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You’ve probably never heard of Radial Insight, even if you are a frequent and ardent paid surveys hunter. No wonder at all! In the ocean of market research, it’s hard to break through all the noise and get people’s attention. But in a field so often abused by dishonest players, it’s even harder to gain customers’ trust.

So, what is Radial Insight? Are they legit or scam? Read on to see where my research got me.

Radial Insight – Overview

radial insight logoBased in Arlington, Virginia, Radial Insight is a market research company that has been operating since 2009, which makes them one of the oldest players in the niche. According to their “About Us” page, they work with companies, political groups and non-profits by gathering “opinions of hundreds of thousands of voters and consumers.”

This description could easily work for most paid survey panels. Your job as a user is to provide them with various information, mainly concerning your purchasing habits or opinions about certain products. It helps the paying companies learn more about their targeted groups of customers. In return, you get either money or various gift cards.

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How Does It Work?

First and most important piece of information – registering for an account at Radial Insight is free. So, you’ve got nothing to lose.

During the signup process, you will be prompted to enter some personal information, such as address, birth place and such. They do that in order to validate your account. If you get rejected, something’s wrong with your information. You have to enter a valid US address and be over 18 years old so they would let you proceed.

Upon registration, you will probably get two surveys back to back. Then, you’ll start receiving emails as soon as a new survey is available. If you prefer to get notifications via text message, you can choose that too.

What Do I Get for Completing Surveys?

Unfortunately, you don’t get any cash, or even points convertible to cash.

You will get Tango Gift Cards, which are redeemable with Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, Whole Foods, and other popular retailers. Surveys will pay anywhere between $3 and whopping $10 worth of gift cards, which is far above the industry standard considering that most surveys won’t last more than 10 minutes. And your earnings should get transferred to your account immediately after you successfully complete a survey.

radial insight homepage

So, what’s the catch here? It almost sounds too good to be true!

The catch is that most users get just one survey every week, some of them even less. That significantly reduces your chances to earn a nice amount of money on the side. But then again, it’s nothing unusual when it comes to paid survey panels.

Their official explanation of the survey dynamics is as follows. The more diligent you are, the more earning opportunities you will get – at least that’s how it works in theory. It means you shouldn’t skip surveys if you don’t want them to space out. As they collect more information about you, they will be able to better determine your user profile and send you more targeted and relevant surveys. By being active, you should also reduce your chances to get disqualified during the survey.

There is no threshold for cashing out. You can do it whenever you want. So, if you prefer to let your cash sit and multiply over time, feel free to do it.

Another option is to convert your money into a donation.

Submit Your Shopping Receipts for More Rewards

Do you shop an Amazon, Walmart, Target, Jet, Cosco or Dollar General? If yes, you can submit your receipts for more rewards. Just install Receipt Rewards extension for Chrome or Mozilla, log into your account and verify it from your email. Your receipts from the mentioned retailers will automatically be submitted.

Upon approval that may take up to 48 hours, you will get 5¢ per each receipt. Doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re a frequent online shopper, it will add up. Every time a receipt has been approved, you will get a confirmation email.

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Radial Insight Advantages

    • With $3 and up, surveys pay significantly higher than the industry standard. I find it pretty amazing that you can earn up to $10 per survey if you get really lucky. Even if it happens only once every few weeks, it’s still a nice reward for a fun and easy activity.
    • There is no threshold to cash out. Most of their competitors keep the threshold at $20 – $25, which is pretty high considering how little money you earn for each survey. Radial Insight doesn’t play the game of patience. You can cash out whenever you want.
    • Disqualifications in the middle of a survey are significantly rarer than with other survey panels. It’s a huge plus on its own, since that’s one of the most annoying things that happen on websites such as this one.
    • Tango Gift Cards are actually pretty nice rewards, since they are redeemable with a few major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks. Who doesn’t shop with these at least a few times a month?
    • Your earnings transfer to your Tango Card immediately. There’s no waiting, no buffer, no suspense. Hence, no doubts if they are ever going to pay you what is yours.
    • Receipt Rewards is a neat way to earn some more cash. The browser extension is easy to use and makes it a seamless process. I especially love this option because it earns you some cash for doing what you would have done anyway. And there’s no limit of receipts – submit as many as you want and all of them will translate to cash.

Radial Insight Disadvantages

  • You will earn no actual cash. Much as I appreciate Tango Gift Cards, I would still prefer to get money for my effort, and decide for myself if I want to spend it and where.
  • There aren’t enough surveys. With one survey per week on average, you won’t get rich. Of course, you knew that before you even started doing surveys, so that’s hardly any news. But it would be nice if they actually sent more surveys.


I am very pleased to say that I’ve found no trace of scamminess with Radial Insight. They are 100% legit and the system works. Furthermore, they are pretty generous with the earning amount. As they grow more popular with time, they will probably increase the number of surveys, since that’s the major issue their users complain about.

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