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We are living in a world where our information is valuable. Various websites we visit on a daily basis want us to accept cookies so that they can track our internet usage and behavior. Loyalty cards that reward shoppers for using them have been around for longer, all in the pursuit of learning more about consumer behavior.

These days, you can actually get paid for sharing your information, thoughts, and opinions online. Working directly with online survey companies that value your opinions and reward you for your participation, you can earn cash rewards without spending any money or leaving the comfort of your own home.

As such, we will give a complete review of one such company, the Specpan, to see how easy it is to make money with them, who it is most suitable for, and how it works.

What Is Specpan?

A company based in Indianapolis, Specpan is essentially a market research company that collects data from its community through the process of specially targeted online surveys. Online surveys are a faster and more effective way of reaching out to specific groups of people than previous traditional methods that included surveys via the postal service, surveys taken from passersby on the street, and focus groups.

The data is passed on to their clients that can use the information for future decision making, regarding matters such as company and product development, innovations, advertisements, etc.

Why Join?

Here are some of the reasons why you should sign up with the website:

  • Cash awards: The company pays more per survey than most other websites similar to this.
  • No spam: The company will only email you with surveys and information that is directly relevant to you.
  • Your opinion counts: Your opinion can directly influence the future marketplace of your profession or field of interests.
  • Your privacy is respected: The website doesn’t take any of your vital personal information. You are not required to provide them with your social security number, phone number, credit card information, etc., so it’s completely safe to join.

Who Can Join?

You must be over 18 years old to sign up, as well as a resident of the USA or Canada. The company compiles surveys and collects information for retailers and manufacturers across a wide variety of dedicated specialty panels. They especially target hard-to-find professionals and enthusiast users.

If the company doesn’t have a survey that is relevant to your field of business or interests, then you won’t hear from them. However, since sign-up is free, it may be worth joining to find out, and if something comes up in the future, then they will email you.

How Does Specpan Work?

Here is how the whole process works:

1. Register as a Member

Like the vast majority of paid survey sites, the first thing you need to do is register a user account and tell them a bit about yourself. Information such as your gender, age, profession, interests, and hobbies will all help them to know what kind of surveys will be relevant to you.

Remember to keep your profile updated since changes in your lifestyle, such as new hobbies, may help you qualify for more surveys.

2. Participate in Surveys

If you qualify to take part in a survey, then Specpan will send you an email with a link to the survey. The surveys are very easy to complete as firstly, they will involve targeted subject matter that is specifically relevant to you and your lifestyle. Secondly, all they need you to do is answer honestly, and give your opinions on the subject matter at hand.

Always make sure you complete the full survey to ensure you can collect your reward points.

3. Earn Points for eGift Cards

Before you start any survey, the company will tell you how many points you will be rewarded for each survey you take. The number of reward points will vary, depending on how long the survey will take you to complete.

The majority of surveys will reward you between 500 to 2,000 points which is amazing when you consider that 100 points equate to $1.00. This is by far one of the higher paying sites on the market due to its slightly more specialist subject matter. Once you have reached 2,500 points, you can redeem them for a $25 prepaid Visa debit or credit card, or an Amazon e-voucher.

The Main Advantages of Specpan

Here are some of the great benefits you will receive:

  • Amazing rewards: The company is easily one of the highest-paying survey sites around. The average reward for each survey ranges from $5 to $20.
  • Sign-up bonus: You get 200 bonus reward points (which equates to $2.00) for just signing up.
  • Respectful: The company will only email you with relevant surveys as and when they become available. They truly value you as a member of their community, so they will not spam you which may lead you to withdraw your membership.
  • Easy user interface: Once logged in, all of your account information, points balance, surveys available, etc. are easy to find, keep track of, and change.
    Great reward system: The company exchanges your points for an Amazon or Visa debit or credit card that can be spent almost anywhere online.

The Main Disadvantages of Specpan

Here are some of the drawbacks of the website:

  • Points expire: Unfortunately, any unused points you have will expire at the end of each year (January 1st). While you do have to reach 2,500 reward points before you can exchange them for online cash rewards, other points can be redeemed at any time towards an entry into various prize drawings.
  • Specialist market: The surveys are slightly more targeted than other sites, so you may find that you don’t qualify for any surveys after joining.

Should You Join Specpan?

You may ask, “Is it worth joining the Specpan community?” We say, “Absolutely!

Signing up to Specpan is completely free and it doesn’t take too long to complete the registration and profiling process. Yes, there is a small chance that their current surveys won’t be relevant to you, but as a very high-paying site, we think it’s worth checking.

Since they don’t take any vital personal information or spam you, there’s no harm in being a silent part of their community for now. Eventually, as the company and client base grows, their market may widen in the future to qualify you for high-earning surveys.

Alternatives to Specpan

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