Opinions at Trone

Are you the kind of person who loves to speak their mind, relishes the opportunity of contributing to making a tangible change to the consumer experience and also enjoys winning free stuff? Then chances are that you are one of the many people already regularly participating in online surveys.

Completing surveys can be fun, interesting and rewarding too, and there are plenty of companies and platforms offering such opportunities with panelist rewards ranging from cash to gift cards, products to sweepstake entries. We’re looking at one such company today, Opinions at Trone also known as the Trone Panel where having an opinion really could pay dividends. Or could it? Let’s review their website and see if we can draw any conclusions on that score.

About the Company

The Opinions at Trone panel is run by Trone Brand Energy and has been operating since 1982, so it’s definitely no new kid on the block, which should provide you with some sense of reassurance. Trone Brand engages in a various consumer insight polls and panels for a wide and diverse range of clients across a variety of products and services, and gathers intel and research that those companies can then subsequently use to improve their customer-facing offers and interactions.

Trone Brand works closely with its clients to design and deploy comprehensive questionnaires that can be used to collect valuable information which can lead to delivering measurable results for the brand. Effectively, by participating, you could say that you are doing your fellow consumers a service by honestly providing your assessment on a range of topics and products.

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Trone Brand uses a number of different media platforms though predominantly the surveys are online based, with participants’ time being exchange for sweepstake-style entries and they also claim cash and gift cards too.

All information given is treated as totally confidential; members can unsubscribe at any time and eligibility appears to be open to anyone from the United States or Canada aged 21 and over. Only one participant e-mail address per household is accepted.

How Easy Is It to Join the Opinions at Trone Platform?

In order to join up to be a part of the Opinions at Trone platform, you are first taken through an initial registration form on the main company website and then asked to set up an account. The option to register via a Facebook account is also available. Upon successful registration and acceptance onto the Trone Panel, the idea is that you will be sent a series of appropriate surveys for completion that ordinarily take between 10 to 15 minutes each to complete. By logging onto the home page of the Trone Pane website you can see at a snapshot the most recent surveys and the number of so-called sweepstake “winners.”

What are the Incentives and Rewards Offered By Opinions at Trone?

In exchange for your time and opinion, incentives include entries into the sweepstakes just mentioned, and also in some instances prizes as well as cash, although we could not determine the policy and conditions behind these cash rewards. The specified terms and conditions published on the website make it clear that the nature of the awards is primarily that of a sweepstake and therefore there is no guarantee of any payout to be expected.

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From what we can determine, surveys are on an individual invitation basis only via an e-mail from the company which claims to outline the potential participation rewards on offer. The actual odds though apparently are variable and affected by the popularity of the particular survey and are chosen at random from the overall panelists who get involved. It’s quite likely you could never win anything.

What’s the Payout Time Frame and Process?

Unfortunately, we have been unable to determine the metrics behind the payout process and time frame, and our best advice is to refer to the company website where the dates and details of recent surveys and number of winners are updated. As it mainly appears to be a sweepstake system, there are no guarantees. We did learn from online reviews and feedback that the rewards can range from $50 up to a cool $250 if you are lucky enough to win one of their main draws.

Final Thoughts on the Opinions at Trone Online Market Survey Research Platform

Our research would lead us to believe that this is a legitimate site but that your chances of actually making any decent money from joining as a member are few and far between. It’s not really possible to make money per se from being a part of this site as participants are entered into a sweepstake as opposed to receiving points which can subsequently be used to redeem against gift cards or prizes for example. Points-style systems are a standard method deployed by some of the other survey sites you might stumble upon.

On the positive side, Trone Brand is a well-established company who have been operating legitimately in this sector for some time now. It also looks as though when they do pay out to successful sweepstake winners, the rewards are worth it, ranging from $50 to $250.

The not so good aspects about this scheme are that it has a higher age eligibility requirement and is a total lottery concerning who and what those rewards might be.

If you just love completing interesting surveys, all of that might not bother you! You are still delivering a valuable service after all, and we’ve every reason to believe that your opinion matters. However, if you are looking at a reliable source of income commensurate to your time involved in participating, then this is probably not the scheme for you.