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When deciding on how to best spend your spare time, have you ever considered earning some extra cash through paid online surveys? If you do, you are fortunate enough as today, we’re going to look at one of the most popular paid survey sites currently available called Socratic Forum.

We’ll be reviewing numerous factors such as their signup process, reward system, and customer satisfaction in order to determine the legitimacy of the site as a way of boosting your income stream.

Socratic Forum: Company Overview

This is an online research community that creates a platform between select businesses and their potential consumer base in order to influence the way in which products and services are currently delivered to the market. In return for the opinions and feedback of those who partake in their surveys, these companies offer rewards through the Socratic Forum platform which can then be received once a certain level has been achieved.

Members are able to influence a variety of industries including technology, e-commerce, and even business-to-business products and services. All the information collected via the surveys and members profiles is 100% confidential and only used for product or service advancement.

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First Look at the Website

On the first inspection, the website seems relatively dated with a very basic landing page. While there are various links to areas of interest for new members, these pages offer extremely little information about how the platform actually operates.

We often embrace a minimalist approach to web design as it can streamline customer interactions as they can intuitively navigate the web page and find the information they’re looking for; however, users will learn very little from what is offered by Socratic Forum, and it could hurt their chance of signing new members.

There is a link called “Your Privacy” that does provide the opportunity to read through the entirety of the website’s privacy policy and how your information is and isn’t used. This is very reassuring as it’s stated that your information serves a sole purpose of industry progression and there’s no threat of your data being unwillingly sold off to external parties. This is very reassuring and not as often clearly laid out on other survey sites.

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How It Works

While the signup process is exceptionally straightforward and only requires new members to fill out a short personal profile, the company currently isn’t accepting any new users.

Once you are able to join and have managed to sign up, you’ll receive survey invitations via email approximately two to three times per month, and they often vary in length being anywhere from five to 25 minutes. It’s important not to rush the surveys as you can be penalized for not taking your time to answer them, resulting in a disqualification and lessening your potential rewards.

Not opting for the more common points-based system you often find with paid survey sites, members will find displayed cash values before they accept a survey. This is often a preferred technique by members as it gives them an immediate translation of what they are getting in return for both their time and opinion.

Once members have accumulated a minimum of $5 in their account, they can withdraw their funds through a selection of reward methods.


Socratic Forum is very reassuring when it comes to the privacy of your profile and the security of your data. They have a very detailed privacy page that outlines precisely how members’ data are both used and stored.

This is a huge plus point when it comes to finding a paid survey site that doesn’t simply value your business but also your privacy. Members can rest assured that their information won’t be sold to third parties and that their answers to surveys are submitted anonymously along with hundreds, if not thousands of other replies.


The defining factor when it comes to paid survey sites is the reward system. Taking the more popular approach, the company operates on a cash-value basis as opposed to a points-based system. This allows members to instantly recognize the value of a survey without having to worry about point conversions.

Members also have the opportunity to earn sweepstakes entries through the completion of special surveys, but these are still invite-only, and so, a large proportion of luck is required. However, sweepstakes entries can also be purchased with your current rewards value. The prizes often consist of electronic goods

A member’s accumulated cash value can be withdrawn through the following methods:

  • Cash paid via check
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Donations to charity
  • Merchandise
  • Sweepstakes entries


To add that little extra to their reward system, the company also features a refer-a-friend program which not only rewards you with a cash value but also grants access to your friend into a survey community that is notoriously difficult to enter.

Personal Experience

When it comes to reviewing, we felt there is nothing better than first-hand experience, so we signed up with the company to give a better insight into how they operate. However, we’ve not had the opportunity to join their community as they haven’t been accepting new members for several months.

The fact that membership is so hard to obtain is an incredible downside for the survey site and makes it hard to recommend to users as they’ll likely encounter the same first hurdle.

Other User Experiences

Existing members have varying opinions on the site.

The Good

While the majority agree that they typically receive between two to three survey invitations per month, they all seem to experience a range of payout levels as well as payout reliability. Some members report payouts of up to $75 for a single survey whereas others are experiencing the lower end at around $2 to $3 per survey.

The Bad

Payout reliability also seems to be a concern as not all members have received their rewards and those that have gone on to state that they typically had to chase after their payouts.

Verdict: Mixed

While we’re certain that Socratic Forum is a legitimate paid survey site and there are members who are regularly using their services, we’ve found that there is a worryingly high level of members who experience an array of difficulties when it comes to receiving their payouts. This only goes for those who are even able to signup to the platform as the large majority of potential members are blocked due to the low levels of recruitment.

That all being said, it is definitely worth trying to sign up to their platform, but there are certainly better options available that offer a more reliable and trustworthy service.

Alternatives to Socratic Forum

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