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Earning funds online might seem complicated or even impossible mainly because most websites are scamming unsuspecting people and collecting their personal information without giving any payments. Fortunately, the internet is a vast place, and those kinds of businesses go down very fast when they are discovered to be a scam. Nonetheless, just to be sure, you should always look at reviews like this one before deciding to join an online survey company.

The SurveyEveryOne is one of the legitimate companies, and it pays their “workers” regularly. Let us learn more about it.

What Is SurveyEveryOne?

Like many others, this website is focused on the American market and the opinions they have about various products. This information is collected for market research purposes and is later used for making changes to many products.

The company started in 2009, and it has been working steadily ever since. The pay isn’t that much, but it’s a sure way of earning funds from the comfort of your apartment or house. If you become a long-term member, you might start getting more work, and even begin being paid more for the same number of surveys.

A single marketing research company didn’t create SurveyEveryOne, unlike other similar websites. Instead, they are a private company that is teaming up with various smaller study centers and is focused on providing them with reliable information.

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How Does SurveyEveryOne Work?

Both the survey and payment systems are pretty straightforward, and you are not likely to have a misunderstanding with the company. After the client orders a batch of market research information from the website, they are going to send out surveys to all the potential survey respondents. You will receive a deadline and the general guidelines for handling the study.

Everything is completed online, and you should make sure not to miss the deadline, or your membership might be revoked. Aside from that, there are no other rules or guidelines you should follow once accepted.

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Joining the System

Most survey websites require you to perform a series of free surveys and other unneeded stuff before letting you get their membership. SurveyEveryOne doesn’t do that, and you can join by connecting your social media accounts without any complicated work.

Afterward, you should set up your profile, answer a few questions and you will be ready to go. This is required because it’s very important that the surveys sent to you are something that you can genuinely handle. Lying about your experience with a product is strictly forbidden, and if a respondent is found guilty of that, the membership would be instantly revoked.

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Minimum Requirements for Signing Up

This website is recommended to anyone who is just getting into the business of answering surveys for money. Even if you have been in the industry for a long time, and are looking for a new company to work for, this is an excellent choice. Do note though that you need to be a resident of the USA and is eighteen or more years old.


Each study has approximately the same length, and you will be rewarded ten dollars for every survey you complete. The payments are then reflected on website account, and you can choose to send them to your PayPal account whenever you wish to. The only requirement when it comes to getting paid is that you need to have at least twenty dollars on their record to transfer the sum to the PayPal account.


Here are the things that you will enjoy when you join the website:

  • Guaranteed work: The website guarantees at least two surveys each month for you. This number can go higher right at the start if you are lucky, and it will definitely become larger once you become a trusted member of the system. Similarly, sometimes you might have a vast amount of work to choose from if the companies that need research are targeting groups of people that you are a member of, giving you more opportunities to earn.
  • Surveys can be completed quickly: The surveys also take about twenty minutes to complete, and once you are experienced with the process, it might make you even less than that.
  • Reasonable pay: Another thing that we especially like is the reasonable pay for every survey completed since most companies tend to pay a lot less for shorter surveys, which limits your side-income if there is not enough work available.
  • Notifications for position availability: Rarely, your application might be denied if there is a considerable influx of survey respondents, and there is no actual need for more workers. If this happens, you should wait a few weeks and then try applying again. However, this might not be needed, as you will be notified by the company when the position becomes available.
  • Sign-up bonus: Once accepted in the system, you will have one dollar credited to your account as a gift. This is nothing special, but it’s a nice symbolic way to show you that the company you’re working for doesn’t have an issue with paying money to genuine people working for them.


Here are some the issues with the website:

  • For USA residents only: As similar to most survey websites, SurveyEveryOne limits the opportunities to the USA residents.
  • Less work for some: As we already mentioned, you would have to answer a few questions once your profile is completed. These will be related to what topics you’re interested in, some of your life experiences, and the products you are using, or should be using. As such, sometimes you will have less work to apply for because you don’t fit the focus groups that are currently needed.


In case, you enjoy working from your home, and you are in need of some extra cash, you will also enjoy signing up and working for SurveyEveryOne.

You are guaranteed to have at least two surveys sent to you, which will allow you to earn a minimum of 20 dollars monthly for roughly half an hour of work. Of course, this is the bare minimum, and you can expect more in reality.

As long as you’re a USA resident who meets the age requirement, you should have no problem getting accepted. The verification emails are sent out shortly after applying, and you can start enjoying your new job.

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