When you google “make money online” or any similar search phrase, paid survey platforms will almost always make it to the first page of your search results. But if you then decide to google “paid surveys”, you will get over 134 million results. Researching them on your own can be overwhelming, and that’s why you’re here.

If you stumbled upon the paid survey system called Opinion Outpost, your first question will be if it’s legitimate. The quick answer is yes. Read on this Opinion Outpost review to understand why and learn all relevant details  before deciding if it’s your cup of tea.

Who Are They?

They are a market research company that operates under the umbrella of Survey Sampling International based in Shelton, Connecticut. You won’t be able to find an “About Us” section on Opinion Outpost website, but don’t scream “scam” just yet. Their parent company Survey Sampling boasts a number of awards and certifications for what appears to be outstanding work in the market research industry.

How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

Just like with most legit paid survey systems, it’s free to join – all you need to do is enter your name and email address. Upon confirmation from the email they will send you, you will be prompted to enter your birth date, location and choose from English or Spanish as your preferred language.

opinion outpost review the created account

Then, you will be presented with a so-called “screener” – a basic questionnaire to determine your education level, marital status, household income, race and ethnicity, number of household members, the type of company you work in, as well as your role within it. Your answers will provide basic information about you, so they could tailor their surveys to your particular user profile.

Just for completing my profile and finishing up the screener, I earned 5 points. It took me about 10 minutes to do it.

opinion outpost points

The moment you submit your information, you will be able to start taking surveys. Each is preceded by a short pre-qualifying questionnaire that is supposed to determine if you’re the right match.

However, even if it lets you proceed to the survey itself, it’s still no guarantee that you won’t get kicked out after 10 or 15 minutes because the algorithm deems you non-eligible. It’s really frustrating, but it happens with other paid survey sites too. At least there is some kind of compensation here – every time you get disqualified, your info will automatically be submitted for a $10,000 sweepstakes held once every four months.

You will get emails multiple times a day, but you can also find surveys on the simple and intuitive dashboard. You won’t know in advance how much points a survey is worth, but at least they are accurate in estimating its duration.

Points = Cash (and Other Pros)

A great thing about Opinion Outpost is that you can turn your points into actual cash, if you want to. To redeem the amount you earned, you will have to have a valid PayPal account and hit a 100 points threshold, which translates into $10.

Not bad, eh? I would say not bad at all. That is really the greatest advantage of this system over any competitors. Sometimes (and I really mean sometimes), you will get a chance to play a game at the end of a survey, increasing your chance to earn.

The threshold is even lower if you opt for MileagePlus miles, Amazon or iTunes Gift Cards, with just $5 worth of points required. Or you can choose to donate to American Red Cross. The last earning opportunity is by referring your friends – for every person who registered via your link and successfully completed at least one survey, you will get $1.

Another great news – payments are swift and will hit your PayPal balance within minutes or few hours tops. Other companies will let you wait for days or even weeks before transferring money to your account. Just enough for you to forget about it and not even make a fuss. Even though there are good things, keep reading this Opinion Outpost review to find out about its cons.

Possible Issues

If you ever hear about an ideal and idyllic paid survey system, you should know that such a thing doesn’t exist. Every single option comes with its ups and downs, and Opinion Outpost is no different.

Here are some issues that you may encounter:

  • Getting disqualified after spending significant time on a survey. It’s a common problem with this type of platforms, but it’s still fair to mention it.
  • Location-sensitive. You have to be a US citizen, otherwise they won’t let you join. Or even worse, they will let you, but all your effort will be for nothing.
  • Account issues. Some users report that their accounts got frozen all of a sudden – and that’s after they had been active and earned money for quite some time. If it should happen to you, contact their customer service and you may get your account reactivated.
  • Technical issues. Sometimes, you will successfully complete a survey just to see that your balance didn’t change. It’s probably a glitch on their end. But it could seriously affect their reputation in the long run, if they fail to improve the system.

Opinion Outpost Review Conclusion

I would say you should definitely give it a shot. The number of surveys you might qualify for depends on your demographic profile – and I can’t tell you the formula and what they are looking for, since there are no rules.

It just depends on what the companies they work with are currently looking for. Today, they might be looking for 30-something-old people who are crazy about technology and own a bunch of smart devices. Tomorrow, it might be stay-at-home moms from affluent households. There’s no way to tell which user profile will get the best chance to earn.

But once you’re there, it can definitely be worth your while. This is not to say you’ll get rich, since that won’t happen with any paid survey website that I know of. But it can be a nice and non-intrusive way to earn some bucks on the side. Go ahead and try it out, and let me know about your experience in the comments!