Springboard America: Is It a Paid Survey Site You Can Trust?

When considering whether or not paid surveys are worth your time, there are a few things that always crop up such as rewards available, reward versus time spent, and the number of surveys available. With so many paid survey sites available nowadays, it can be a lot of work sifting through them all as you try to verify whether they’re trustworthy or not.

After finding what seems to be a reputable site, you then have the added hassle of having to delve deeper for information. This typically means signing up for their service just so you can get a detailed look at their reward scheme to see if it is even worth the hassle in the first place.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help out. This review will take an in-depth look at one of the more popular paid survey sites, Springboard America. By the end of this review, you should have a clear understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of using Springboard America as well as whether it is the right fit for you or not. So, let’s get started.

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Getting to Know Springboard America

Before we get into how the survey site works, it’s always a good idea to get a feel for what the company is about. This will help provide a greater reassurance with their credibility.

Springboard America refers to themselves as one of the leading market research communities in the USA. Their surveys contribute to influencing market products and services through the opinions of their vast user base.

Partnering with a variety of organizations looking to gain a better understanding of public opinion, members will see surveys from government bodies, not-for-profit charities, to household brands. This variety of partners helps keep surveys interesting and members engaged.

People who typically work with Springboard America include:

  • Business professionals
  • Graduates
  • Retirees

How Does Springboard America Work?

Springboard America doesn’t mess around as visitors are instantly greeted with the option to sign-up or log back in. Further scrolling through the landing page, guests can find out a little bit about the company, how they operate, and the monthly payouts to its member.

The site is lacking when it comes to direct information with regards to the types of surveys members will be conducting as well as the methods by which they’ll receive their rewards. This information isn’t thoroughly detailed until after you’ve signed up to the survey site.

Joining Springboard America couldn’t be easier as the ‘Join Now’ button will take potential members to a brief overview page where they’ll be able to read about the benefits they’ll receive when working with Springboard America. This continues to a clean and simple registration process where members will fill out their personal and demographical information.

Here are a few of the different research opportunities that members can benefit from after successfully registering:

  • Online surveys
  • Online focus groups
  • Mobile surveys
  • Teen surveys

Each of these research methods offers varying reward types, and members can expect to receive:

  • Cash paid via a bank transfer
  • Amazon gift cards
  • VISA prepaid cards
  • $1000 sweepstakes entries

When considering Springboard America as one of your paid survey providers, it’s important to note that they only accept members from the USA. The frequency that these members can expect to receive surveys is completely dependent upon their individual profiles, but since Springboard America is partnered with so many varying organizations, you can expect a relatively high flow of opportunities.

Rewards for completed surveys vary with the majority falling somewhere between $0.5 and $5. The average member will receive between one and four invitations per month, spending approximately 10 to 20 minutes on each survey. All surveys will outline the reward before members start and it depends on each member whether they accept the survey or not.

What We Like about Springboard America

  • A variety of cash withdrawal options including bank transfers.
  • No points system, all rewards are stated in dollar value
  • Automatic sweepstakes entry for new members
  • Relatively short surveys
  • Numerous survey types available

What We Don’t Like about Springboard America

  • Members require a minimum balance before they can withdraw rewards.
  • Low invitation frequency
  • Membership is only available to those in the USA

A Quick Summary

  • Springboard America is a great cash paid survey site. Rather than choosing from a variety of gifts or unwanted gift cards, members benefit from increased flexibility with their spending as the rewards can be transferred directly to their bank accounts.
  • Survey opportunities don’t surface as often as we’d like. Most members receive less than four invites per month.
  • Getting accepted to a survey is great! Most surveys offer anything up to $5, so getting a few of these a month will get you well on your way to your first withdrawal.
  • This is a great way to boost that extra income. Just bear in mind that it won’t make you money fast but will definitely help you top your bank up from time to time.

Springboard America vs. Other Survey Sites

Springboard America is a great option for anyone out there looking for cash rewards over product or service offers. Members get the opportunity to partake in a variety of interesting surveys that are inclined to their interests. This is also one of the higher paying survey sites as well as one of the fastest in delivering rewards.

Being able to transfer your rewards directly to your bank account is what really sets Springboard America apart from the rest of the sites out there. Other sites would certainly be wise to follow this method as it has helped Springboard America grow a vast user base.

Finally, Springboard America doesn’t limit its user base. As they work with such a wide variety of organizations, they need to have an equally diverse group of members in order to provide a true perspective of market demands.

The Verdict

Springboard America is certainly a legitimate option when looking for worthwhile paid surveys online. Whether you’re a professional, student or even a retiree, this is a great survey service that’ll provide that little extra cash.

While surveys may not be offered as often as some other sites around, the payout and method of payment offered by Springboard America certainly make it one of the top survey sites today.