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If you’ve ever come across a survey panel called Opinion Bureau, you must have noticed the tagline on their homepage. They’re asking you to become an influencer, help companies improve their offer, AND earn rewards while at it. Is any of that possible – and how? Moreover, is this company yet another braggart hoping to lure people in with big promises? Or maybe even a downright scam? This review will try to provide answers to all of these questions, and then some.

To this end, I’ve signed up with the panel and tested it as thoroughly as I could. Read on to learn what I found out!

Behind the Scenes – Company Overview

The company behind Opinion Bureau is called Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. According to their LinkedIn page, they are headquartered in New Delhi, India. Is the fact that they aren’t U.S. based a cause for concern? Not in the least – or at least, not necessarily. People can run a business from wherever they see fit. Especially in the globalized world we’re living in, where every single business person can and should care about the cost-efficiency ratio of their workforce.

If you look them up on Google, you will also find their page on ZoomInfo. Not a whole lot of info, but there is one important point. A few of their top managers have their phone numbers and emails listed on the site.

And that’s the first clear cut sign that they are not a scam. Fraudulent companies don’t just give people an easy way to reach them. Nor do they open up pages on social media or professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Opinion Bureau homepage preview layout

How Does It Work?

The second sign of this company’s (and panel’s) legitimacy is the fact that they don’t charge a dime for signing up.

However, there is no signup button anywhere on the website. You’ll have to find it indirectly, by hitting “Login” in the upper right corner. Then, you’ll notice the signup option below the green Login button.

opinionbureau sign up button location

The following steps are pretty self-explanatory. Hit the “Apply for Membership” button and tick the captcha checkbox to show that you’re not a robot. You’ll see a short list of points explaining that they are GDPR compliant. It means that you need not worry about your private info. Enter your email, birthdate, gender, postcode. Finally, verify your account from email and that’s it – your $5 signup bonus will be deposited to your balance.

opinion bureau rewards page preview

There’s a bit more where that came from. Within a minute, you’ll receive your first profile survey. Upon its completion, you’ll get another $1 bonus. Yay! It’s a five-minute survey asking for info on your highest education level, annual household income, ethnic background, marital status, health insurance, number of pets, and so on. Make sure to also update your profile with more demographic details. It’s not a must, but it will maximize your chances to get well matched surveys in the future.

So far, so good!

From here, you have two options. You can either wait for them to email you an invitation whenever there’s a new survey available. Or you can hit the “Live Surveys” tab and see if there’s anything available at the moment.

Earning Potential

When I first clicked through the “Live Surveys” tab, there were three surveys available – worth $0.75, $2 and $2.50 respectively. None of them would take more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

live surveys on opinion bureau

Those sums are way above the industry standard of less than $1 per hour of taking surveys. But I knew better than to rejoice simply because of these generous amounts.

First you have to take those surveys. Which wouldn’t be a problem at all – if only they’d let you do it.

Yep, the common issue with survey panels showed its ugly face within minutes. I wasn’t allowed to take any of these surveys because of the infamous ineligibility problem.

opinion disqualified from surveys note

Do not despair, however. These live surveys are there for all the users currently online. In all likelihood, the survey invitations they send out via email are better matched to the particular user’s demographic profile.

The only problem is, they aren’t nearly as frequent as one should hope. I still haven’t received any, and many users complain that they only get three to four per month.

Now, taking surveys isn’t the only way to earn a buck on Opinion Bureau. You can also do it by referring other people. Admittedly, I’ve seen way better referral programs that will give you a certain percentage of your referees’ lifelong earnings. In this case, you will only get $1 per new member who signs up through your link. But it’s still better than zilch.

There are also daily polls that don’t take more than a second or two, and are typically worth a couple of pennies. Fair enough!

The Good

  • $5 bonus when signing up. Just like Inbox Dollars, they are rewarding you for taking your time to try out this panel. But it gets even better with the $1 bonus you’ll get for taking the short profile survey. It’s a pity though that these $6 are still below the cashout threshold.
  • Their surveys are higher in value than on most other panels. I’ve read some user reviews claiming they managed to earn up to $10 per survey – which definitely seems like much! I can’t confirm this from my own experience though, so I suggest you take it with a grain of salt.
  • They pay via PayPal. And if you prefer gift cards for whatever reason, you can choose from Amazon, iTunes, MasterCard, Skype, or TGI Fridays.
  • The cashout threshold shouldn’t be too difficult to reach. In itself, $10 isn’t a big sum. Especially considering that most survey panels will require you to amass at least $20 or $25 before letting you get hold of your earnings.
  • Cash rewards for successful referrals. As soon as any of your referees verify their accounts from email and complete their first survey, you will get $1 per person. It’s far from being the best referral program I’ve ever seen, but it still beats getting nothing.

The Bad

  • Disqualifications are frequent. The fact that it’s a common issue on most survey panels doesn’t make it any less irritating. 
  • It appears that most users get as little as four to five surveys per month. Even if you get lucky with your surveys, it won’t amount to more than beer money.
  • There are payment delays and other issues. Some users report having had to wait for a few months to get their hands on their earnings. On the other hand, their site specifies that the maximum time of waiting will be 15 working days. That’s much less than a few months!
  • What countries are they recruiting members from? Not at all clear from their website! I’ve read some reviews claiming that they recruit from the whole wide world, but I’ve found no evidence for that.
  • Customer service is next to nonexistent. Not only there isn’t a chat of any kind, but there isn’t even a phone number to call. All you can do is write an email or complete a form on their Help Desk. To which, according to many user complaints, you may never get a reply of any kind.

Conclusion – Is Opinion Bureau Worth Your Time?

Opinion Outpost. OpinionsUSA. Opinion PLUS. OpinionNow. The list goes on. Various survey sites contain the word “opinion” in their names, and for a good reason. All of them are, in essence, processors of thousands of consumers’ opinions. But just how profitable is it to relay your opinions to various companies via the Opinion Bureau?

The answer is, it’s not profitable at all. But that’s not news. Nobody in their right mind would hope to earn their livelihood just by taking surveys, right?

But even if you’re only hoping to earn some pocket money, we say that there are better survey panels out there. With some of those, you can rack in up to $100 every month if you’re persistent and patient. By all odds, Opinion Bureau will only allow you to earn up to $10 to $15 per month. And I dare say that’s not worth anyone’s time.

But if you still want to try it for yourself, there are no safety obstacles or risks. The company is legit, so there’s no need to worry on that account.

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