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In the world of get-paid-to panels and apps, Spare5 is among the most innovative and interesting. It looks modern, it acts modern, and is legit. You won’t get tricked into providing your sensitive data so they could sell them to some shabby or downright scammy third parties. So what am I waiting for? Why don’t I just ditch this writing into my recycle bin and wander off into the sunset with the app, never to work another hour?

Because it doesn’t really operate anymore. When you go to their homepage, you will only see the login option. Absolute newcomers can’t join. Nor is there a phone or at least a chatbot where you can make an inquiry.

I am only writing this review to present the case as it was until recently, while the app was still functioning. With any luck, it may start operating again. And if it does, I’ll be sure to update this article. Until then, let’s see what it’s all about.

Company Overview – What is Spare5 About?

Unlike most other GPT panels, Spare5 isn’t run by a market research company. Instead, they focus on something much more interesting and substantial – and that’s artificial intelligence (AI). The panelists are to perform short and simple tasks such as listening to and describing audio content, annotating images, providing keywords about a certain photo, isolating elements and objects from images.

But why would anyone pay you or me for such plain and effortless activities? Because computers still have much to learn from us humans. By providing such info, you are contributing to the development of AI, so that it could fine-tune its cognitive skills. In return, it’s only fair that you should get some small compensation – typically, a few cents per task.

Before we proceed, let me explain why I was so unusually quick to evaluate Spare5 as a legitimate money making app.

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It’s not just because of the impressive companies they boast working with, such as Microsoft, IBM, Getty Images, Pinterest. The app was developed by Mighty AI, a tech startup from Seattle. In their own words from LinkedIn company profile, it’s “a data management platform for autonomous vehicle perception data”. More importantly, they were acquired by Uber in June 2019, to help them perfect the computer vision for their autonomous vehicles. Surprisingly, that’s the only information currently available on Mighty AI website. It seems that the company got completely assimilated, and it’s questionable whether they will ever completely revive their Spare5 app.

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spare5 homepage preview

How Does It Work?

For what it’s worth, let’s have a quick look into basic activities and compensation models that people could hope for with Spare5.

Anyone could join the panel via their browser or the iOS app. Upon taking the initial demographic survey, you could immediately start completing tasks. Their frequency depended entirely on your location, as well as demographic category. Each short and sweet task would pay anything from $0.01 to $0.50, with the initial survey bringing you $0.10 flat.

The cashout threshold was at $1, which is among the lowest in the industry. So, as long as you managed to meet that condition, your earnings would automatically deposit to your PayPal account every Friday. No need to request what is yours or bother with any forms or paperwork!

Earning Potential

Even though there aren’t many online user reviews, I managed to track down a few of them on Reddit, along with payment proofs. Believe it or not, people actually managed to earn up to $50 a week, which is next to impossible with your average GPT platform! Even better, it seems that the longer you were using the app, the better your chances would become. Sure, it’s nowhere near an amount that would allow you to quit your day job. But it’s a nice and super easy way to add some extra bucks to your regular income!

That is not to say that the app didn’t discriminate. Many users complain that they got zero earning opportunities. However, I came across an interesting and informative comment from November 2019. The user claimed that he was still using it at the time, having been a long-term member. In fact, he got even better earning opportunities. That tells us that the app is still active to a certain extent. So, if you happen to be a member, be sure to log in again and see if you can access any tasks now. Maybe you still stand a chance!


  • Solid earning potential, depending on your location. If you happened to reside at the right place, you could hope to make $20 to $50 extra every week. Compare that to the average of $5 to $10 per week on your next GPT panel, and you’ll get the idea.
  • Payments via PayPal are always the best and most convenient. Certainly more so than getting gift cards that won’t pay your bills – or beer.
  • $1 cashout threshold was among the lowest in the industry. As opposed to $20 or $25, which is the usual requirement on survey panels.
  • The app was an aggregation of interesting and easy tasks, none of which took more than one minute to complete. Annotating an image surely is more interesting than taking a dull 20-minute survey elsewhere.
  • They had a nice referral program. Whenever your referee earned their first $10, you would get a $2 bonus – until you reached $20 in referrals or your referee earned $100 total. Even though this sum was limited, it was still a nice perk.


  • They aren’t admitting new members at the moment. This would be the most significant downside of Spare5. Even if it were the best moneymaker in the universe, it would be for nothing.
  • They are only available in eight countries worldwide. You will be eligible if you’re from the US, Chile, Vietnam, India, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, or Venezuela. 
  • Some members got zero tasks. It probably had to do with their location or demographics. 

Conclusion: Nice App, Can You Please Make It Work Again?

Even the best GPT panels won’t help you become a millionaire, and Spare5 is no different in that area. But as long as your expectations were modest, it was definitely a decent (and fun) way to make some money on the side.

So, here’s to hoping that they will come back in the game and allow us to lend some of our human cognitive skills to the AI. If they don’t, no worries – we’ve got your back with other great GPT panels that you can check out on our website.

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