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Despite how people may feel about social media, when it comes to marketing, your opinions do matter. No, posting on Facebook isn’t really helping to change the world, but by providing your feedback to companies that are looking to launch a new product, service, or advertising campaign, you can directly contribute to their next big thing.

In addition to helping to mold brands with your opinions, you can also earn a little extra cash on the side for your time. After all, good karma doesn’t put food on the table!

If you’re considering joining your first survey panel or adding a new site to your rolodex, Survey Squad would love to have you. But are they worth it?

About Survey Squad

Survey Squad – powered by Focus Forward – is a US-based market research panel that helps to connect people who want to influence their favorite brands with companies that will use the feedback to improve. With 15 years of experience, Survey Squad and Focus Forward have a wide range of clients and thousands of panelists ready to provide feedback.

Who Is Survey Squad For?

Survey Squad is for those who want to help shape brands and companies with their opinions and get paid for doing it. As a panelist, you’ll receive surveys and other opportunities to review item packaging, a new advertising campaign, or other ideas that often haven’t been released yet. With this information, the brands will make changes to improve their products and services.

Survey Squad is a general survey site, with no limitations based on your profession or qualifications at signup. While there are certainly special surveys depending on the niche you fall into, just about any eligible panelist will be able to find an opportunity.

How to Use Survey Squad

To begin, you’ll need to create an account on the Survey Squad website. Once you do, you’ll be directed to a page where you will have to provide additional information on a variety of topics about you, including your lifestyle, work, health, and more. This will determine which panel you are added to – consumers, business professionals, or medical professionals – for the sake of organizing you into a category for brands to filter through.

With this information, the offers that you receive will be tailored and you’ll be more likely to be eligible for opportunities. Once one of these opportunities comes up, you’ll receive a notification via email and you can complete it.

From your dashboard, you’re able to see your balance, some opportunities from social media to check out, as well as your reward options.

Survey Squad’s Surveys

The surveys are one of the best parts of Survey Squad. Along with their expansive panel, there are also a variety of survey options available to you. While some sites are only questionnaires with multiple-choice answers, Survey Squad makes providing feedback fun.

Not only can you answer surveys online, but you can also complete tasks and offers through your mobile device, through the phone, or in person.

Mobile Surveys

Similar to standard questionnaires, mobile surveys can be taken on your smartphone or other internet-connected devices. This allows you to take them on the go with you so that you can better use your free time. Mobile surveys can also include things like video chatting through the camera, taking pictures, or shooting videos.

Phone Interviews

Feel like you could better give your thoughts verbally? Phone surveys allow you to answer questions with an interviewer on the phone, with little to no tech knowledge required.

In-Person Opportunities

Looking to be part of a study or join a focus group? Survey Squad has connections with companies looking for firsthand feedback. Test new products, give your thoughts and get paid handsomely.


The pay for various opportunities on Survey Squad varies extensively depending on the type of survey you complete. However, in general, the rewards are quite fair.

To start off, they give you $2.50 (2,500 points) for entering all your basic profile information so that they can organize you into a demographic. After that, you’ll find that longer-term opportunities and those that ask for more from you (videos, in-person focus groups, etc.) pay much more than the simpler tasks.

You can expect to earn anywhere from $1-$10 per online or mobile survey (depending on length and complexity), with phone interviews reaching $10-$25 for a longer time investment. However, in-person surveys, focus groups, and studies can pay much more – upwards of a few hundred dollars.

When it comes to claiming your rewards, in-person surveys will be paid upon completion and give you the option of choosing cash, check, or a gift card. However, if you do any of the other surveys, you’ll have to redeem your account balance once it reaches $20 (20,000 points). You’ll receive a check for the sum that you cash out, so be sure that your profile’s address is accurate.

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Survey Squad vs. Other Sites

Survey Squad does a lot of things right when it comes to their surveys. The sheer number of options – video calls, phone interviews, product testing, focus groups, and more – make it stand out from the competition. They also have mobile support, something that greatly increases the earning potential on the go. The pay is also incredibly good when compared to some of the more spammy survey sites, while being less of a grind to get through thanks to the various survey types.

Where they fall a bit behind is in the payment options. Checks can take a long time to process and are inconvenient to cash and use. With many survey sites offering PayPal as a payment method, the lack of instant cash options hurts the convenience of Survey Squad.

Survey Squad Review Conclusion

To summarize, Survey Squad is an exceptional choice to consider joining. If you’re someone who likes to participate in trials, studies, and focus groups, you can earn a good chunk of spending money for your time. If you prefer to stick to online surveys, you’re able to complete offers at home or on the go with your mobile phone and still earn decent rewards. As long as you can reach the $20 cash out minimum, it seems hard to go wrong with Survey Squad.

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