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Filtering through all the different survey sites available can be quite overwhelming. While most sites will give you at least some chances to earn money, not every site will give you enough opportunities to really be worth your time.

Today’s review will give you the highlighted details of SpiderMetrix. Is this site a scam or a legit place to earn some extra money from answering surveys? Let’s find out together in this in-depth look at SpiderMetrix.

What Is SpiderMetrix?

SpiderMetrix is an Australian-based website that aims to work with both companies and consumers from around the world. This site came into business back in 2000, and since then, they have grown to work for both big and small companies.

When you join SpiderMetrix, you become known as one of their “spiders”. This means that you will be a panel member on their site, and you will quickly be able to start taking surveys. The surveys on SpiderMetrix range from being about restaurants to food to fashion and more!

While you can join the site from anywhere around the world, most of the surveys on the site are geared for those living in either Australia or Canada.

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How Does SpiderMetrix Work?

SpiderMetrix is set up similarly to many other survey sites that use a panel. When you initially join the website, you will fill out some information about yourself and about what types of surveys you might be working with.

When you fill out the initial registration and profile survey, you will get points that will start you on your journey to making some extra money through SpiderMetrix. There are also ways that you can get small bonuses for filling out your profile, posting on the site, and more.

The surveys on the site typically take between 15 and 25 minutes, but some can take over 30 minutes depending on the company and category. If you do take a longer survey, you will be paid more for the extra time you are investing.

In addition to the basic surveys available on SpiderMetrix, there are also a number of other features on the site that you can use. From chatting with other members of the site to bidding on auctions, you can amuse yourself on the site as well. These features, including contests, give you in-site currency that you can use to bid on auctions.

The auction aspect of this site, however, is not always available. SpiderMetrix has gotten rid of it a few times before, so you don’t want to rely on this as a reason that you use the site. If you do, you might be disappointed if it someday isn’t available any longer.

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How to Cash-out

On SpiderMetrix, you accumulate what is called SpiderPoints when you complete surveys. You can then cash these points out for a variety of different rewards. Here’s an overview of how you can cash out your SpiderPoints:

  • Cash out via PayPal
  • Amazon vouchers
  • Donate to a variety of causes
  • Auctions

While cashing out via PayPal is probably the most popular option, it also has a relatively high cash-out limit. You must have at least 300 SpiderPoints (the equivalent of $50.00) to cash out via PayPal. The rewards are paid out during the first week of every month.

How Easy Is It to Use SpiderMetrix?

Using SpiderMetrix is relatively easy to do. As you can see, all it takes is registering, filling out a profile, and then you can start doing surveys. There are not too many questions in the profile section, which means that getting started won’t take too long.

The different features of the site can take some time to get familiar with, which may be frustrating when you are first joining, but they will make sense relatively quickly as you continue to use the site.

One part of the site that was incredibly unique and interesting was that you could see some of the survey results that you participated in. Not all sites allow for this, so having this option makes the site stand out a little bit from the other sites that we have tried out when doing surveys for some money.

Our Experience With SpiderMetrix

Overall, SpiderMetrix is an OK site to use. While it is relatively easy to sign up for and you also get a decent amount of sign-up bonuses for using this website, there are not as many opportunities for well-paying surveys on this site as on others.

If you live in Australia, however, this site is a great choice. There are a good number of longer surveys on this site that you can do. These larger surveys pay out more, so you can reach a payout limit much more quickly.

If you live anywhere else, however, you will only be able to get one or two points from each quick survey. This means that it will take a very long time for you to be able to cash out. Overall, this site may be worth joining depending on where you live in the world and what your goals are while answering surveys.

Here are some of the top pros and cons that we found while using this particular survey website:


  • Can get paid via Paypal, Amazon
  • Anyone around the world can join if over 14 years old
  • Can chat with other members for ideas of good surveys
  • Many quick surveys available


  • Confusing at first
  • More features than needed
  • Not many long surveys available outside of Australia
  • High payout threshold

All in all, the pros and cons of this site were okay if you lived in Australia. If you lived anywhere else around the world, however, there are fewer options for you, so the cons begin to outweigh the pros.


All in all, SpiderMetrix is an average survey website. While it’s easy to register and set up like many other survey websites, it isn’t the best site for earning a lot of money quickly.

That being said, this site probably isn’t the best choice if you do not live in a country that offers many surveys. Trying to make a good amount of money from this site when it does not give you longer survey options will be next to impossible, so you should not rely on it for that.

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