(Updated July 2018)

If you have been looking for a way to earn some extra money at the end of the month without doing much, you might have come across the world of online paid surveys. This is quite a useful method of earning a few dollars for those who spend all day at home.

Yeah, sure, it might not be the most entertaining way to invest your time, but if you are getting paid for sharing your opinion about the last toothpaste you bought and didn’t particularly like, who is to say that this is the worst way to spend your hours?

The only issue is that some websites are nothing more than a waste of time, and by now we know how difficult it is to recognize one that is really worth joining. However, a good way to find out if a paid survey panel pays well or not is by reading what other members who belong to it have to say.

In this case, we’ll be talking about Opinion Square, how it works and how much money you can make in an hour so you can decide for yourself if it is what you are looking for or not.

Opinion Square

Opinion Square: What is it?

When you log onto their website, the first impression that you will come across with is the fact that this is not the fairest looking portal at all, and that is a good way of saying that they do not invest in the design or layout, even though this is as important as the money they offer their members.

Opinion Square’s online site is, as of 2017, looking quite outdated and a bit on the unprofessional side. This is one of the things you should pay attention to when determining if you are going to make any real cash or not with a survey panel; most that do pay out tend to be up to date and adapt to current designs, at the very least.

The company establishes on the website that the two reasons to join their panel are cash and prizes, so this also gives you an idea of what their rewards might be. They also state that they have sweepstakes for all their members and that all you have to do is share your real point of view about certain products, services and brands.

In addition to that, they present a question of the week, which you are allowed to participate in as soon as you sign up for a weekly poll that we assume also lets you earn a bit more cash.

The system they work with is points: You collect points at the end of every survey that you are eligible to finish and exchange them later for prizes. Seemingly, you also earn even more gifts when you are an active member and continuously participate in all their programs.

To join Opinion Square, all you have to do is sign up for a free membership and log in with your email address. Make sure that you select the one you use the most because all of the survey invitations will hit your email inbox and it is a good idea to complete the surveys as soon as you can, or the possibility of making those points will go away.

Opinion Square

Points and prizes

Opinion Square has several programs that their members can make use of to earn more points during the week.

They, of course, have the paid survey points that you earn when you are eligible for completing a survey that matches your demographic criteria, but they also have sweepstakes every once and a while with which you can win up to $100,000 just for joining the survey panel.

Other sweepstakes prizes are $50, $2500, and $5,000, so there are a number of winners every time they have a competition.

You can also participate in the Question of the Week poll where you simply choose the answer you like to most or feel identify with.

Lastly, they also have cash and gift cards for all members who are contacted to finish special surveys which are not sent to all members that fit the demographics via email, but only to selected individuals. These pay really well so try to pay attention to these possible invitations.

In Opinion Square, 1,500 points are worth a $5 Amazon electronic gift card, while 2,500 points can give you a $10 gift card. For some reason, this math is not the best but that only tells that it is best if you wait a bit until you have more points before redeeming them for any electronic prize.

Among other gift cards you can get are: iTunes, Starbucks, Tango and all of its retailers, Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, movie vouchers and restaurant gift cards. Moreover, you can also win cash in the sweepstakes entries, donate all your points to charity, or even get cash via check that arrives to your house. Finally, you can also get merchandise like home appliances and even fitness or sports equipment.

Something that Opinion Square does well is definitely the prize list. It offers over 25,000 different items from which you can choose, so bye-bye to those boring gift cards that every other survey panel offer.

The surveys will vary on topics ranging from travel and health care to retail products that you might or might not have in your household. Each time you finish a survey, you will be awarded with tokens.

These tokens can later be used to play online games that will give you points. Read well: It is not the surveys that give you redeemable points! It is the games you play that will let you accumulate these points that you can turn into prizes.

The tokens expire within the quarter that they are earned so make sure to play the games and change them for points as soon as you can.

For those surveys that are pay only with cash, you will receive them in about 4 to 6 weeks after you complete the survey and it will arrive to your house in a check.

Users state that an average member participates in 3 or 4 surveys a month. However, even if your demographics are not in demand, you will still be awarded one token monthly so you can play a game and earn points.

Finally, Opinion Square also gives away points for sharing your TV viewing likes, dislikes, patterns and habits, as well as letting you download a browser extension that records all that you do online and lets you receive even more survey invites as time passes.


  • There are so many ways to earn prizes in this panel: weekly polls, web extension, surveys, especial studies, and many more that will keep you away from being bored
  • Prizes are great and vary from cash to gift cards and even merchandise and items that can be a great addition to your house
  • The game addition to the website is quite cool: after completing a survey, you will have to play a game in order to make real, exchangeable points
  • Even if you don’t get many surveys because of your demographics, you still get a chance to play the games and earn points


  • Some users have stated that the surveys are not abundant in Opinion Square and that it might take longer than you would like to receive a survey invitation via email
  • Customer service takes long to respond and usually do not solve possible issues
  • It is not easy to fit their demographics criteria that allow you to get many surveys. It seems to be that those members who happen to match on demand characteristics get several survey invitations a month, but those who do not may wait years before completing their first survey
  • It appears to be that it is mandatory to install the web extension on your browser and this is definitely something that no everyone is fond of

Opinion Square


The ultimate question, no matter how much you like or don’t like what a website offers, is: is it legit? So, is Opinion Square’s portal a legitimate site? Yes, it is. You can actually earn loads of prizes with them if you happen to fit the demographics they are looking for, and they have quite a fun way to earn your money. After all, who is not into simple, entertaining games?

It seems to be that when it comes to Opinion Square, it will all depend on your luck. However, do we recommend joining the portal? Only if you are willing to spend some time there and find out whether you match the in-demand demographics and are aware of the fact that not all surveys pay out in cash. If you have the time, go ahead and try; if you don’t, get a membership where you know for sure you will make some money.