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With the number of consumer panels and paid survey sites increasing every year, it can be rather difficult to find the best online survey sites offering rewards deserving of the amount of time required of you. As most of these site’s rewards are based on your personal information such as consumer habits and internet activity, it’s important to find a site that is also trustworthy.

Our review today aims to help separate at least one site from the list of “scammer or not” as we take a look at Opinion Site and what it has to offer its members. This website review should help to answer whether OpinionSite is not only a legitimate candidate but also whether it is the right survey site for you or not.

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Getting to Know OpinionSite

Firstly, it’s good to have an understanding of what OpinionSite is before we start talking about how they operate and what rewards they offer.

OpinionSite has been operating since 1997 and focusing on both market research as well as social science research. Their wealth of information is sourced not only from a community of global participants but also from the healthcare provider community that provides a real insight into the development of healthcare-orientated products.

The aim of OpinionSite is to influence market trends and consumer products through the opinion of its user base and does so in exchange for varying rewards.

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How Does OpinionSite Work?

Keeping their website clean and simple, OpinionSite members can easily navigate the various options and easily locate the relevant sign-up option. While the site itself is nice to look at, it is rather lacking in information about OpinionSite, how they operate, or the rewards they offer. However, this information is easily found after the sign-up process. 

The registration process itself is very straightforward with members following a simple step-by-step form that’ll get them signed up in just a few minutes. Once registration has been completed, you’ll be able to earn points, and these are gained through:

  • Completing surveys both online and through email.
  • Recommending friends or family who then go on to become members too.

Completing surveys will generate a number of points for the member, these points can then be exchanged for a check of equivalent value. This cashout is available when members have received points totaling to 14,000 ($10 cash value).

Members after gifted $3 for simply completing the registration process will be getting you on your way to your first withdrawal. The frequency of invites from OpinionSite is completely dependent upon the demographical requirements of the product or service they are reviewing. 

When registering for the healthcare community, the sign-up process can take up to four business days in order to complete relevant checks to verify your medical credentials. After this brief waiting period, you’ll be able to access the array of surveys available and start earning your rewards.

OpinionSite has a healthy FAQ filled with questions that all new members may want to take a look at as they explain their rewards programs, troubleshooting, and how to make the most of their experience.

As a member OpinionSite, they simply request that you provide honest and informative feedback for every survey that you participate in. Failing to complete surveys in an expected manner may result in a reduction of survey invites or even termination of your membership. OpinionSite wants members who are determined to provide useful results in order to positively influence the market in the most efficient manner possible.

What We Like about OpinionSite

  • Easy to navigate website
  • Free of charge and simple registration
  • Global membership
  • Cash payouts of anywhere between $0.50 and $2 per survey
  • Higher than the average number of survey invitations
  • Very low disqualification rate

What We Don’t Like about OpinionSite

  • Payouts are received via cheques that typically take six to eight weeks to arrive
  • Limited pre-signup information
  • Notification of survey qualification isn’t received until after filling out various application forms
  • Not as many survey invitations if you’re part of the general community as opposed to the healthcare provider community

A Quick Summary

  • OpinionSite isn’t your typical online survey site. The site focuses on not only general consumer products and services but also the healthcare industry; hence, members are verified, medical professionals.
  • Cash payouts can be withdrawn every 1,400 points ($10). This lets members withdraw their rewards on a regular basis depending upon the number of surveys they’ve managed to complete.
  • This website will put a little extra money in the bank. OpinionSite is a reliable survey site with consistent and reliable payouts, although a PayPal feature would make it more enticing.
  • There is an imbalance in the number of surveys. Members joining the healthcare community at OpinionSite will receive significantly more surveys than those in the general community and will also receive greater rewards.

OpinionSite vs. Other Survey Sites

OpinionSite is definitely a must if you’re a healthcare professional as you’ll receive more worthwhile rewards for your expertise than other sites. The general community is likely to receive a similar level of rewards than most other survey sites but will be able to exchange their points directly for cash or gift cards and aren’t limited to products or online services.

OpinionSite also offers global membership, which means that it is not limiting itself to the USA like many other survey sites. This is one of the main reasons they have managed to build such a substantial user base.

Working with the healthcare community gives members the chance to really influence the products and services that are offered to those in need of aid. This lets members not only gain financial reward but also do some good as they raise the quality of market products and services.

The Verdict

OpionionSite is definitely a legitimate and viable paid survey site. The surveys are relatively quick and easy to fill out while offering a reasonable reward for your efforts. The cash payout is also a huge benefit as opposed to choosing from a selection of products or services as members can put the money towards whatever they wish.

The predominant downside to the payout is that only cheques are currently available and not only do you have to wait for this to clear but it can also take up to eight weeks to arrive. When withdrawing small sums, waiting at such a long period compromises the viability of the site.

However, this is still a great way to earn some extra cash in your spare time especially for any medical professionals looking to top up their bank balance.

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