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If you love shopping as well as sharing your experiences and opinions, our latest survey review might be of interest to you. The Shoppers Perspective Community is an invitation-only community that is built up of pre-selected shoppers from across America, all happy to share their opinions. In exchange, they are able to build up redeemable gift card points as part of the reward system in place just for sharing their honest views about their everyday life experiences and in particular their shopping habits.

For anyone who loves shopping, chatting and also likes the idea of having a part to play in actively influencing the future evolution and development of shopping environments, this might well sound like an exciting and interesting proposition. Rewards offered include gift cards to some of the most popular stores and retail outlets; better still, you get to shop, talk about how you shop, then get rewarded so you can shop some more.

By now you’re getting the idea that this one is all about shopping, and we can see why this might pique the interest of certain consumers out there. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be though?

About the Company

The Shoppers Perspective Community is powered by world-recognized market research powerhouse Acosta and encourages participants to share their thoughts and regular habits based around shopping experiences and other common everyday occurrences and services they might typically use. The collected information and feedback is then reviewed and analyzed to provide meaningful input and insight.

Acosta then delivers that back to some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the US in the hope that the goods and services we all buy and experience from these larger retailers are continually being monitored and improved upon.

What Kind of Research Opportunities are Available?

Unlike other survey panel-style community groups, there are a few different options regarding the type of market research activity you can choose to get involved in. As an approved member, the following research opportunities exist:

  • Online surveys
  • Active participation in discussion boards
  • Online targeted focus groups
  • Specific activities undertaken while shopping; mobile surveys and sharing photos for example

How Easy Is It to Join the  Shoppers Perspective Community?

While we’ve heard that this is an invitation-only scheme from the community owners, it is possible to enter online by completing an initial household survey on the main company website. This consists of a series of questions regarding your shopping behavior and household composition to then determine your eligibility to participate in the program. The survey itself can be found on the “Join Now” page of the SPC website. Participation is entirely free but is currently restricted only to residents of the US and is not a global outreach community program.

Unfortunately, you cannot elect yourself to participate in surveys on an ad hoc basis, so you don’t have control of your rewards-earning potential. As with many of these survey schemes which we’ve so far reviewed, studies are sent on an invitation basis which you can either accept or decline.

All research is required to be submitted via the website, so the other stipulation, of course, is, therefore, access to a computer and an internet connection. Surveys appear to be relatively straightforward to follow with simple and clear instructions provided on the screen.

What are the Incentives and Rewards Offered by Shoppers Perspective Community?

Simply by joining up this community panel in the first place, as a newly qualified member, you will automatically receive 100 free Shoppers Perspective Community Points, known as SPC’s. SPC points can be accumulated and collected by participating in future surveys and questionnaires with the rewards for each fluctuating according to the length and complexity of the research that you get involved in. The more you are able to contribute, the more points will accumulate, and once you reach a minim of 500 SPC’s, you can cash out and are eligible for redemption.

  • 500 points qualify you for a $5 Tango gift card
  • 1000 pints qualifies you for a $10 gift card
  • Or you can use your points to donate to a charity of your choice

The Tango gift card includes the following popular retailers; Amazon. Target. Sephora, iHop, American Eagle, Starbucks, plus dozens more popular outlets and retailers.

Besides the accumulation of points, Shoppers Perspective Community members can also participate in their monthly sweepstake. The more surveys you complete in the month, the more opportunities you have to enter, and each month five lucky winners are randomly chosen to receive a cash incentive of $5-$10. OK, it’s not a huge amount, but it’s a nice touch and a little additional sweetener from the company.

What’s the Payout Time Frame and Process?

Points awarded should be specified on each invitation which a member receives, according to the complexity of the project itself. Upon successful completion of that particular piece of research, the nominated points are then posted to the individual’s account within 30 days. Points will automatically expire if they’ve not been cashed out within 18 months and the minimum amount required to cash out is 500 points.

Unfortunately, we were not able to determine what the points value was of a standard survey so we can’t comment on potentially how long that cash out period might be, but based on other similar schemes, we’re guessing about 2-3 surveys would be required to trigger that $5 gift card reward.

Final Thoughts on the Shoppers Perspective Community

Shoppers Perspective Community is free to join, which is always a good indication of its legitimacy.  However, be aware that you are somewhat in their hands waiting to be sent surveys to complete so it might well be worth your while to sign up on several platforms at the same time if your objective is to make some money on the side.

We have heard cases of members only being sent 1 survey a month, and so it could take up to 4 months to receive your first reward if you choose to only participate via the Shoppers Perspective Community scheme.

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