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Making money from surveys online has a mixed reputation. That reputation isn’t actually representative of whether or not you can make money from surveys online. It has a lot more to do with which survey sites actually give you a chance to make good money and which do not.

Reckner Opinions is one such site. But is this site one that will reward you appropriately for time spent on their surveys or will you be left disappointed? Today’s review of Reckner Opinions will help you decide whether or not this site is right for you. Let’s dig into a deeper review.

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About the Company

Reckner Opinions is the website for the national consumer research company Reckner. This company seeks to gather consumer opinions for a large number of the organization. From research studies to in-person taste tests, there are a number of different types of surveys that the company works with.

Reckner has a long successful history. They have been working in this field for more than 20 years, and every year they work with more than 200,000 participants in their various surveys. When it comes to local testing, most of their work is done in the NJ or NY area, but they accept online and phone responses from people all over the US if eligible for the survey.

First Look at the Website

The Reckner Opinions website gives a very professional overview of their business and details what kind of opportunities they offer to those who register to be part of their studies. With this info, you can quickly discover whether the site is right for you or not.

Signing Up and Using the Website – Legit or Scam?

Reckner Opinions is a legitimate company that offers a number of different focus groups and survey types. They run these things for their company’s clients, and the goal is always to gather consumer opinions. It’s up to you whether or not you want to participate in any given study, and you can remove yourself from the panel at any time.

As an overview, these are the types of programs that are offered by Reckner:

  • Medical surveys
  • Online surveys
  • In-person focus groups
  • Telephone surveys
  • Teen-focused surveys
  • Product testing
  • Taste testing

While some of these opportunities can be completed over the phone or online, you’ll notice that much of Reckner’s work is done in person. To be eligible for in-person work, you will have to be able to get to one of their local offices which are mostly located in New Jersey and New York.

The surveys themselves cover a variety of different topics, and each one takes a different amount of time to complete. Additionally, the reward that you get from each survey differs and depends on the client and the specific survey type. It’s hard to say what you can expect because of this, but members have reported being satisfied with their compensation.

When it is time to be paid, payment usually comes in one of the following forms:

  • Cash via check
  • Cash in person
  • Donations to charity
  • Sweepstakes entries

It’s typically up to you as the respondent how you want to receive your payment. This choice is a nice bonus.  Another thing that is worth noting about Reckner Opinions is that there are three different panel classes that you might be invited to join:

  1. Consumer Studies: Open to all, about products that have an impact on your daily life
  2. Healthcare professionals panel: Limited to those professionals working in healthcare
  3. PAH professionals panel: For professionals that work with PAH patients

Each of these panels has different types of surveys that will be offered, so being invited to a different panel than other users could lead to a different type of experience for you on Reckner.

As you can see, most of the opportunities that come up at Recker are for those who are capable of joining their in-person surveys but don’t let that discourage you. There are a good number of phone and online surveys that they do monthly, so you can stand to be invited to a few different studies depending on your particular profile.

User Reports

Overall, users have been very satisfied with the surveys that they have had the opportunity to take with Reckner. Most report that the surveys were interesting to take part in and they were promptly paid.

Still, there are a few complaints worth sharing. First, many found that they were not likely to get past the screening process. This means that you may spend some time screening for a few surveys that lead to no rewards. While frustrating, this is not uncommon.

Another potential issue is that there aren’t a huge number of opportunities for those who aren’t living in the NJ, NY, or PA areas near Reckner offices. You might only participate in one online or phone study a month, but these can pay very well so it might still be worth it.

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What We Think

Reckner is a legitimate company, and their surveys and focus groups do pay people for their opinions through Reckner Opinions. While there are some drawbacks, this survey site may be a good fit for some people.


  • High-paying focus groups available for locals
  • Have both phone and online surveys
  • Different panels for different people
  • Easy to sign up
  • Pays promptly


  • Not as many opportunities for those not located locally
  • Users often turned down
  • Online surveys are limited
  • Not as prolific as other online-focused survey sites
  • More focused on in-person work than remote work

Verdict – [Legit, With Limits]

Reckner Opinions is a legitimate website where you can register to start making some extra money via focus groups, online surveys, phone interviews and other methods of consumer opinion research.

Still, it’s not without limitations. For those who don’t live locally, you may find that the number of online and remote opportunities available to you is quite limited, so the site may not be worth your time. If you are in the area of Reckner’s offices, it is definitely worth your time to join.

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