Opinions4Good Review

While the primary benefit of completing surveys online is the money you can earn from doing it, you’re also able to do good with your answers. By providing feedback, you’re helping to improve products and services for other consumers like yourself. This helps to fuel development and innovation, and lets you shape the brands you know and use. In some cases, you can do even more good by easily donating some (or all) of your earnings to a charity. One of the survey sites that offers this is Opinions4Good, which could be your ticket to some good karma!

About Opinions4Good

Opinions4Good is an online survey panel that provides market research data to companies seeking feedback. They collect this data through online surveys and focus groups that their panelists complete, providing thoughts and opinions to help influence business decisions. Then, they donate a portion of the income to nonprofits and charities around the world that the user chooses. The percentage that is donated can be changed by the user, but Opinions4Good ensures that at least 25% of all rewards go to charity.

Who Is It For?

Opinions4Good is for those who are looking to make a difference with their opinions rather than aiming to make the most possible. Losing 25% of your reward right away isn’t ideal, but you can be certain that the money is going to one of the hundreds of organizations Opinions4Good works with.

In terms of eligibility, you must be a resident of the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom and 13 years or older to participate. There is no restriction on the type of participants that can be involved, so most people in the supported countries are able to find opportunities. Those with unique circumstances or qualifications are likely to receive more and higher paying tasks based on the availability of their niche.

Getting Started

Using Opinions4Good is a bit different than other sites because they require an invitation to participate. To get invited, you’ll have to contact the partner organization that you want to support with your earnings to receive a link. After registering, you’ll be asked to complete a demographic survey to provide more information about yourself so that you can receive more customized offers to complete.

From your account dashboard, you’ll be able to see surveys you’ve completed, your balance, and reward history. You can also change your cash out options and your contribution percentage to the charity.

The Process

To start earning, you’ll need to complete surveys and other opportunities from various companies. These will be sent to your email that you registered with, so keep an eye on your inbox. Once you receive an offer, be sure to complete it as soon as you can. Many offers have a limited number of spots available, and they fill up quickly (especially the high-paying ones). Upon completion, your reward will be processed, and your account will be credited in about a week or two.


Unfortunately, the survey opportunities you receive will be limited to questionnaires and other short answer or multiple-choice formats. While they may not be the most exciting format, they are very easy to complete and will likely not take long at all. These surveys usually take between 5-30 minutes and can be about a variety of topics, some of which may be more exciting than others.

In some, you may be reviewing product packaging while in others you could provide feedback on a new advertisement. The topics and questions you receive will be based on your demographic survey, so be sure to answer honestly for the best offers.

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Opinions4Good also does rewards differently. As you already know, a minimum of 25% of all earnings go to a charity of your choosing. However, you can choose to bump this to as high as 100% depending on how generous you’re feeling. On average, surveys are worth $1-$10, so you’re still earning some decent money while contributing to charity.

Where the rewards get really weird is when it comes time to cash out. If you’ve decided to keep some of your earnings for yourself, you’ll need to wait for the quarterly payout that Opinions4Good offers. That’s right, you can only claim earnings every 3 months. This is likely due to them collecting contributions from various panelists and donating to the respective organizations at once; however, it is incredibly inconvenient for most users to wait this long.

You’ll need a minimum balance of $20 to even ask for a payment as well, so be sure to hit that minimum before the end of the quarter.

Fortunately, when you are able to cash out, you can choose to receive a PayPal payment or a check rather than settling for gift card codes. However, it also takes a few weeks to process the payments, so you could be forced to wait more than 3 months to see your earnings.

Opinions4Good vs. Other Sites

As you can tell by now, Opinions4Good is a very different site than most other survey sites. Their invite-only registration method is inconvenient, however it does ensure that there are only legitimate contributors on the panel. Their cash out timing is also quite odd, but the rewards are fair and the cash out options allow for cash payments, making it easy to use your money (once you actually get it). Another difference is that they don’t offer much range in survey types like you may find elsewhere (video surveys, in-person focus groups, and mobile surveys).


Overall, Opinions4Good seems to be the kind of survey site you would use primarily to bank some good karma or contribute to your favorite charities (fitting name, right?). Their cash out options make it hard to rely on any steady spending money, and losing 25% right off the bat makes it harder it justify spending the time on their surveys versus going elsewhere. However, there are few easier ways to make contributions to charities and nonprofits than answering some questions!

If you’re truly motivated to do some good with your feedback, Opinions4Good lets you help companies improve their products and services while also donating to organizations who need it. However, as a money-earning platform, there are likely better options to consider.