Socratic Forum Review

Do you often find yourself just mindlessly scrolling through Reddit, refreshing social media, and being bored during your down time? Do you want to turn that mindless boredom into some extra cash in the form of gift cards or PayPal funds? With the right survey panel provider, you can do just that.

There are hundreds if not thousands of survey sites online, spanning from niche sites that only apply to very unique demographics to those that have a little bit of everything. The secret to maximizing your income is to use as many sites as you can handle, giving you more opportunities to earn. You can also choose to target niches that apply to you, raising your chances of being eligible to participate.

If you’re a business owner, work with software, or provide business to business services online, Socratic Forum may be the niche for you.

About Socratic Forum

Socratic Forum is a web-based survey provider that focuses on digital solutions, including software programs, web-based technology, and e-commerce solutions. Owned by Socratic Technologies – a multi-national and highly respected research-based consultancy agency – the feedback obtained by Socratic Forum surveys goes towards helping shape brands like Adobe, Disney, Starbucks, AT&T, and more.

Socratic Forum’s surveys are available in over 40 countries with millions of active panelists around the globe who are eager to provide feedback. With a combination of a variety of industries and brands on their client list, the tasks received are sure to vary.

The Process

To begin with Socratic Forum, you will need to register an account on their website. This is easier said than done, as their registrations can be erratic and sometimes they are not accepting new members. If there is no “join button” on the homepage, contact them to find out about registration.

Once you are registered, you will have access to a dashboard and your profile where you can fill out additional information to further define the demographic you fit into. You can also see any balances you have, past reward history, and surveys you’ve completed.

In order to receive the surveys, you will need to check your email every so often. They will be emailed to you with instructions on accessing and completing them as well as their rewards and deadlines. While there is no requirement to participate, if you decide to complete the task, be sure to begin as soon as possible because they can run out of positions quickly!


The surveys themselves will often lean towards internet technology, software, and business-to-business products and services rather than consumer goods and retail products. This gives you a bit of a different experience than other sites that focus on foods, beauty products, or other items that are being sold to the general public.

When it comes to the types of surveys, they are your standard question-and-answer tasks. You will be asked questions and will need to provide either a multiple-choice selection or open-ended response to the question in order for credit to be awarded. If you don’t qualify for the reward based on your answer, you will be disqualified rather than losing out on the rest of the time it would take to complete.

In terms of quantity, you can likely expect a few surveys per month in your email. Users have reported that they receive anywhere from 0-6, with your eligibility determining the number of offers you receive. Be sure to provide as much information as possible so you’re eligible for as many target audiences as you can fit into!


Rather than points, Socratic Forum instead offers rewards based primarily on drawings, sweepstakes, and prizes rather than direct payments. They run various drawings with larger cash prizes or bigger item-prizes that your surveys gain you entry into, with only the occasional task being direct payment. These prizes can be gift cards, checks, or technology from their partners, mixing up the potential payout for your time. Unfortunately, this also means that you aren’t guaranteed to be directly paid for your time.

Data Privacy and Legitimacy

As with every instance of sharing your personal data, you want to be sure that the panel is legitimate, and that your data will be safe from third parties. In the case of Socratic Forum, your data is not individually singled out, it is instead aggregated with other panelist’s responses to give an overview of the feedback. This way, your identity and information are protected when you submit them. You can also rest assured that you aren’t wasting your time, as Socratic Forum is confirmed to be legitimate. Just keep in mind you aren’t necessarily guaranteed a reward for completion.

Socratic Forum vs. Other Survey Sites

Socratic Forums isn’t unique when it comes to their online surveys and polls, but their reward system is pretty unconventional. There’s 2 ways to think about it; if you’re looking for a big score, entering into a sweepstakes to win a big prize may be better for you. However, you also aren’t guaranteed to get paid for your time if the survey pays entries only, so you’ll have to consider your time’s value before pouring time into earning entries. Alternatively, you can only accept tasks that pay directly, but they will be few and far between.

Another difference between Socratic Forum and other sites is that they are more focused on the web-based, digital, and business-to-business industries rather than retail or consumer-level information. If you fall into this category – say as an eCommerce business owner – you may be more qualified to earn the tasks.


To summarize, Socratic Forum is a bit of an unconventional option for earning extra money in your spare time. Not every job is guaranteed to pay a prize, and you will be putting a lot of faith in the luck of the draw for your prizes. However, when the alternative is a few cents per survey on another site, the chance to win $100 on a few entries may be worth it for you.

To make the most of Socratic Forum, add it to your list of survey panels and treat it as a longshot for winning bigger prizes. Surveys are infrequent enough to not be relied upon, so make sure you have others available while you wait.