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There are all sorts of online survey panels. Some are legit, others are scam; some of the legit ones pay in cash, others in gift cards, vouchers, or even airline miles. Points for Surveys is one of those panels that reward their users with airline miles exclusively. Not just any users, though. You have to be a member of JetBlue Airways’ loyalty program TrueBlue.

If you aren’t a member and don’t intend on becoming one, this panel doesn’t have anything in store for you. But if you are, you might enjoy getting a few extra miles in exchange for providing your opinion on a variety of topics.

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Company Overview

Points for Surveys isn’t a standalone project. It’s a part of a larger market research system operating under the umbrella of a global survey company Dynata, formerly known as Survey Sampling International. This company stands behind a wide array of survey panels, including Opinion Outpost, to mention just one notable example. Naturally, that fact alone won’t vouch that the panel is a good way to cover part of your traveling expenses. But it definitely means that the panel is legitimate.

How Does It Work?

To sign up, you will need to provide your name, email address, and your TrueBlue number. Yep, that means you can’t just fill out the form and get your number later. Without it, you won’t be able to complete your registration. The number has to be valid, so make sure you get your digits right.

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After signing up, you will get a short questionnaire prompting you to provide a few basic pieces of info, such as household income, employment status, education level. It’s a pretty standard procedure when it comes to survey sites. They require it as part of your demographic profile, so they could learn a thing or two about you and send more tailored surveys your way.

As soon as you complete this step, you’re all set. Either log into your account and look for any available surveys, or keep your eyes peeled for survey invitations that should start hitting your inbox soon. But even before you dig into available surveys, you will receive 400 points as a welcome gift.

For every survey you complete successfully, you will receive a certain number of points. These should automatically deposit into your TrueBlue account. When the time comes, they will convert to miles. The surveys are short and sweet, usually taking up to 20 minutes to complete. Naturally, the number of points will vary, depending on length and complexity of the survey at hand.

Points for Surveys homepage preview

What Do Users Say?

Just like with everything else in the world, user opinions and experiences vary greatly. There are those who claim having earned thousands of points within a single month. On the other hand, some users report being disqualified frequently, even when they are 90% into the survey.

There is consolation prize, however. For the first five disqualifications per every 24 hours, you will get 10 points to keep you going. It doesn’t make the issue any less frustrating, but at least it shows that the company is aware of it.

But how much is a point worth? The math isn’t round or simple. Roughly speaking, 1,000 points are worth $37. It means that a point translates to less than 4¢. Therefore, you should accrue thousands of points to make it really worth your while. With your initial 400 points for joining, it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish – at least in theory. However, when you consider the allegedly high disqualification rate, it doesn’t seem all that simple.

And that’s not the end of complaints. Some panelists never got their earned points, and customer service doesn’t seem to be very responsive or helpful. In contrast, other accounts claim that they managed to accrue enough points for free tickets and even round trips without much hassle.

What We Like About Points for Surveys

  • The welcome bonus is very nice. Earning these 400 points will take less than 10 minutes of your time. Translated into cash, it’s $14.80. Not a bad bargain at all, especially when you take into account the fact that TrueBlue points never expire.
  • Ten points as consolation prize is better than none. The non-eligibility issue that pops up toward the end of a survey is a very common problem with survey sites. However, most of them won’t compensate you for your wasted time. Ten points doesn’t sound like much, but it still beats zero. Even if it’s only applicable to the first five unsuccessful surveys.
  • You get an email whenever a new survey is available. It means you don’t have to come every single day and log into your account to check for new opportunities. However, this seems to have a flip side as well. More on that in the list of cons.

What We Don’t Like About Points for Surveys

  • You can’t earn cash. This would be the most significant con, since most survey takers are after money. And understandably so. It’s hard to blame anyone for wanting to have a choice.
  • You have to be a TrueBlue member and US citizen. What if you travel often but don’t use JetBlue Airways? Or if you use some other means of travel? Or if you don’t travel at all? It’s a pretty exclusive community.
  • Users complain that disqualification rates are high. Like I said above, it stands for most survey sites out there. But that doesn’t excuse anyone for not doing anything to improve that.
  • Too many emails? Again, it’s what many users claim. Even when they unsubscribed from the service, their inboxes were still getting cluttered. If this is true, it’s on the verge of spammy behavior.

Final Verdict – Is It Worth Joining?

Since the panel is definitely legit, the decision to join or pass this opportunity depends entirely on you. If JetBlue airline miles mean anything to you, join both the TrueBlue program and this survey panel. Even if you only earn the initial 400 points as a welcome, it still means making nearly $15 worth of travel in under 10 minutes.

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