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How do you feel about earning a couple hundred dollars in a single day, doing an easy and fun activity? It’s not impossible, and it doesn’t involve any dishonest work. I know, just now you may want to click the X button with contempt. Or start considering how to turn this into a full-time activity. But before you do any of that, let me tell you that it does work, but it won’t happen often.

Behind it stands an organization called Research Participants Institute. And here’s a review to help you decide if you want to give them some of your time, if given a chance.

Who Are They?

Based in Dallas, Texas, Research Participants Institute (RPI in further text) is a market research company that operates throughout the US. Just like most other companies within the industry, they collect insights, opinions and various information from people like you and me, through focus groups and questionnaires. In return, they offer compensation.

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Even though their website is not very modern in design, they seem to be a perfectly legit company. They aren’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but they have an A+ rating, which is the highest grade available. And that is a clear cut sign that there are no legal issues or complaints against them.

How to Join?

So, how do you register for an account? You can’t miss the button – it says “Register Here” and is located in the top right-hand corner of their homepage. During registration, you can opt for in-person or online projects – or even both. Enter your contact info and check the drop-down menus to mark your race, religion, political preferences, employment and marital status, as well as household income. That’s pretty much all you need to do. The rest is up to RPI. As soon as a new opportunity becomes available, they will contact you via email.

And yes, the registration is completely free. Another signal that we’re talking about a real company that isn’t hunting for your confidentials so they could sell them to the highest bidder.

How Do I Earn Money via RPI?

The RPI offers two ways of earning money.

  1. Online projects. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. When you get selected for a project, you will receive an invitation via email. All you need to do is read presentations and provide feedback by filling out surveys and questionnaires online. It won’t take up much time – anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours per project.
  2. In-person projects. These are conducted either at their headquarters in Dallas/Fort Worth area, or in designated offices all across the US. Most of the time, they will be over in a single day, but sometimes they will last up to several weeks. Your main task will be to observe a presentation and provide feedback, either through surveys or focus groups. You will always get to know the duration of a project ahead, and will receive a generous compensation. With $200+ per day, the payment is much higher than with the online projects.

Now to another sweet part. You will get paid in cash. Upon successfully completing your assignment, they will send you a check by mail. Allow a few weeks for delivery, and that’s it – put your sunglasses on and enjoy your hard-earned money.

A word of warning: if you manage to earn over $600, you will have to fill out a W-9 form. These projects don’t relieve you of your tax duties, and the company has underlined this point in the FAQ section on their website.

What We Like About RPI

  • You can earn both online and offline. I would recommend you to check both options. The online surveys are easier to  
  • The compensation is very generous, especially for in-person projects. How about earning $275 in a single day, or $500 in two days? That’s not a myth or my lucky guess. It’s from their official profile on Twitter. On the other hand, online projects can bring you anywhere from $15 to $200. The sums really make it worth your while.
  • They always disclose the information about how much you can earn in a project. When you are aware of all the terms, it’s easy to make the decision if you want to participate or not. Many of their competitors are tight-lipped in that regard.
  • You will get something just for showing up, even if you don’t qualify. And that something is not a little something. It’s half the amount you would have earned if they chose you.
  • You earn actual cash. If you wonder why it deserves a separate point, you should know that many if not most Get-Paid-To platforms offer rewards in the form of gift cards. So, whenever there’s real cash involved, it’s praiseworthy.

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What We Don’t Like About RPI

  • Not many projects are available. It appears they are conducting the in-person studies once every few months. And even then, you might register, show up and find out that you aren’t just the right type they need. Even though they will compensate you for coming, it still leaves so much to wish for. In the first place, more earning opportunities.
  • There isn’t a user dashboard. There is no way to learn about upcoming projects and activities via some kind of a user dashboard. You just have to wait for an email to hit your inbox, or to follow them on Twitter and hope you won’t miss their ad.

Verdict – Is It Worth Joining?

When all things taken into account, I can safely recommend you to join the program. That is, of course, if you don’t expect it to replace your regular job.

There’s not a thing to lose, and there’s a lot of money you can earn, if only a couple of times each year. If you’re a regular survey hunter, I’m pretty sure RPI is not the only platform you’ve registered with. So, a little bit of money here and a little bit there can add up to a nice sum over the year – maybe even enough for that roof leakage that you’ve wanted to fix since forever. Or some extra money to splurge during a vacation.

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