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Decided that you want to earn some extra money from home but you don’t know how to get started? Online survey sites are a very common way of earning a little extra cash on the side by filling out paid research surveys with your opinion on topical subjects. The difficulty with this plan is discerning the legitimate websites from scams, or the ones that simply aren’t worth your time.

In this article, we take a comprehensive look at one of the more popular survey sites, Pollpass. Our aim is to clarify the legitimacy of Pollpass as well as help you decide whether or not it is the right survey site for you.

PollPass Overview

Pollpass is a survey site with a twist. Why is that? This is so because instead of filling out lengthy and tedious surveys, users chat with the Pollpass bot, thus creating a conversation rather than answering a list of questions. This more informal way of collecting data makes it much easier for the user to work through longer surveys in their own time. More than that, it also grants the site an enhanced level of trustworthiness.

How to Sign Up for PollPass

To match their innovative survey method, Pollpass has also presented us with an extremely user-friendly and vibrantly colored website. Not only does this give it a clean and professional look but also makes it easy to navigate through and sign up.

You will be glad to know that it’s 100% free to sign up with Pollpass, and it can be done by simply clicking on their “Sign up for free” button located at the top-right-hand corner of their homepage. Your next step is to select from one of three convenient sign-up methods, which include your logging into your email, Google, or your Facebook account.

Upon registering, you will be introduced to the chatbot system, which will walk you through their Ts and Cs before asking you a few simple questions to get started. This is a great way to get acquainted with the system, and you even earn points during this process. After this is completed, you are all signed up and ready to start earning.

How PollPass Works

Once you’re signed in, you will see a seamless transition between what is essentially a tutorial and Pollpass’ method of data collection. Pollpass blends all of their research questions into one smooth conversation where the user simply has to pick either one or multiple predefined answers.

For every answer that you give, you are awarded a sum of points. This typically amounts to around 15 points per answer, but this can vary question-to-question.

A clean and simple interface clearly displays the user’s points total towards the top of their browser, allowing them to keep track of their rewards easily. Most of the conversations also last around five to 10 minutes but can go on longer, thus allowing for more points to be attained.

PollPass Rewards

Pollpass rewards its users with cash payments or Amazon gift cards and works through a points system. Once a user collects 5,000 points, they are able to make a withdrawal. This 5,000-point benchmark is the equivalent of $5.

Withdrawing rewards as e-gift cards is an extremely speedy service that users can capitalize on very quickly. Alternatively, users can also withdraw straight to PayPal. Being able to withdraw rewards as cash is highly preferred among the survey-taking community, and PayPal is an instant service, which means that as soon as users hit the 5,000-point mark, they can withdraw their funds and have them available straight away.

Our Experience with PollPass

We found Pollpass incredibly easy to join and use, thanks to its clean design that makes it much more preferable over some of the more formal survey sites available. At first, we thoroughly enjoyed the easy-flowing style of Pollpass but eventually found it rather bland with its two-toned palette. This made the conversation become rather monotonous.

We loved how we could watch our point total increasing with every answer. This made answering each question seem worth it regardless of the topic at the time.

The only downside is that when in a conversation, there is no method of tracking how far into the conversation you are and how much is left. This leaves conversations either ending abruptly or seeming as if they’d never end. Some form of a progress bar would go a long way in motivating users to finish each and every conversation.

Cash payouts are always good especially when you can withdraw funds directly to PayPal. It’s also great how this service can be used on your mobile device as well as in a traditional web browser. This allows the users to continue conversations anytime and anywhere.


  • PayPal cashouts
  • Points total updates with every answer
  • Sign up and start earning points within minutes


  • Conversations can be very abrupt
  • Cashouts are occasionally rejected

PollPass FAQs

What does Pollpass do with my answer?

Pollpass is very concerned with their user’s security, and because of this, they take responses from every user and randomly merge them into a single database to form a protective layer of anonymity. It’s this randomized collection of answers that are sold off to external researching companies, so no single user needs to worry about their information being used for targeted advertising purposes.

How many points will I earn in an average conversation?

Conversations typically last between five 10 minutes and average between 40 to 80 each. Lengths and rewards do vary depending on the researcher’s needs at the time, so it’s worth getting involved in as many conversations as possible.

How do I receive my Amazon e-gift card?

Amazon will contact you directly with your reward voucher. It can take anywhere up to two working days to arrive. This is why it’s important to make sure you provide your most current and active email address.

PollPass Review Conclusion

Pollpass is certainly a verified way of making some extra cash online and offers a reasonable amount of conversations in which points can be earned. It isn’t one of the highest reward-earning survey sites, but it is certainly one of the easiest to use as users simply become engaged in a relaxed conversation with Pollpass’s research bot.

We have noticed, though, that a reasonable amount of users have had problems with their cashouts either being declined or in some cases even banned from Pollpass. While most of these cases end up being resolved, there are still some users who walk away without a reward for their time. For this reason alone, we wouldn’t recommend this as your primary site, but it is still certainly worth your time.

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