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When you’re trying to earn extra money online, you don’t want to have to wait around for opportunities; you want to be able to earn it on-demand, as often as you want. You also want to earn rewards for being a loyal contributor, and to make the most money possible for your time.

Unfortunately, taking surveys won’t get you nearly a standard wage even in near-ideal circumstances. However, when you are riding the bus, carpooling to work, or find yourself with a few minutes to spare, why not earn some extra dough?

With Pure Profile, you can unlock on-demand tasks that help to contribute towards your score on the site. The more you do, the more you earn (both in volume and rate). Sounds like the ideal survey site, right? You’re not far off.

About Pure Profile

Pure Profile is about as experienced in market research as anyone with more than 18 years in the business and has paid out millions in rewards. They are a market leader in quantitative research, data insight, and engagement that provides marketing solutions for hundreds of brands worldwide.

Pure Profile places an emphasis on the survey takers, allowing them to develop their profiles to earn better rewards as well as tailoring surveys to their preferences. This allows them to collect only the most pertinent data, with precise audience targeting for their tasks.

The Website

Pure Profile’s website is one of the most modern, attractive, and useful homes for a survey site we’ve come across. Their landing page immediately lets you know what they’re all about with a “You’re fascinating” message to show you they’re all about their panelists. From there you can easily scroll down the landing page to learn more about what they do, their partners, and how to join.

Once you’ve checked out all the exciting bells and whistle, you can register to access the backend of the site – where all the excitement happens. Simply click the bright registration button, fill out your basic information, and you’re ready to start earning.

The Process

Once you have access to the backend, you’ll be able to see the vast number of surveys and polls you can take (go ahead, keep scrolling – it just keeps going). The list you see is a combination of profile-information surveys to help further define your niche and demographic, and also actual surveys (which can be filtered at the top) if you want to start earning as soon as possible.

When you find one you like, you can go through and complete it question-by-question until you’re done. If it has a reward, your reward will begin processing upon completion and after verification, it will be unlocked for your redemption.


A great part of Pure Profile is that they offer variety in their surveys. In addition to short polls and online surveys with long-form responses, they also offer video and interaction tasks to break up the monotony of answering questions. This could be something like watching a video and providing feedback, or checking out a link to a product, page, or business.

What’s even better is that many of these tasks can be completed on your mobile device, as Pure Profile has a ton of mobile-friendly surveys for you to take on the go.

Another benefit is the sheer number of survey opportunities they will make available to you as you develop your profile. These tasks are on-demand, meaning you can complete them when you’d like rather than having to wait to receive an email with a survey.


Who cares about the rest if the rewards aren’t good, right? Fortunately, with Pure Profile the rewards are pretty darn good. They offer straight cash rather than using point systems, so you always know what you have available. You’ll receive a varying amount of points per task depending on your profile, the length, and the demand for the particular niche.

Additionally, they offer a variety of payment methods, including cash through PayPal or gift cards for various retailers. Once you reach the $25 cash out minimum, you can choose your payment method and have it delivered digitally in 30 days or less.

You can also earn rewards when you are screened out of a survey based on an answer so that you don’t waste your time and can refer friends to earn $25 per person – a great way to help them earn money and get yourself some as well.

What We Like

Variety of task types

The ability to move away from simple black and white survey questions gives Pure Profile a fresh feel, allowing you to complete more tasks before getting burned out.

On-demand surveys

Many survey sites make you wait to receive tasks by email. With Pure Profile, you can simply log into your account and fill out polls and surveys at will – maximizing your earning potential and free-time-capitalization.

Cash payment method

The ability to get cash from a survey site can’t be overlooked, and makes it incredibly convenient to put your earnings to use how you want to.

Modern, sleek site

Visiting many survey sites, you’ll find that most of them are so barebones that you can barely navigate around. With Pure Profile, you know exactly where you’re going, what they do, and can easily access and take surveys at will.

What We Dislike

High cash out minimum

$25 is a little bit too high to be the minimum on a survey site, especially when the majority of surveys are under a dollar. The sheer volume available makes it easier to reach, but it could definitely be lower.

Long payment times

Between having funds cleared upon survey completion and actually redeeming your reward, you could be waiting a month or more to see your earned money.


Simply put: Pure Profile is good. Really good. With the versatility to complete tasks on mobile or your PC whenever you want as well as the variety of tasks that are available, they are able to separate themselves from the competition pretty well. As long as you don’t mind waiting for some rewards, you can’t go wrong with this site. Add it to your rolodex of sites and check back often.

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