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When looking for that perfect hobby to fill your free time after work, survey websites may not be at the top of your list. However, when it comes to using your spare time to earn a little extra cash for the weekend ahead, they are certainly worth some investigation.

Paid surveys are becoming a fast-growing trend with more and more people accepting it as a way to top up their bank balance. Because of this, the number of survey sites available is growing at an equal rate making it harder to decipher between which sites are worth the investment and those that don’t offer worthwhile rewards.

Luckily, we’re going to help you make this step a little easier by reviewing one of the more popular survey sites, Opinion Square. By the end of this review, we aim to provide a clear understanding of whether Opinion Square is just any other survey site or if it’s worth that little extra effort.

Getting to Know Opinion Square

Before jumping into the mechanics of Opinion Square, it’s good to have an understanding of what they are and what they do. Basically, Opinion Square is a market research company in search of market trends and patterns through the use of its internet research panel. This panel is assembled with a variety of individuals to provide a more diverse and inclusive overview of media assets.

Members of Opinion Square come from a variety of different backgrounds and with its two million strong user base, it is the largest continuously measured consumer panel of its type.

How Opinion Square Works

Opinion Square’s landing page is very straightforward with a brief explanation of why you should join them. They also offer a quick and easy sign-up process, and they’ve kept their entire site nice and simple. They provide a bit of information about their history and what they’re about alongside an FAQ tab with a host of useful information to both new and existing members.

When joining Opinion Square, simply click on the huge “Sign Up” button on their homepage for a typical registration form that’ll gather some information about you in order to provide relevant survey options. This initial information combined with your internet activity will determine the type and frequency of surveys you receive.

In order to join Opinion Square and get the most out of their service, you’ll need to install their internet activity tracking software, which is what they’ll use to assign specific surveys to the most suited members. This means you won’t have to answer surveys on topics that aren’t relevant to you and when you do receive a survey, it’ll be on a subject that you are actively interested in.

Here are just a few of the areas surveys can focus on:

  • Financial services
  • Consumer products
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Retail

After successfully completing a survey there are a host of ways in which you’ll be rewarded:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Consumer products
  • Sweepstakes entry for a chance to win $100,000

Opinion Square isn’t exclusive to the USA and Canada, but it is important to note that residents of other countries are less likely to receive surveys at the same frequency and have a greatly reduced reward pool. The number of surveys received by the USA and Canadian members is again completely dependent on your personal profile and internet activity.

Members also aren’t required to install the internet activity tracker but, for those looking to maximize their rewards, it will significantly increase the number of surveys you receive. The average Opinion Square member can expect to receive three to four surveys per month, each offering varying levels of rewards. Members are under no obligation to partake in the surveys they receive and can reject the survey at any time.

Rewards aren’t just based on completing surveys but also the value of your information. Members who have greater experience or knowledge in a particular field will benefit from a greater level of reward for their participation.

What We Like about Opinion Square

  • Memberships aren’t just limited to US and Canadian citizens
  • A diverse range of rewards to choose from
  • Quick and easy sign-up
  • Free of charge sign up
  • Opportunity to increase survey frequency
  • A chance to win $100,000.

What We Don’t Like about Opinion Square

  • Tokens will expire in the quarter that you receive them
  • A low survey invitation rate if the software is not installed
  • Not all rewards are purely cash

Quick Summary

  • Opinion Square offers genuinely worthwhile rewards. Not only are you rewarded with cash or gift cards but also the opportunity for large prizes such as their $100,000 sweepstakes.
  • You’ll only receive surveys relevant to your profile. While this is great in terms of the content and its relevance to you, it does limit the number of surveys you receive.
  • The opportunity to receive more survey invitations. Installing internet tracking software generates significantly more survey invitations. This will help keep those rewards rolling in.
  • The token received expires. Members need to keep track of their tokens to ensure they don’t expire at the end of their relevant quarter and miss out on their rewards.

Opinion Square vs. Other Survey Sites

Opinion Square is certainly one of the more worthwhile and diverse survey sites currently available offering a wide selection of rewards to members all over the globe.

Unlike the vast majority of online survey sites, Opinion Square also offers members the opportunity to earn rewards through instant games in exchange for tokens that they’ll receive as rewards. These are cash prizes with values of $50, $2,5000, $5,000, and even $100,000. 

There is also no limit on the amount earned before withdrawal or reward tokens are used, which lets members spend their points when they best see fit. Additionally, Opinion Square also has a great customer support service offering a wealth of useful information that’ll make your survey experience even easier.

Opinion Square Review Conclusion

Without any hesitation, we highly recommend Opinion Square and its services. They offer genuinely worthwhile rewards that’ll help you earn that little bit extra in your spare time. The surveys are straightforward, rarely time-consuming, and are only sent to members with an interest in that product or service.

Being free and easy to sign-up for, it’s worth heading over to Opinion Square today and getting yourself a membership so that you can get those surveys coming in.

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