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A lot of people out there are looking for ways to earn extra cash online, but are finding out the hard way that a lot of these so-called “money-making opportunities” are little more than scams. Are there any actual, legit ways to earn money online? Yes, there are, but you have to do your research in order to find the right ones, and to decide if they are worth your time or not. One legitimate source of additional cash is Saybucks, a survey site where you receive rewards for completing surveys. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to see our review on Saybucks.

What is Saybucks?

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Saybucks is a survey site. Members complete surveys, and receive rewards for doing so. There are millions of user-friendly, interactive surveys, so there is always going to be something of interest to all members. Of all of the survey sites, Saybucks claims to have the best Router technology, which allows members to earn the most money possible by doing online surveys, because the router system ensures that there is always a survey available for you.

Like other survey sites, you may or may not be eligible to complete certain surveys, based on your specific criteria. But, thanks to this router system, there will be other surveys that match your preferences, location, gender, age, etc.

Is it Legit?

While there are many scam survey sites on the Internet, Saybucks is not one of them. This is completely legitimate, and it is a good way to make some extra cash. Obviously, you aren’t going to get rich by completing online surveys, but you can make some pretty decent pocket money if you are willing to invest a little bit of your time to do the surveys.

Saybucks is free to join, and there is no cost to do any of the surveys and earn money. Just keep in mind that you aren’t going to make a lot of money for each survey, and it is probably best to do several, and let the money build up a bit before you decide to cash in.

While this is a legit site, there are some customer complaints. For instance, some members say that there aren’t enough surveys for them to complete, so they aren’t earning much money. Another issue is that there is a login issue that makes members feel that they need to change their passwords every time the login.

More about Saybucks

You probably have several questions about how


works. For instance, how do the surveys work? What kind of surveys will you find? How long does it take to receive rewards after completing surveys? Let’s get down to answering these, and other questions people have about


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How do Saybucks surveys work?

You will receive email notifications when there are surveys to complete, how long it will take to complete the surveys, and how much money you will earn. All you have to do is click on the link, and the survey will begin.

What types of surveys will you find?

You will find surveys with many different topics, including your travel preferences, how you would rate certain products, opinions on advertising, etc. Your answers will help companies to develop new products and learn more about the needs of their customers.

How long does it take to receive rewards?

Unless otherwise stated, you will receive rewards for surveys as soon as you complete them. Before you can request a payment, you must meet the minimum payout amount, which will be discussed on your account page.

How long does it take to complete surveys?

Each survey has a certain amount of time in which it is to be completed. If you are unable to complete the survey within the given amount of time, you will not quality for rewards. You may even be kicked off the panel if you complete a survey, but not within the acceptable time range. Surveys can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes to complete.

How much can you earn?

As we mentioned, you aren’t going to get rich overnight by doing online surveys. But, you can earn anywhere from $2 to $10 per survey, so if you do enough of them, you can get some pretty decent rewards to cash in.

How do you get paid?

All payments are done via PayPal, so you will need to set up a PayPal account, if you don’t have one already. Your PayPal account must be connected with the same email address that you provide when signing up for Saybucks. When you cash in your rewards, the money is placed in your PayPal account.

What if your PayPal account already exists under a different email address?

If you already have a PayPal account, but the email address for it is different than the one you use for Saybucks, you can add the other email address, and receive surveys to that address. Always keep in mind that there is a 2% transaction fee for all PayPal payments. Rewards left unclaimed for 30 days will be returned to the panel account, and you will have to do another transfer.

Will you qualify for surveys?

Whether or not you qualify for surveys will depend on the information you have in profile. So, it is important that you complete as much information as possible. Also, you may choose a survey to complete, and then receive a “screen out” notice. This means that you are outside the target group for that particular survey. Usually, the survey will stop after the first few questions so as to not waste your time. This can even happen if you were selected for a survey, but the survey ends up needing more information than what is on your profile.

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As long as you go into it without the expectation of getting wealthy in a hurry, you can have some fun completing surveys, and make a few bucks while you are at it. You don’t have to worry about this being a scam site, and if you are eligible for and complete surveys, you will be paid. Your information will be kept confidential and never shared without your express permission. Any answers you provide on surveys will be combined with hundreds of other answers, and only reported in the aggregate.

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