Did you know that there are currently over half a million active podcasts over there? Plus, active podcast listeners spend nearly seven hours per week on average on their favorite radio format. Those numbers are huge, and you should definitely take advantage of them.

Podcasts have been among the few most genuine ways for getting in contact with our audience. Whether you want to educate or entertain the listeners, or just strengthen your brand through direct, ear-to-ear connection, they are an excellent tool. Of course, that is only if you do them right. People listen to podcasts while commuting or working out the treadmill, or simply during an afternoon walk.

And thankfully, almost anyone can make a podcast today. Decent equipment doesn’t cost a fortune, and a website costs even less, especially if you build it in WordPress. It offers hundreds wonderful themes for podcasters, with various functionality and integration with adequate hosting services, saving you tons of time.

wordpress podcast website behind the microphone

As with everything, choosing a good podcast theme does take some caution. You need to make sure not to buy a theme from an anonymous developer. Choose from well established theme repositories that have strict and thorough control of the content they advertise. It’s not always an easy task, but you must tackle it if you want great results.

So, I did some research to find a few best WordPress themes for podcasts that money can buy. Fret not – I am not talking about much money here. I will try to dig out the best themes in terms of price versus quality ratio.

What to Look for in a WordPress Theme for Podcast?

If I were you, the first question to ask would be: wait, why do I need a theme specifically made for podcast?

And that totally makes sense. There are myriads of themes that are extremely versatile, and many of them would do the job. In fact, you can use pretty much any professional blogging or business or multipurpose theme. But there are some functionalities that you might want to factor in:

  • An integrated audio player is a must-have. There’s no need to even explain it. It’s a feature you need like a writer needs a pen (or a keyboard). There is a number of great WordPress plugins for podcasts, and your theme needs to be compatible with at least a few of them.
  • It should load really, really fast. Nearly 50% of internet users report loading speed to be the one of the crucial factors that determine whether they will hang on your site or leave it for another. And since Google is user-focused, they penalize slow and sluggish websites. There’s a number of factors that affect loading speed, and theme is one of them. Make sure yours is lightweight enough not to frustrate your audience or search engines.
  • It must be responsive. There is absolutely no excuse for having a theme that doesn’t scale to all kinds of devices. Apart from being a frustrating experience, non-responsive themes are – you guessed right – penalized by Google.
  • The looks do matter. I don’t have a rock solid recommendation as to how your theme should look like. But I am not even supposed to tell you that. You should simply opt for a visually appealing theme that matches your brand. Don’t go with corporate looks if you’re a freelance writer or journalist. Don’t opt for too creative and joyful theme if you’re doing a podcast on business. Pick a podcast wordpress theme whose visual language speaks the same message that you do on your podcast.

Top 7 Best Podcast WordPress Theme Choices for 2019

Castilo – Audio Podcast Theme

castilo wp theme preview

Minimal looks and great style – that’s all a podcaster needs. Apart from the integrated audio player, of course. Castilo is not a multipurpose theme. It was built with podcasts in mind, and everything is tailored to showcase your audio content. Your latest episode occupies the most prominent place on your homepage. Right below it your visitors will find subscription buttons for iTunes, Google Play, or RSS feed, so they can always stay tuned with your work.

If you already have an external RSS feed, paste its URL and it will import episodes automatically. In the backend, you will discover some awesome stats. They will tell you how many users have listened to your work, through which channel, how many of them downloaded it, and so on. The theme scores 98% on speed tests, which means you won’t have to worry about user experience.

Viseo – News, Video, & Podcast Theme

viseo podcast wordpress theme

This stylish theme is multipurpose, which means it wasn’t built exclusively with podcasters in mind. That can be both a good and a bad thing. If you have both audio and video content that you need to showcase, it will look great. But it also has some other options that podcast themes usually lack. For example, it offers eCommerce support, in case you want to set up your website as an online store for selling goods or services.

You can also add Google Maps to any page of your website. Which is great if you want to direct your visitors to any physical locations for events or your office. The built-in elements include slider that you can add to any or all your pages, drop-down and mega menus, contact form, drag and drop page builder.

Soundbyte – Podcast/Audio WordPress Theme

soundbyte wp theme layout

Clean and simple are probably the keywords when it comes to the style of an ideal podcast theme. No unnecessary elements, no noise, no distractions. And this theme answers those calls. An episode slider, clean menus, RSS feed and prominent social media buttons are what your visitors will see first. And here’s what you will see in the backend.

The drag and drop page builder is easy enough even for those who have never written a line of code. eCommerce support lets you sell things, whereas contact form makes it easy for your users to get in touch. Which in turn means that you can build those priceless mailing lists. There are unlimited colors and fonts, drop-down or mega menus, sticky headers for your pages.

Audiatro – Multipurpose Audio WordPress Theme

audiatro wp theme layout

First, let’s see what “multipurpose audio” means in this case. The theme is fully optimized for all kinds of audio websites, such as radio, podcast, DJs, or music artists. That means you get to choose from pre-built layouts. The WPBakery Page Builder lets you build your pages by just pointing and clicking, without any coding knowledge. It supports the Blubbry PowerPress podcasting plugin, as well as MailChimp for newsletters, WooCommerce for online store, video pages, lyrics page.

If you have multiple podcast presenters, this is probably the ideal theme for you, since it lets you showcase all of them right below the content. The only limitation that the creators have disclosed is that the theme only supports self-hosted audio files. Of course, you can host your files externally, but in that case, the theme will show them in the post template. iTunes and RSS subscriptions are also there.

Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme

podcaster theme for wp

This theme focuses on audio content, as it should. The front page is multimedia, so your listeners can jump to an episode as soon as they land on the page. You can choose from Bluebrry PowerPress or Seriously Simple Podcasting, which are the most popular podcast plugins. Or, if you prefer that way, you can embed your podcast links directly from SoundCloud or YouTube. Plus, the buttons to subscription services (iTunes or RSS) are very visible on the homepage.

The theme also supports video playlists, in case you want to showcase those. There are dark and light template options, sans-serif or serif typography, various color palettes and different customization options. Upload your own header, set up an archive of your previous episodes on a separate page with its own unique header.

Tusant – a Podcast & Music Streaming WordPress Theme

tusant wp theme preview

How about a theme that features an episode slider on the homepage? It’s a neat way for your visitors to browse and find whatever they want to listen to. But if you don’t like it, you can also opt for a show grid. There are tons of pre-built options to showcase your audio or even written content. You can even insert videos.

The theme supports all major podcast plugins, as well as embedding from external services. Adjust the theme to your brand’s visual image by customizing colors and fonts. Build your pages with the intuitive Elementor plugin that comes integrated. Getting the hang of it should be very easy, but in case you need support, it’s available and excellent.

Dixie – Podcast and Audio WordPress Theme

dixie podcast theme preview

All in all, I would say that this is the most advanced (and most sophisticated) podcast theme on my list. And that’s exactly the reason why it’s on the pricier side of the spectrum. But you won’t regret a single penny you spend on it. The list of podcast plugins that this theme supports is long, and it includes Blubrry PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting (Castos), Simple Podcast Press, PodLove, BuzzSprout and more. Plus, you can host your files locally, or embed them from tons of channels, YouTube and SoundCloud included.

Display your episodes in list, context, masonry, sorting, archives, or examples. The theme also allows you to show your Instagram feed and option to subscribe to your newsletter. The drag and drop Elementor plugin lets you build pages in a seamless way, while previewing all the changes in real time.