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We will find the answer to this question in our detailed Points2Shop Review, is it legit or scam? Is it a good source of additional income? We will learn in detail what are the pros and cons of Points2Shop and what users are saying about them on different review websites and forums. So keep reading.

Online survey websites can without any doubt add some extra cash to your monthly budget, but only if you are signed up with a good one, a legit website. This is why we have written our in-depth and detailed survey reviews for our readers to provide them a comprehensive list of review websites to choose from. To suggest the good ones with reasons and facts and to keep you away from the websites that are scammers. Keep reading to learn the truth about Points2Shop.

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Points2Shop History

Before choosing a survey website, it is extremely important to learn about its history. Most of such websites are owned by large parent research companies which add to the credibility. If the survey website is new or owned by an unknown company, the risk increases.

In terms of this, Points2Shop is not doing great. Even though it is in the business since 2007 with almost a decade in the industry, but the website is owned by an unknown company. In simple words, there is not a big name behind this project. In fact, it is owned by a couple who introduced themselves as littlerose and Matjong. Isn’t it fishy, why not your real names?

The head office of the website is situated in Alpharetta, Georgia, United States.

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Points2Shop Sign-Up

Scam survey websites usually ask for credit card details or unnecessary information during the sign-up process or in some cases, even charge money. The good thing is, Points2Shop allows you to sign up with them for free and by providing just email and name. You can also sign up with your Facebook page. You can also get 250 points as a sign-up bonus instantly in your account.

So full points to them here. You can at least sign-up without any worry. On the other hand, the website design is very ordinary. The color scheme is odd and does not look catchy. They simply need to improve their website design and layout.

There is one thing that I am impressed with. When you receive a confirmation email of your subscription, you are not asked to provide answers to a lengthy questionnaire which is an industry norm as the best survey websites match surveys according to the answers you provide them. That’s how they build the profile. It looked strange but good as you save time.

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How Does Points2Shop Work?

The website is little more than just a survey website as they call themselves an online reward program. It offers points for doing multiple activities on the website including surveys. The wide range of activities includes online shopping, playing games, watching videos, etc. So this makes a good option for people who want to do something more than only surveys when they are bored with surveys.

Users can find different offers from the advertisers and companies on the website. These offers include participating in free trials, filling out membership applications, obtaining free quotes, and some other similar activities. So a good choice for those who find it hard to qualify for surveys.

Points2Shop Rewards

There are tons of multiple rewards that are hard to explain, but listed are some examples how the rewards program and points works.

  • You can earn 50 points by playing two TV Trivia games.
  • Take a poll, mostly like Company A vs Company B and earn 5 points.
  • Sign-up with different companies to get their free samples and earn 5 points at the same time.
  • Sign-up for free trials for different websites and companies, like Cinematrix to earn 50 points.
  • Complete a survey by joining a survey panel to earn up to 200 points.

And more things like these. So it is fun and not boring if we are talking about their rewards program.

A Tip: Here is a catch. Some companies also want to trick you with their trial programs. In some cases, you may have to provide your credit cards details when you are signing up for the trial program. If you fail to cancel your free trial before the expiration date, these websites automatically sign you up with their regular program and charge your credit card.

  • Referral Program. Just like other similar websites, P2S also rewards users for referring friends and family, but the program is not as rewarding and simple. The points are calculated based on complex multi-tier referral structure and offer very limited points. In most cases, you can get 50 points maximum from one referral which is equal to 50 cents, not much.

P2S mostly adds points to your account for doing multiple activities but in some cases, you can also earn cash by taking part in monthly contests and through a weekly lottery.

  • Weekly Lottery. Get a free lottery ticket to earn up to $100 every week.
  • Monthly Contests. Get your hands on a cash prize of $15 or less by taking part in different monthly contests. The eligible participants are selected based on their monthly activity.

One point equals to one cent on

Points2Shop Levels

The website divides the users into different levels based on their activity. The higher levels come with better benefits and more rewards.

The lowest level in Bronze while the higher level is Legend. When you are upgraded to a higher level, you are awarded bonus points. The offers that were locked for the previous level also unlocked so more chances to earn points.

How to Redeem Your Points?

One of the easiest and common ways to redeem your points is to use them against Amazon prizes. You can choose the product listed on the P2S website and the website will order the product from Amazon for you.

To redeem cash, you can use services like PayPal, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve and E-Gold.

Points2Shop Reviews and Online Feedback

Even though there are few success stories on the internet but the bulk of the online feedback is negative, with most users calling them a scam or rip-off. There is also a sharp contrast in their recent feedback and feedback from a couple of years ago. It looks like the company is increasingly becoming unpopular among users as the number of complaints rises sharply in recent years.

For example, the website received an aggregate rating of 2.5 out of 5 on a popular review website, Sitejabber, from 123 reviews which look average and not that bad. The problem here is, almost all of the positive reviews are from 2012 and 2013 and almost all of the negative reviews are from last one to two years. It went from the comments like “the best reward website”, “wonderful”, “amazing” in 2012 to comments like “scam”, “horrible”, “rip-off”, “childish” in 2017.

On another survey review source, the website is rated less than 2 out of 5 which is poor. In fact, 8 out of the last 9 reviews were complaints.

What Are the Common Complaints?

online survey complaints

  • Not Mobile Friendly? There are many complaints by the users that as soon as they accessed their accounts through their mobile devices, the website suspended their accounts. For some people, even using a Wi-Fi on their devices results in blocking of their accounts. This really looks weird and a strange complaint in 2017. Not letting people use the website on mobile devices? Are they living in the past?
  • Blocked for Change of Location. Another complaint is that when users changed the location or accessed their devices from different computers, their accounts were blocked.
  • Slow Customer Service. In the case of locked or suspended account, it took some people weeks to get their accounts unlocked and in some cases, customer support simply refused to help.
  • Account Termination. There are way too many complaints about account termination for various reasons.
  • Tough Rules. Many users claimed that the website has so many rules and they are also hard to find. People only learn about those rules once they are banned or suspended.
  • Slow. For some users, it takes a lot of time to earn points that can be redeemed.
  • Poor Website Design. When some users complained that it is hard to find all the rules on their website and terms are not clear enough, some simply claimed that they find it difficult to interact with the website.
  • Difficult to Qualify for Surveys. A common complaint about a survey website, people have a similar issue with Points2Shop.

What Are the Praised Features?

praised features

There is not much positive feedback lately, but there were some success stories in the past from happy users. Here is a small list of what people liked the most about the survey website.

  • Rewards with Patience. Few users claimed that people need to have patience with the website to earn more. According to one user, once you reached the Gold level, which is not easy and require patience, you will be able to earn more and quickly.
  • Fun and Easy. As it allows users to earn points by playing games watching videos and doing multiple other online activities in addition to surveys, some users rated it as a fun website to join.
  • Peer Helper. There are plenty of members on the website who act like peer helper and explain the process and other stuff to new members. Some members claimed that the support they had from other members on the website was exceptional.
  • Top Amazon Rewards. Some users claimed that they had no problem with getting their favorite reward from the Amazon. As I mentioned before, there are success stories, in abundance in 2012 and 2013 but very rare in 2017.

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Points2Shop Review Conclusion

One thing is more than evident from their traffic rankings and online feedback. The website was once a good survey website with excellent online feedback and good popularity, but now, it is rated as a scam and ripoff from most users. They are dropping in traffic as their users are leaving them for other alternatives.

One of the major reasons for their sharp decline in popularity is their failure to make their website and the entire system responsive. Most of the users are now accessing the internet through their mobile devices and not letting users use your website on mobile devices simply mean you are killing your own business. Apparently, this is what Points2Shop is doing.

Warning Points2Shop

Even though they have their own mobile app, but it is not popular and fails to meet the expectations of the users. Just be aware with this fishy website. There are simply too many recent complaints and negative reviews to recommend this website, so I can’t.

Those of you who want to do something different than doing surveys or find it difficult to qualify for surveys can try this one out, but you are warned about their negative reputation. You can give a try to Opinion Outpost and PineCone Research as both of these sites are good and we recently reviewed them on Survey Cool.

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