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Your opinion matters – and is even worth some extra cash! If you’ve considered becoming a panelist for survey sites, you’re probably going nuts trying to decide which to sign up for. You want the best return for your time but also want to make sure you actually get paid. If that sounds like you, consider OpinionBar.

About OpinionBar

OpinionBar is an international survey panel that was founded in 1999 and has allowed hundreds of thousands of panelists to share their opinions about products, services, ads, and more. With support in more than 20 countries and a variety of languages, it is no wonder that their global reach has allowed them to pay out millions of surveys to their pool of panelists. Their client list includes huge brands like Sara Lee, Canon, Microsoft, Nike, eBay, and more, so you’ll have a chance to shape your own experience for brands you’re familiar with through providing feedback.

Getting Started

As with practically all survey websites, you’ll need an account to participate in surveys from OpinionBar. Once you arrive on the website, you’ll see a “Sign Up” tab, which is where you will register for your account. After confirming that you chose the right country in the top-right dropdown list, you can fill out the information requested to create your login to access offers, payments, and more.

Once the account is set up, you will want to provide some additional information outside of the personal information you provided on registration. This information is used to categorize you (as a panelist) into a specific demographic for brands to target with surveys. For example, you may be asked about any pets you have in the home, and you may receive pet products for testing if you in fact have an applicable animal. Be sure to fill in as many of these questions as you can so that you’re eligible for more opportunities.

Survey Types

After you’re all registered and ready to go, you’ll be eligible to start receiving offers via email for surveys, testing, and more. Once you get one, be sure to respond right away. There are often a very limited number of spots available and if you take too long, you may lose yours.

OpinionBar offers more variety in their surveys than you would find in many other survey sites. They offer:


Your standard question and answer format – it’s like being paid to take a test. You’ll be asked a question and will have to choose a multiple-choice option or provide a long-form answer.

Product Testing

Do you like to try out new product releases from your favorite companies for free? Product testing lets you do just that. This survey type involves receiving and providing feedback on a specific product (and probably getting to keep it) rather than just answering questions. You’ll be able to get some hands-on experience with something new, and you’ll still get paid for your answers.

Website/App Demos

Companies go through a ton of quality assurance testing before launching new branding, which makes it important for them to receive feedback for new websites or apps they launch. With website/app testing, you’ll have exclusive access to a beta of the release and will be able to provide firsthand feedback on how it can improve.

Previewing Ads

Have you ever seen a commercial on TV or online that makes you want to avoid a product? If only there was a way you could be paid for telling them before they waste the money airing or posting it! With advertisement tasks, you’ll have to view a new ad from a company and provide your opinions. Much of these tasks are unreleased, so you’ll be one of the first to check them out (and shut them down if they stink!).


The problem with most panel sites is that they either don’t offer worthy pay for your time or they limit your cash out options to gift cards or raffles, limiting how you can spend your earnings. Fortunately, with OpinionBar you aren’t forced to compromise. They offer cash (direct deposits) to you once you reach $10, with no raffle gimmicks or taking chances at winning.

What you earn, you get. You also earn a good amount of money – in addition to the very fair $1-$10 reward average for surveys, you can also keep most products you test as a bonus. Finally, if you are screened out of the survey while taking it, you will receive a consolation prize to make up for the lost time.


If you’re concerned about sharing your personal information with OpinionBar, you don’t have to worry. With SSL security on their website, submitting your information is encrypted and protected. They also don’t directly provide your information to advertisers, your results are combined with others to form aggregate results and then represented as a whole.

OpinionBar vs. Competitors

OpinionBar sets themselves apart with their survey options and convenient cash outs. Many sites will just have you spamming out multiple choice questionnaires until you can’t see straight anymore. With OpinionBar, you have some variety to the tasks you will be performing. They also allow for cash withdrawals, letting you choose how you spend your money.

A potential downside of OpinionBar is that users have complained about a lack of surveys and slow payouts. While it is not uncommon for there to be limited surveys when they pay more than a few dollars apiece, it still limits your earnings versus some other sites that have on-demand offers. It can also take a few days to organize a direct bank deposit, likely leading to the delay in payments. However, the ability to go with cash is likely worth a little more of a wait!


To summarize, OpinionBar is a welcomed change from many survey sites that don’t offer actually enjoyable tasks. From product testing to ad reviews to demoing new sites or apps, they have a variety of tasks you can be chosen for. At $1-$10 per task, the earning potential is also there (especially when you consider that you may get free products to test and keep).

OpinionBar belongs in your rotation of sites and is a good addition to vary the survey types you complete. However, the opportunities are invite only, so they can’t be relied upon and shouldn’t be expected to provide much income alone.

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