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If you want to make some extra bucks while lounging on the sofa in your PJs, paid survey sites seem to be the easiest way. But just like everything else, they come with a catch or two. First, the internet is an ocean of scam, and it’s crucial to know who you’re dealing with before you trust them with your private information. Second, you need to know whether it’s worth your time before you spend five hours beating the bushes for a few cents. Even the most legit panels can turn out to be a complete waste of time. So, which category does the site called Survey Rewardz belong to? Read this review to find out!

For starters, here’s what we know about the company. Survey Rewardz are run by Points2Shop, a market research firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia. They have a 12-year experience in this business, holding a B rating at Better Business Bureau. Even though they aren’t accredited, a few user reviews they have there are mostly okay. That still doesn’t mean the panel is good, but at least we’re one step closer to deeming it legit.

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How Does It Work?

The registration is free and it gets even easier than entering your email and a password if you let them pull your info from Facebook. However, I don’t recommend you to do it. Why give them complete access to almost all of your private info when you can carefully feed them with bits and pieces that you wittingly opt to share?

Anyhow, as soon as you verify your account from email, you will be able to start making dollars – or rather, cents. They will inform you via email when a new survey is available for you, but that is by no means all there is. At any given moment you can log into your account and look for surveys. There will always be plenty of them. But then, the next issue pops in: eligibility. Yep, it’s that dreaded thing that gets you disqualified when you’ve already five minutes or so into your survey. It accounts for a substantial waste of time, but that’s just the way most surveys are. And not just on this panel, of course.

How Much Can I Make?

And now to the most important part – how much are Survey Rewardz worth on average? In other words, are they really rewardz?

Surveyrewardz survey offer

As you can see, I was offered a nice sum of $3 for my first, 5-minute survey. (Pity I didn’t qualify for it.) But in most cases, you will stand to earn anything between $0.20 and $2 for each survey. Sometimes (just sometimes), however, a survey will bring you more than that, up to $10. I’ve heard it happen, but I have never been the lucky guy to get such a survey.

complete a survey button on the website

Taking surveys isn’t the only way of making money on this panel. Recently, they introduced a referral program. Here’s how it works. As soon as a friend who came through your referral link earns their first $3, you will get $3 as a bonus. But the best part is that you will get 15% of their lifetime earnings on the panel. Not much, but it’s a nice gesture!

referring page for online survey rewards


  • They pay in cash and let you choose the channel. Having a choice means that you don’t have to settle with a good ol’ check if you prefer going digital with PayPal, for example.
  • The cashout threshold is incredibly low, especially if you opt for PayPal. With just $1 needed, it’s one of the lowest thresholds I’ve seen. Bear in mind, however, that there is a $0.10 fee on every sum lower than $10. So, it’s basically best to just not cash out until your balance is $10. If you prefer other payout methods (Visa, Amazon gift card, or check), the threshold is $5 – more than with PayPal, but still significantly less than with most other survey panels.
  • There are lots of surveys. Basically, whenever you log in, there will be a new survey sitting in the top right-hand corner. If you get kicked out, no worries. There’s always a new one waiting to be filled in.
  • They have a referral program. $3 + 15% of your friend’s lifetime earnings won’t get you rich, but it’s a nice incentive to get you to spread the word. By the way, it’s also incredibly easy to refer someone. You can either send them your unique referral link, share it on Twitter or Facebook, or enter your friends’ emails and have the panel invite them.


  • You’re likely to get disqualified a lot. That is the single most annoying issue that survey takers face on a daily basis. Of course, the rates may vary based on your demographics and their clients’ current needs. But judging by my own experience as well as what I’ve read from other users, that’s the way it will be.
  • Seriously, there are fees when cashing out?! Among the thousands of survey panels out there, I’ve never heard of such a thing. And those fees are not deducted by PayPal, mind you. They just happen within the system. It kind of sheds a bad light on the low cashout threshold.
  • Some users report having issues when they tried to cash out. Here’s how the drill goes. You hit the threshold and try to cash out, and nothing happens. When you contact support, they say you’ve already cashed out. But where’s the money? Nobody knows. In some cases, support was helpful. In others, they just let users to their own devices or were even downright rude or dismissive.

survey rewardz homepage preview

Final Thoughts and Verdict – Are Survey Rewardz Worth Your Time?

In general, this panel appears to be entirely legitimate. I haven’t noticed a single issue that would raise my eyebrows. Sure, some users have had issues with their accounts, but that happens with most survey panels from time to time.

However, the fact that it’s safe to use doesn’t mean it’s profitable. While you should definitely know better than to expect getting rich with surveys, it’s still reasonable to hope for small sums of money at least. So, here’s what I recommend here. Try it out, just to see whether you will be luckier than some users (yours truly included).

If you happen to be a demographic match, combine this panel with at least a few others. That way, the change that you manage to earn here and there will add up. 

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