Point Club Review

Brands and businesses all over the world use market research as a way for them to gain insight into consumers’ thoughts on their product or service. While this happens in a variety of ways, few options are as expansive and inclusive as online surveys. With just a few clicks, you can begin to shape how a brand operates, giving your voice impact all over the world. Point Club is one of these international market research companies that allow you to provide your valuable opinions – and earn money doing so.

About Point Club

Point club is a survey curator that allows panelists to sign up for and complete surveys & tasks for money. They are BBB accredited so you can be sure they’re legitimate and have a ton of good reviews, making them an interesting choice for potential panelists to consider. They are also international, so chances are that you’ll qualify for an account & surveys.

Who’s It For?

The short answer: anyone over the age of 18 looking to make a little extra money by providing feedback. The longer answer is that just about everyone is eligible to use Point Club. The site allows for international users (though they may have trouble redeeming certain reward types) and a ton of different demographics of panelists to participate.

They have a wide variety of surveys to fit everyone from your average Joe to those with specialized jobs, experience, or education – though the pay will certainly be different.

The Website

Oh boy, is the website a breath of fresh air when it comes to survey sites! Point Club obviously put a lot of work into making their website user-friendly and entertaining to look through. The site is filled with cartoon drawings of their mascot, colorful graphics, and a solid design to make the important things stick out. It also makes it very easy to find, take, and get paid for surveys.

Getting set up on the website is incredibly simple; you can easily fill out a form to register (or sign up with Facebook), provide a couple pieces of information about yourself to determine your survey eligibility, and then you’re ready to begin answering surveys.


Completing surveys on Point Club is incredibly straightforward. Once you create your account, you’ll be directed to a dashboard that shows everything of importance – your balance, level (more on this later), and any available tasks you have (as well as their rewards). The surveys are all poll-based, making it as simple as choosing the option that applies to you and submitting.

To begin, simply enter the survey and complete it truthfully, paying attention to every question in order to avoid any auto-disqualify “red herrings.” Upon completion, your responses will be saved and reviewed by the survey provider, crediting your account if your answers are accepted – or providing a consolation prize if they don’t.


Points are earned on the site rather than dollars, with a 1,000 point to 1-dollar ratio. Each survey has a specific point reward that you receive for completion that goes into your pending or approved balance (depending on the survey provider’s requirements) that can be redeemed for a prize.

Point Club offers a bunch of different options for paying out your balance. You can choose gift cards from many popular stores and websites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more) or you can elect to use PayPal as your preferred payment method. If you want to redeem your balance, you’re going to need to hit 25,000 points ($25) and then select your cash out option. Once they receive it, the request will be completed within a few days by their team and sent to your email or PayPal account.

Point Club vs. Competitors

When it comes to separating yourself as a survey site, the best thing to do is provide extra opportunities to earn. After all, everyone is looking to make as much as possible. This is where Point Club separates itself from the vast majority of smaller sites.

To start, Point Club rewards you for being active on their website. They provide daily giveaways of 1,000 points to 10 different winners on Facebook and host weekly giveaways of 10,000 or more points for free, as well as other smaller giveaways on special occasions. Additionally, they provide a “bonus” to your rewards as you spend more time on the site.

If you sign in and complete a task on consecutive days, you level up your account and can earn 10, 20, or even 30% (or more) as a bonus on any surveys you take. This drastically increases the opportunity to earn and when combined with a wide variety of surveys, it makes Point Club stick out above the competition.

Another place where Point Club sticks out is in their user experience. Many survey sites are entirely barebones, with little to no information at all about who they are and what they do. Point club provides information, gives you tips and tricks to earn more, and even provides a video (with a mascot!) to give you a better idea of their service. Add that to an incredibly user-friendly and fun website and you’ve got a winner.


To summarize, Point Club is a general survey site that is available to the international community. They offer a variety of different surveys that allow almost all panelists to participate, with fair payout rates and the opportunity to earn more with regular activity on their website. Their website is incredibly easy to use, is designed to entertain, and has tons of information available to you.

If you’re looking to earn some extra money by filling out surveys and providing feedback, Point Club is a great option to add to your list of panels. They offer the luxury of being able to participate when you want with on-demand surveys, so the earning potential is much higher than those who send only one a month. However, as with all survey sites you shouldn’t rely on the income because the opportunities can dry up at any time.