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There’s a whole bunch of questions you should ask when you first encounter Panel Engage survey panel, or any other for that matter. Is it legitimate or a scam? How much can you earn? And what kind of rewards are there in store? Even if the surveys are worth a whole lot of points, it all amounts to nothing if they only pay in sweepstakes entries or obscure vouchers. Not to mention the possibility of mishandling your sensitive data, which is a possibility even with legitimate platforms.

So, we’re here to determine all of these issues. Make sure to read this article before going for that signup button. Two or three minutes of reading are far less time than it would take you to sniff around on your own and figure out ways to take advantage of the panel.

Panel Engage homepage preview

On-Site Information and Company Overview – Are They Legit?

At first glance, the website looks pretty modern. With relatively sleek design, albeit hardly readable headline, it definitely doesn’t strike me as an obsolete, god-forsaken place, like so many other survey sites. Just as expected, it’s mobile friendly too.

But even though there are four tabs in the upper right corner of their website, don’t expect to get any specific or detailed information there. Once clicked, the tabs will just direct you down to the homepage sections containing a few vague sentences, and that’s all you can hope for.

It’s a single-page site, but not in the good way. Sure, I get it – having a bunch of pages can be confusing and difficult to browse. Still, it doesn’t seem that they were after practicality when they opted for a one-page design. It rather seems that they were a bit lazy or that they are withholding information on purpose. (Not necessarily due to dishonest intentions, mind you.)

The only thing you can find about ownership is the name of iResearch Services, for what it’s worth. Forward to the company’s website, and you will learn that the panel was launched back in 2013.

The company itself isn’t much older. Founded in 2008, they have offices in the UK, US, and India, with addresses and phone numbers listed, as well as social media pages. If you head over to their case studies, you will find a list of areas where they have proven expertise, as well some clients they have worked with. IBM is the most renown of these – which is, I dare say, enough of a proof that they are legitimate.

How Does It Work?

There isn’t much guesswork here. Either scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, or click through the Sign Up tab in the upper right corner. Fill out the contact form with your name, email, country, birthdate, mobile phone number, and LinkedIn profile.

Once you hit “Submit”, I sincerely hope you won’t face what I did. Namely, a page full of gibberish code. Not a word of common English here – and I didn’t get any emails that would clarify the situation.

Panel Engage loading error preview

So what is this? I assume it has to be a glitch on their end, since I couldn’t have done anything wrong with such a simple and routine task.

Therefore, I had to settle for digging through the internet in my quest for more information.

And bam! Judging by what I’ve found, it seems that they aren’t accepting new users at the moment. Should that change any time in the future, I will make sure to try again and update this article accordingly.

In the meantime, let’s see if becoming a member would be even worth any trouble.

Activities and Earning Potential

There are three main types of activities on this panel:

  • Desktop surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Phone surveys

Now, the main currency here isn’t dollars but so-called engagement points. Luckily, you won’t need a calculator every single time you complete a survey. The math is clear: 100 engagement points equal $0.10. So, to earn $1, you would need 1,000 points in your account.

But don’t just hope to withdraw that dollar right away. To be allowed to do it, you will have to accrue 20,000 points. As annoying as it is, it’s a standard practice with survey panels. My guess is that they just want to prevent frustrated users from collecting that dollar or two and never coming back.

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  • Various reward options, money included. Firstly, there’s PayPal, the single most coveted option. If you aren’t fond of it for whatever reason, you can also choose Amazon gift cards, as well as “Travel, Hotels & Lodging & Fine Dining”, to quote their homepage.
  • Some surveys pay more than the industry average. The highest paying ones will grant you 2,000 engagement points, which is $2. Admittedly, that’s nowhere near a lucrative reward, but most survey panels will pay less than that. On the flip side, we don’t know how frequent these surveys tend to be.


  • They aren’t admitting new members at the moment. However good or bad or just “meh” the panel may be, it’s all for nothing if you aren’t allowed to join. What’s even worse, there isn’t any info about that on the site. When will they start letting people in again? Will it even happen? We have no idea, and there’s no way of finding out.
  • Relatively high cashout threshold. 20,000 engagement points means nothing. But when you translate that to $20, it’s pretty much – even though it’s kinda average in the industry.
  • It appears that typical surveys aren’t paying very well. Judging by user testimonials that I managed to find online, a typical survey should bring you 500 engagement points. That’s about $0.50. 
  • Users complain that crashes, glitches, and bugs happen a lot. Broken links aren’t even the worst thing in store. Some disgruntled reviewers claim that the site failed to record all of their successfully completed surveys, so their points balance didn’t reflect that correctly.

Final Verdict – Is Panel Engage a Place to Be?

It seems the answer to this question is pretty straightforward. Even if the panel was a place to be, you can’t be there at the moment! That pretty much closes the conversation.

But let’s not settle with such an easy conclusion. What if the panel starts working again? Should you even bother to join?

If everything stays the way it used to be, I would say no. The world of online surveys is a rich and diverse one, and there are many active and decent panels that will help you rack up some pocket money without any hassle. You won’t miss anything if you skip the lousy ones. If you don’t skip them however, you’re probably in for quite a bit of annoyance and frustration.

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