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Hi everyone!!! This week we review PointClub, which is one of the best survey sites available online. PointClub pays you to share your opinion by taking surveys. It seems to be a newer site that isn’t extremely popular just yet. In this review, I’ll cover how to earn, what rewards are available, and if this survey site is a scam!

About PointClub

Point Club located at is a website that offers you the opportunity to make money by completing online surveys. Owned and operated by Innovative Market Research, which also operates iPoll, according to PointClub, they’ve got “the best online surveys for getting paid,” and they take pride in making it fun and easy!”

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The site can be used outside of the U.S., and membership is restricted to individuals who are 18 years and over. However, accessing the site internationally, does mean that materials represented on the Site are appropriate or available for use outside the United States. That could mean that you won’t have access to all the rewards.

Being featured with a good rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) can be a great indicator on the legitimacy of a business. PointClub is accredited and even scored an A in their review.

You can also catch PointClub on many of the popular social media sites. Regularly check their Facebook page to get in on the latest updates. You might even snag a promo code or two.

First Look at the PointClub Website

Pointclub first survey exampleYou will love the modern layout of the member’s area and the way that the “clubhouse” is set up, makes it seem that surveys are tailored just for you. Inside the Clubhouse, you’ll see a list of surveys they recommend based on the information you filled out on your profile. It shows how long the survey will take and how many points you’ll earn.

With PointClub’s design upgrade, mobile and desktop users should be able to navigate their account and find earning opportunities with ease. The new “Point Bank” feature allows you to choose your reward, then the system will automatically pick out the best activities for you to reach your goal in the shortest time.

Signing Up for PointClub

You can join PointClub with just a few keystrokes using your Facebook or Google account. Alternatively, you may join the traditional way, using your email address. Once you become a member, you will get 2,000 free points credited to your account. Receive 500 free points ($0.50) just for joining, 1,000 points ($1.00) for confirming your email, and 500 points ($0.50) for completing the short profiling questionnaire for a total of 2,000 points, or $2.00.

Here are the various ways you can earn from PointClub:

  • By completing online surveys. At any time, you may log into your account to view a list of online surveys available for completion. You will also be notified by email when you may qualify for a new survey, but it’s a good idea to log into your account regularly to check for opportunities.

Each survey usually lasts for 5 to 30 minutes. You can earn between 500 to 5,000 from an average survey. 1,000 points equals $1 and 5,000 points equal $5. Most likely you will earn something closer to $0.50. In addition, there are not so many surveys available.

  • Registered members can also earn from PointClub’s 10,000 points daily giveaway which is more like making $10 a day.
  • There’s also a good chance of earning rewards when you take part in activities such as promotions, offers, games, videos weekly polls, and contests. Notice that your earnings with these mini-tasks will be ultimately small. Practically, you are just collecting cents.


The earned points can be redeemed for PayPal payments or your choice of e-gift cards or physical gift cards. You may request your earnings with as little as 25,000 points, worth $25, in your account. Alternatively, you may request your rewards at the 50,000 ($50), or 100,000 ($100) level.

  • Receive gift cards: PointClub has over 80 gift card options available. These include Amazon, Tango, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Sephora, Google Play, and many, many more. You may request a gift card with as little as 25,000 points ($25) in your account. Some are available as physical gift cards or in e-gift card format.
  • Get paid by PayPal: Alternatively, receive a $50 cash payment to your PayPal account with 50,000 points.

Rewards are sent via email within 72 hours of cashing out.

PointClub Reviews from Users

One common complaint is that you have to qualify before taking a survey and getting paid. You have to answer some screening questions before the survey starts and you can complete the survey to get paid.

PayPal payments don’t start until 50,000 points/$50. It really won’t make much sense to wait for a $50 PayPal payment because it will take a very long time to reach that amount just taking surveys.

PointClub won’t make you rich or be more than a $20-$50 a month income. When you break it down, you’re usually making less than minimum wage an hour from taking surveys.

PointClub Pros and Cons


  • PointClub provides a good bit of surveys for you to choose from. They definitely rank on the higher side when it comes to the opportunity that they provide.
  • Site has a very friendly user interface.
  • Free to join.
  • Payment is usually fast


  • Minimum cash out is high.
  • It’s hard to qualify for surveys.
  • Difficult to get points when you start getting closer to the minimum cash out.
  • Bad reputation = lots of negative reviews on the Internet.


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PointClub Review Conclusion

PointClub is legitimate, and the earning opportunities here are outstanding. Once your profile is complete, you’ll receive potentially hundreds of paid surveys from various companies. Best of all, they will be right in your account dashboard so you won’t have to wait for email invites. Though you may not qualify for every survey you are presented, you are likely to qualify for future surveys as PointClub matches your profile with the surveys that are currently available.  In addition, you can also earn by watching videos, playing games, and even listening to Internet radio.

However, this site won’t be something you can rely on. They pay members who have diligently collected enough points for cash out, but it takes lots of time to reach that cash out limit. If you start calculating your hourly salary from registering to your first cash out, it would probably be like $2-3 per hour maximum if you have a fast Internet connection.

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