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PrizeRebel is a legit and safe GPT (get paid to) site. PrizeRebel has been around since 2007, and is run by a dedicated team of professionals. PrizeRebel’s easy points-based payout structure ensures you get paid easily and reliably. You can also get paid faster than most other GPT or survey sites, since you only need to reach 500 points (worth $5) to cash out.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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PrizeRebel Overview

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PrizeRebel is a free GPT (get paid to) website that offers a range of rewards for members who are willing to complete various activities and tasks. These rewards come in the form of benefits like gift cards, free merchandise, and cash.

Since launching in 2007, PrizeRebel has grown from strength to strength and quickly became one of the biggest and most visited GPT sites on the web. With a worldwide membership of more than 10 million and 200,000 fans on Facebook, PrizeRebel gets a decent rating on review sites:

  • Trustpilot – 3.5
  • Sitejabber – 3.5
  • SurveyPolice – 3.9

Reviews on these sites range from 1-5. A common thread is that non-payment is an issue, however, many such cases are because members didn’t qualify for the survey they entered or were unable to verify their own details in the security process required by the site.

Is PrizeRebel Legit?

Yes, PrizeRebel is legit.

The long-running history of PrizeRebel is proof of its legitimacy. With nearly fifteen years of operating online rewards, millions of dollars worth of payments and gifts have been presented to users all over the world. The site’s association with top name brands like Amazon, PayPal, and Mastercard is a testament to its trusted standing.

It has also been included in’s list of top 7 reward sites.

PrizeRebel is a genuine opportunity for online rewards and not a scam of any kind.

New members can see a dashboard ticking over every day as it illustrates the number of people who have already earned points from the activities.

Is It Easy To Make Money On PrizeRebel?

Yes, it is easy to make money and claim rewards on PrizeRebel. The points system is simple and clear to navigate, and the site offers multiple opportunities every day for each user to participate and collect points to add to their account tally.

Once you’ve accumulated $5 worth of points (around 500), you will then be able to cash out your points for real cash within 24 hours.

The site is open to anyone in the world over the age of 18, and is also open to 13-18 year old users with parental permission.

After registering with your name and email address and creating a password (you can also choose to use your Facebook account if you want to), you will be free to explore the PrizeRebel dashboard and start earning points.

On the dashboard, you will see the range of activities and tasks that are currently available for earning points. These include things like:

1. Signing Up for Internet Trials

This involves giving email addresses and other required details to specific companies and brands.

2. Joining Mail Lists

Again, providing your email address or even home address to be included on the mailing list for a company.

3. Completing Surveys

Taking the time to answer a series of consumer-related questions for a certain brand or company. PrizeRebel has long been celebrated as a field leader for the number of paid-for surveys it offers.

4. Watching Videos

Watching short videos to earn points. It must be noted that the points are minimal for this specific activity, but the opportunities are unlimited, and there’s nothing easier than just watching a video.

5. Entering Competitions

Entering various competitions by giving your details to the brand or company in question. Not only will you receive PrizeRebel points for the sign-up, but you will also stand a chance of winning the competition outside of the PrizeRebel points system.

6. Purchasing from PrizeRebel Retail Partners

Earn points by buying items or services from the site’s partners. All the partners are listed on the “Offer Walls” page with details of the purchase you need to make and the number of points given in reward. Many offers do not require a physical purchase, asking instead for you to answer a survey, undertake a trial, or download a free app.

PrizeRebel also operates a loyalty scheme. The more points you earn, the more benefits become available to you.

The levels are:

  • Bronze – 1- 999 points
  • Silver – 1,000-2,499 points
  • Gold – 2,500 points
  • Platinum – 7,000 points
  • Diamond – 12,000 points

At Diamond level and above, reward claim codes are automatically added to your account when in stock, and you can instantly exchange points for cash.

PrizeRebel Promo Codes for Free Points

There is more than one way to build your points in your PrizeRebel account.

Along with the many tasks and activities on offer, there are also additional promo codes posted to PrizeRebel’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on a weekly basis. These promo codes can be used to redeem extra points for no extra effort.

PrizeRebel Referral Program

PrizeRebel also runs a very simple referral program that offers another way for users to build their points by introducing others to the site.

Your account is provided with a unique URL link that you can send to your friends and family, and if they choose to sign up to PrizeRebel using that link, you will be rewarded with 15% to 30% of their points going forward.

It is important to note, however, that this points percentage does not exclude promo codes, contest wins and your friend’s own referral earnings. Even with these exceptions in place, the PrizeRebel referral program is still a fruitful avenue for points building on the site.

PrizeRebel Hacks and Point Generators

In the world of online points and prize websites, there is an unfortunate corner of the web that engages in hacks and points generators to try to ‘game’ the system and build points tallies without putting in the work.

This may seem like a clever corner-cutting scheme, but the reality is that using these hacks and generators can put your account at risk. If the system detects that you are using generators, it can result in your account being banned and all legally and illegally acquired points being voided.

The best way to use PrizeRebel is to follow the rules and take the time to complete daily tasks. Over time, your account level will grow and you will be rewarded accordingly.

How Much Money Can You Make On PrizeRebel?

On average, PrizeRebel users can expect to make between $6 and $13 an hour.

That being said, it heavily depends on the availability of tasks at any given time, and is also dictated by how much work you are willing to do.

PrizeRebel should not be seen or treated as any kind of ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and it isn’t promoted as such. It is a fruitful and consistent way to earn some extra pocket money in your downtime when you are browsing the web at home and have an extra few minutes to spare every now and then.

It’s also easier for members from the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia to make money on PrizeRebel than in some other regions, because there are just more surveys and activities available to them.

One tip that has been highlighted again and again regarding increasing your success on PrizeRebel is to concentrate your activity hours on weekdays rather than weekends. It has been noted that there are more surveys and sign-ups on offer from Monday to Friday.

It also goes without saying that the more you put into PrizeRebel, the more you are going to get out of it. Users who spend the most time completing tasks on the site are always going to be the most rewarded, so if you are serious about the points system, then be prepared to put in the online time.

PrizeRebel Rewards

PrizeRebel rewardsOne of PrizeRebel’s best features is the wide array of rewards to choose from when the time comes to redeem points. Here are the most popular redemption options:

Gift Cards

PrizeRebel boasts relationships with so many brands and companies that there are in excess of 500 different gift options on the site. This is considerably more range of choice than the majority of PrizeRebel’s competitors, with more and more options being added every month.

Users can choose to redeem when their points tally is as low as $5 worth of points and this is a much lower threshold than some rival survey and task sites.

There is also the option to claim an Amazon gift card of $2 when you reach a balance of 200 points. The beauty of this is that if you decide to leave the site or are unable to continue, you don’t have to leave behind an unclaimed balance of anything up to $4.99.

PayPal Cash

If you prefer cold hard cash over gift cards, then PrizeRebel allows users to turn their points into real money via PayPal transfer. Again, the threshold for this is a minimum $5, which means that you can start seeing your points turn into cash in no time. When comparing companies and sites, it is clear that the minimum points threshold for PayPal withdrawals is generally a lot higher elsewhere.

Bank Transfer

Users who would rather cut out the middleman and have their cash rewards placed directly into their bank accounts can also do so. Direct bank transfer is another option available to users, with the same minimum of $5.

Something to clarify regarding bank transfers from PrizeRebel is that the process for lower lever account users is completed within 24 hours, but if you are gold status or above on the site then the transfer will be pushed through immediately.

PrizeRebel Pros And Cons

Here are the most significant pros and cons of using PrizeRebel.


  • The website interface is extremely easy to navigate, providing an enjoyable and simple experience for even the most novice of computer and internet users.
  • PrizeRebel puts no limits on the number of surveys and other activities that you are allowed to complete in a day. This means that you are free to spend as much time as you want/can on the site without running into any queues or annoying and unhelpful waiting times.
  • There are multiple ways to earn points on the site, with surveys, promo codes, sign-ups, videos, and much more providing a diverse and wide-ranging user experience than a number of PrizeRebel’s competitors.
  • The low $5 dollar threshold is a huge positive for PrizeRebel, as users are able to start seeing the fruits of their labor at a much earlier stage compared to other points-building websites.
  • Payment processing is easy and quick.
  • There is a sense of community among members thanks to the trust-building engendered in the PrizeRebel operations. Members can see points awarded to others participating in specific activities and the claimed rewards are also listed. The site also publishes the list of winners in prize draws.
  • A lot of faith can be placed in PrizeRebel based on the solid reputation they have across the board. There is no hint of scam or illegitimacy in their practices and the ten million-plus users that the site regularly interacts with are testimony to the popularity and legitimate level on which PrizeRebel operates.


  • PrizeRebel activities that take a significantly longer amount of time do not always translate into making significantly more points. This is common across all survey and GPT sites and is not exclusively a PrizeRebel issue.
  • Though there is a large range of survey options available on PrizeRebel, every user will not always be an acceptable candidate for every single assignment. This is due to different demographic requirements for each survey. If you do not fit the criteria for the type of user that the brand or company is searching for, then you will not qualify for the survey. Again, this is not a specific problem for PrizeRebel, and is in fact the way that all survey-taking websites operate.
  • At the time of writing (September 2021), PrizeRebel does not have a mobile app. All interaction has to be conducted through the website.

Conclusion: Should You Use PrizeRebel?

Yes, you should use PrizeRebel.

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons with PrizeRebel and it is worth signing up. Remember, everybody’s opportunities will be unique depending on their demographic and how much time they are able to commit to the site.

Internet users who are interested in building up points to redeem rewards are presented with the widest array of options and opportunities when using PrizeRebel, which outshines the majority of its competitors in terms of quality of tasks and amount of work available on any given day.

The low threshold for points redemption makes PrizeRebel one of the most recommended sites for users who want to start experiencing the reality of their work in the quickest time possible.

If you’ve never used a GPT or survey site before, the ease of use and variety of options on PrizeRebel makes it the ideal place to register and start reaping rewards almost immediately.

In conclusion, PrizeRebel is a website that is highly recommended for earning money and other rewards online.

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