • The website pays very low and you might have to wait for months to get your money out.
  • Once you get into the system and start answering their surveys, you now have to wait until you have 40 pounds in your account to get paid.

Onepoll legit or scam

  • According to past experiences by some users, the website suddenly disappears with your funds once you have made a certain amount of money, and you have to start the process all over again.
  • If you are lucky enough to reach the minimum payout amount, your payment could take roughly 28 days to show up in your Paypal account.
  • The website does not have surveys available all day round so you have to check regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on good deals. You have to get yourself familiar with the particular days or timeframes when there are surveys available.
  • The website requires very personal information when signing up which can be viewed as encroaching of the privacy of users.

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Verdict – [Legit].

OnePoll is not one of those scam websites in the internet, waiting to devour unsuspecting users. They have a sign up bonus to welcome members, a referral program, and quality surveys from top-of-the-class companies. Although these surveys pay small amounts, you can expect to be paid if you have the patience.

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