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PlanetPanel is a survey system developed by the company called MSI-ACI Europe. It’s a market research company based in Netherlands that works globally with various clients to help them better understand consumer behavior and habits. So far, they have worked with University of Amsterdam, RTL Nederland, Ericsson, Intel Security, and a number of other successful companies and institutions. They are a member of MSI-International Group, a cluster of market research firms operating worldwide for over 30 years.

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Judging by that, as well as what I have seen on their website, I would say that PlanetPanel isn’t a scam. That still doesn’t mean it’s a good earning opportunity, though. More on that later.

As for the platform itself, it currently has over half a million members, across 21 countries.

How to Join?

Joining this panel is free of charge, and everybody is welcome to take a chance. Once you’re on their homepage, switch the language to English and hit the “Register” button. There, you will be prompted to enter your country, gender, age, and other basic demographic information. It doesn’t take more than five minutes, and the only thing left is to confirm your account from the email they will send you.

From there on, you will receive notifications whenever a survey is available for you. An average survey shouldn’t contain more than 20 questions that you can complete in up to 20 minutes. Occasionally, you will receive a lengthier survey, but according to their FAQ section, they will compensate you accordingly. The topics include, but are not limited to, products and services, tech and Internet, politics and government, sports and leisure. Judging by it, you shouldn’t break a sweat, nor is it very likely to get boring.

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If you need to suddenly quit in the middle of a survey, feel free to leave it and come back to it later, at your convenience. It should still be available when you log in again. However, make sure not to wait too long, since all of their surveys are live for a few days only. So, the sooner you pick up where you had left off, the better your chances at successfully completing the survey.

planet panel homepage preview

Earning Potential

This is where it gets disappointing. On their website, you won’t find any relevant information as to the compensation or rewards they are offering. They did mention making it worth your while with lengthier surveys, but they failed to specify how. Why do they keep us in the darkness about compensation when that’s the sole reason why people are actually considering to join the panel? Let’s call things by their proper name. While many people do like taking surveys, much more like to earn a buck or two while at it.

The reason why they didn’t disclose their compensation methods is because they aren’t really much of an incentive. In return for taking surveys, you will get – sweepstakes entries. That’s right. No cash, no points, no gift cards. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, sweepstakes are monthly drawings for a prize. Which means you don’t stand much chance (if any) of making some side money here.

Technically, the more surveys you fill out successfully, the more chance you will have to win the sweepstakes.

What Do Users Say?

User reviews are quite scarce for this panel. The few of them that I managed to find are mostly negative. Registered members say they receive surveys very rarely. Even some who actually won the sweepstakes testify to not getting their prize. A dissatisfied user from the US says that she got an email saying that she won $50, but she never actually got the money. There are also users who claim that they did get the money. But it doesn’t annul the fact that this site is far from being a reliable or even decent side hassle. All of us are in it for the money, so why should we waste our time on entering sweepstakes?


  • The panel is international and accepts applicants from many countries. Having a panel that isn’t US exclusive is a nice thing. This one accepts members from US, Australia, Netherlands, France, Russia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Canada, India, Israel, Great Britain, Spain, and more. The website’s default language is Dutch, which can be kind of a nuisance as you will have to toggle to English all the time, but I have to admit it’s not a big deal.
  • It’s most definitely legit. The company behind this panel is a well established market research firm. That’s the first sign that they are legit. The second is the fact that joining is free. Whenever you stumble upon a survey platform that isn’t free to join, it’s red alert for scamminess.
  • The sweepstakes prizes are in cash. Or at least that’s what the few reviews I managed to find online say. The most common prize seems to be $50, which is not bad – assuming you manage to get it.


  • They won’t pay you unless you win the sweepstakes. I know that sounds a little bit blunt, but it’s true. When there are so many platforms that pay for taking surveys, hardly anyone likes to spend their time on entering sweepstakes.
  • Surveys seem to be rare. One or even two surveys per month just isn’t enough, especially when the only reward you can get is actually just a possibility of getting a reward.
  • Their website isn’t very informative. Even though they do have a FAQ section, they haven’t disclosed the rewards system. I suppose that’s because it isn’t very attractive. But still, it would be fair to let the visitors know what they can or cannot get. That way, they would avoid disappointing people. It’s not just right, but also a professional thing to do.

Verdict – Is It Worth Your Time?

Frankly, I don’t recommend trying out this panel. Even though survey taking is not a full-time job, it can be a nice side hassle when done right. With this panel, it’s like telling your babysitter: you won’t get your payment at the end of the day, but hey, you will get a lottery ticket! Doesn’t sound right, does it? Also, I doubt very much that this company’s clients pay them in sweepstakes entries.

Let’s be 100% honest here. If none of the survey panels paid in cash, we wouldn’t have had anything to rant about. But that’s far from being true. There are so many options that actually pay that it’s pretty pointless to waste your time on panels such as this one.

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