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Opinions, Ltd. are a full service, quantitative and qualitative research company that connects businesses with resources, project management tools and vital feedback from their recruited panelists to improve products and services being offered by companies to their consumers.

This is achieved through designing and developing a series of highly targeted and sometimes complex questionnaires on a wide range of source material. This could include providing any number of qualitative and quantitative market research solutions. They then recruit qualified participants to be a part of their comprehensive study programs.

The primary objective of Opinions, Ltd. is to be a trusted strategic partner to any company looking for cost-effective insight into their consumers’ habits and to have access to cost-effective and actionable market research solutions.

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About the Company

Opinions, Ltd. started out as a grassroots family-run business initially set up in 1988, so it’s been around for quite some time now, which we take as a firm sign of legitimacy. The company has subsequently gone on to have a presence in 24 cities across the US and remains true to its core of being a marketing research-based company.

They have been successfully providing research services to a diverse range of clients for over 20 years dealing with everything from food and beverages, to cosmetics, personal care products, alcohol and tobacco, to other industries including automotive, electronics and packaging. The list is pretty extensive and makes for interesting and rewarding panelist participation.

With a head office in Ohio in the US, and a European satellite office in Swindon, in the UK, their list of clients and participant panelist is global even though their main territory still continues to be the US.

What Does Their Full-Service Offer Look Like?

The website is geared more toward explaining the benefits for the companies undertaking market research than it is for an individual looking to earn extra cash from being involved.

The list of services offered by Opinions, Ltd. is far-reaching and extensive and includes the following disciplines.

  • Full project management from inception to the successful delivery of a project
  • Working side by side with a company to design, develop and deliver study and source material
  • Creation of complex questionnaires by their qualified in-house programming and database management specialists
  • Extensive outreach field work adopting streamlined protocols and consistent procedures
  • A wide range of deliverables including transcripts, statistics, records, tabulation, and coding
  • Comprehensive post study and research analysis allowing the company’s involved to really get under the skin of their results and reporting

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What Type of Research Opportunities Exist for Panelists?

Unlike many online survey companies cropping up these days that have limited options concerning the scope and type of opportunities available for members to get involved in, at Opinions Ltd., they claim to offer a wide variety of interesting and diverse programs including the following:

  • Online surveys
  • Taste tests
  • Focus groups
  • Mock juries
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Music tests
  • Mail intercepts

In order to be accepted into the program and to be assigned relevant surveys and study projects in which to participate, applicants must first complete their online profile.

What are the Key Features Benefits and Service Offers of Opinions, Ltd.?

Member opportunities primarily consist of completed allocated online surveys, participating in online targeted focus groups, being asked to contribute to an in-person focus group subject to your location, plus, there are some home product testing options available too.

What are the Incentives and Rewards Offered By Opinions, Ltd.?

At Opinions, Ltd., they like to keep their members’ reward program nice and simple. As a participant in a particular promotion poll, or study, you receive cash rewards that may be paid in person according to your locality and whether you were taking in part in one of their in-person studies; alternatively, payment is made via check. The actual amount of the payment is entirely dependent upon the complexity, and also the length of the particular study which accepted participants have qualified to take part in.

Eligibility is roughly based on being a resident of the US with a minimum age requirement of 18 years and over. Unlike many of the other survey style companies, there’s no points system as such; rewards are based purely on the number of studies and research each individual successfully completes.

What’s the Payout Time Frame and Process?

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any details regarding how much a typical research project might cost a business to implement or what kind of payout reward scheme was being offered to those members of the general public who had their profiles accepted to begin participating in relevant research and study programs.

Final Thoughts on the Opinions, Ltd. Online Survey Platform

If you are a company looking to better understand consumer trends, then Opinions, Ltd. seems to have a range of boutique and bespoke solutions that businesses can take advantage of. They provide quantitatively based services such as central location testing, sensory product evaluation and can also offer permanent positions within strategic and high-traffic shopping malls in the US for valuable data capturing.

To complement this service, they also provide qualitative services including the recruitment of individuals for focus groups, provision of expert moderators to lead research sessions as well as delivering in-depth face-to-face and telephone interviews.

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