(Updated January 2019)

Hi guys, welcome to another survey site review by Surveycool.com. As you all know, participating in online surveys offers a great opportunity for the average Joe to influence brands while earning cash and prizes. But for most people, surveys are only just a waste of time especially if your end goal is to make cash. And to be honest who has the time to fill out hundreds of questions just for the fun of it?

Not everyone in the world has a well-paying job or even any job at all. For such people, just a few dollars a day would be enough to foot their rent and other bills. In this case, online surveys would be a great source of income.

Even if you have a stable job, a few hundred dollars would be a great bonus to your salary, just for answering a few questions each day. All you need is a functional computer and internet connection. No skills or special abilities. Just sitting on your couch and filling out questions during the commercial break.  In fact, reports indicate that you can make substantial gains by signing up to several survey websites and spending a few hours each day on them. Just make sure you have only legit websites in your bag!

Today we will review one very popular website, and let you know whether it’s worth your time. The name of the website is SurveyBods.

About the company.

Based in the UK, SurveyBods is a website that offers surveys used to conduct market research of products and services offered by top brands in the country. Currently, SurveyBods has world-class companies such as Nickelodeon and MTV in their website. This means that anyone can directly affect the opinion on which shows such companies should air. And if you are loud enough, may be you could be heard, and your recommendations followed.

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SurveyBods was founded in August 20th 2013. Previously known as ‘Informer Panel’ it was extensively revamped from a standard website into a pretty and user-friendly website. According to the websites founders, this was part of their move to focus more on the customers.

However, the surveys and polls are only open to UK residents. They are in fact among the biggest survey websites in the UK. So long as you can meet their minimum age requirement, you can enjoy their various services.  One can become a member through their website SurveyBods.com or by downloading the app for free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



First Look at the Website.

Surveybods log in sign upFrom our first glance at the website, it looks very captivating. They have taken the time to optimize the website for its users, with various useful features clearly visible. These include buttons for payment, chat, accounts, social media, and much more. They have also indicated all the big brands they are working with on the homepage. Just check it out for yourself.


Signing Up And Using The Website – Legit or Scam?

If you want to become a member of SurveyBods, it’s quite easy. They have provided a Facebook link on the website which will take you less than 10 seconds to sign in. If you don’t have any social media account, there is another option available for you. It involves filling out a form with your names, email address and date of birth. You then have to do the usual verification process which should take you less than ten minutes.

Once you are done and have signed into the website again, you will be required to fill a few more surveys to complete your profile. These will usually focus on these four areas:

  • Lifestyle: They require to know important things like your gender, nationality, ethnicity, mobile number, marital status and job type. This will take you less than a minute.
  • Technology: They will request for information about your digital TV provider, mobile sim provider and the devices you own such a tablet or smartphone.
  • Activities and shopping: They will enquire about whether you are an online or instore shopper, your energy supply provider and your car insurance details.
  • Media consumption. You will be asked about the newspapers and TV shows that you love watching.

SurveyBods will use the information provided to choose the most relevant surveys for you. They usually provide more surveys for users who provide more profile details. This means that you will have better earnings, more frequent cash draws and, even be able to cash out your earnings earlier than the other users. For your time taken to complete the profile, you will earn an amazing 50 points.

Next, it’s time to check out if there are any surveys available. Surveys are usually available, though it depends on the time you check the website. These usually pay between 50p to £3.00 for each survey, and take roughly about 10 minutes to complete. You can expect about 2-4 surveys each month, but the good thing is that they will be sent straight into your email address.

Other than the surveys, there are other ways to earn but there are few other ways to monetize your efforts. These include:

  1. Focus groups. You will occasionally be invited into a focus group whereby you will complete short surveys on different brand and services.
  2. Monthly prize draw. Just for completing surveys, you will be entered into a monthly prize draw. This should encourage you to participate in as many surveys as possible since you have higher chances of winning the prizes.
  3. Loyalty bonuses. SurveyBods rewards its members with badges depending on the number of completed surveys. This is some type of ranking system whereby the most active users are awarded with better prizes and opportunities. The badge levels are as follows:
  • Bronze: 2 surveys completed.
  • Silver: 5 surveys completed
  • Gold: 10 surveys completed
  • Platinum: 20 surveys completed
  • Diamond: 30+ surveys completed

To calculate the earnings, SurveyBods uses a points system whereby 100 points is equivalent to £1. The payment threshold that must be reached before you can withdraw your cash is £15 (1500 points). Once you have reached £15 and are ready to cash out, SurveyBods then offers several options as indicated below:

  • Cash payment via bank transfer. Your rewards will be deposited directly to your bank account. Unfortunately, it takes SurveyBods up to around three weeks to send the money to your account.
  • Amazon voucher. This option will send amazon voucher code straight to your email. This takes 5 days to process and the code will then be sent to you.
  • Sweepstakes entry. You can trade your points for a chance to enter into a sweepstakes draw where you can win amazing prices.



User Reports.

Survey police have rated this site 3/5 stars. The biggest complaint so far has to do with the time it takes to cash out your earnings. Given how long it takes to reach the payment threshold, you would expect that they distribute the earnings instantly. However, this is not the case since it will take you another three weeks to see your cash. That’s too long…

Some customers have also complained about the limited amount of surveys available. Another popular complaint is that users are locked out of many surveys because of their demographics.

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What We Think.

Overall, we think that this website is worth your time. It offers some good enviable features that we have not seen in most websites. But it’s not without its flaws.


  • They have a mobile app for greater user experience.
  • They have high payout amounts per survey.
  • They site is easy to use and simple to navigate.
  • They offer a ranking system with amazing bonuses for the most loyal customers.
  • They offer sweepstakes and a monthly prize draw.
  • With their profile completion bonus, they ensure you don’t get away just like that.
  • The website is free to join.
  • They have a community based system, with dedicated community managers who will respond instantly to your enquiries. These will work around the clock to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.


  • They have a high payment threshold which takes time to reach.
  • The surveys are usually catered toward a particular demographic. In case you don’t meet their requirements, you will be screened out of the survey and won’t be able to complete it.
  • They don’t have that many surveys available. But on the flipside the surveys pay quite well.
  • It takes a very long time to get the rewards. It usually takes a week for amazon voucher codes and three weeks for a direct bank transfer.



Verdict – [Legit].

To wind it up, we think SurveyBods is a legitimate website. Although they take very long to get you the rewards, you will get paid eventually. Plus, it’s free to join and they have partnerships with many companies such as Nickelodeon and MTV. With such popular names on their resume, we concluded that they are not a scam website.

The biggest concern is amount of time it takes to get money paid into your account. Many members don’t feel that it’s fair to take a whole month to get paid given that all banks are located in the UK. The number of surveys available could also be increased.

Well, that’s all we have for today guys. Our latest reviews are Onepoll and Vivatic.