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Today, we’re going to look at a popular paid survey site called SheSpeaks, which is 100% geared towards women, providing them an opportunity to have their voices heard in the marketplace while earning a little extra in the form of rewards for their efforts.

In this review, we’ll focus on the significant topics new members are on the hunt for such as the ease of signing up, the quality of the reward scheme, and the opinions of existing members. By the end of the review, you should have a clearer understanding of whether it is the right paid survey site for you or not.

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SheSpeaks: The Company’s Profile

This is a paid survey company with a focus on providing women with a platform to be heard. They then connect brands and research firms to their predominantly female user base, providing women with the chance to influence market products and services through completing surveys and generating insightful feedback.

Launched in 2007, its members partake in a wider variety of tasks not often found on conventional paid survey sites. These members are then equally rewarded with not just merchandise but also with products and services that have less unnecessary features and target specific industry demands.

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First Look at the Website

When you first land on the webpage, you’re greeted with a colorful and visually pleasing picture as they use both images and text to highlight the critical information that they want to get across. Scrolling through the home page, you’ll come across trending topics, various product reviews, social media feeds, and even SheSpeaksTV!

The website is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, which make navigation a cinch. You’ll be able to find information on the number of members currently using the site, a list of blogs articles, and even a section dedicated to regular parties and giveaways.

Towards the top of the page, you’ll be able to find out more about the website as a brand and what they hope to achieve through the “We Are SheSpeaks” tab. Just to the left of this, you’ll find the “Join Now” tab that directs you to a quick and easy registration form that’ll make you part of the website’s community in no time.

How It Works

First of all, you’ll need to sign up and fill out the necessary registration form that we previously mentioned. This will grant you access to online surveys as well as product testing tasks. You’ll be invited to each of these events through email where you’ll then be able to view the rewards available before deciding whether to accept or decline.

The reviews are relatively short and only take between five and 25 minutes, whereas the product testing can take considerably longer as you have to wait for the product to be sent out to you before you can review it. You’re then able to keep the product after the review as a reward.


Privacy is a huge factor when you’re considering to pair with a paid survey site. The company appreciates that it can be hard to trust a website you’ve never heard of or dealt with before, that is why there is no need to download any files to your mobile device or through the web application; therefore, minimizing the risk to your systems.

They also list all their privacy regulations on their webpage for individuals to read before deciding whether to sign up with them or not. When compared to other paid survey sites, the amount of detail listed in the privacy page does seem rather sparse although they do clearly answer how your data are both collected and shared once you’ve signed up with them.


Rewards operate differently from the vast majority of paid survey sites with no cash value or points-based system in place. Instead, they’ve decided to offer their members the opportunity to gain merchandise, whether it be keeping the products that they’re asked to review or being sent products in the post for each survey completed.

There is also very little information regarding rewards on their webpage; in fact, the only accessible information on their homepage refers to parties and giveaways that aren’t exclusively applicable to members. This lack of clarity is rather off-putting to new members as it’s difficult to assess whether it’s worth signing up to SheSpeaks or not.

Fun Fact

Members have the opportunity to be featured in a video that’ll be viewable via SheSpeaksTV. This is available for members who completed surveys or tested products.

Other Users Experiences

While many users love the positivity and informative nature that the company emanates, often, the sole reason why they signed up are the rewards they are often left wanting. With no cats or point systems in place, members are left with very little choice when it comes to selecting their reward, more often than not, they’ll be gifted the reward that they were testing which could be anything from a toothbrush to an electric whisk. This leaves a considerable element of luck when it comes to the available opportunities, and we’ve found more people to be rejecting invitations here than on any other paid survey site.

Unfortunately, this negativity also carries across to the overall number of opportunities that members receive. In the beginning, members seem to be offered a more than reasonable number of surveys and product testing tasks, allowing them to reject ones that don’t suit their current needs. However, there are a vast majority of members who state that this number of invitations quickly diminishes, leaving very few opportunities to gain any form of reward.

Verdict: Not Worthwhile

Yes, you can get rewards for completing surveys and tasks; however, with such a limited choice in compensation as well as the severe lack of opportunities after the first couple of months, can we say that SheSpeaks is worth your time? Definitely, no.

Many other paid survey sites offer both merchandise and cash payouts for exactly the same type of work. This type of flexibility is what potential members are really after as it gives them a choice of how to spend the rewards which they earned with their time. Not being given this choice is a huge negative and will most likely put off a large number of members.

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