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(Updated January 2019)

The field of online paid survey websites is larger than you could ever imagine, and even if you might have heard some of the most popular names before, others you will never know about until you happen to stumble upon their portal.

How can you be sure, then, about which of these survey panels pay their members a fair amount of money for the time they spent sharing their opinions and which ones you should just ignore and never mention again?

Although this might be a difficult task, the good news is that the internet has an answer to almost every question you ask, and if you search well, you will find what you are looking for.

If you are here, it is because you want to know what SurveySavvy is and whether you should try it out or not. To help you out with this, we will explain what you can do in this survey panel and how much money you can make in an average month.

After reading all of this, you should be able to decide whether you want to become a member or search for another paid survey site instead.


What Is SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy is a well-established company that has been active in the world of market research since 1999. That is definitely a lot of time in terms of paid surveys sites, which have been growing as the internet evolves.

On this website, you will be able to share your thoughts or ideas regarding certain brands, their products and services, in exchange for prizes that you will be able to redeem over time.

What SurveySavvy does is offer all of this data to worldwide brands so they can get better in the market, which is why you are such an important piece on the game board. Without your experience and expectations, the brand and thus, their market, cannot improve.

Joining SurveySavvy is completely free, and after you have signed up with an active email address, you will be able to start receiving survey invitations that will let you earn a small amount of money when you qualify and complete them.

This money will add up in your account and can later be exchanged for goodies and rewards. So far, nothing new to the paid survey world, right? Except for the fact that this company offers many other ways to make money, such as the referral program and a recently launched tool called SavvyConnect, which we will explain below.

Surveys and programs

One of the most interesting things about SurveySavvy is that it is quite innovative in the world of market research panels, specifically because it puts together several tools that help the user gain more rewards and prizes in exchange for some of their time.

First, they have the surveys which will be sent to you via email. When you click the link, you will be asked several demographic questions that will help them determine through factors like your age, ethnicity and income whether your opinion matters for that specific study or not.

If you happen to not match the criteria, you will sadly not obtain any rewards. However, if you do, you will be allowed to finish the survey and earn dollars that will be saved to your account’s balance for further use.

In addition to that, SurveySavvy also has a referral program through which you can invite as many friends as you want and not only earn money once they sign up, but also every time they finish a survey and make money themselves!

This is quite an interesting way to keep everyone entertained because if your friends are part of the website, it will also be more fun for you, so don’t hesitate in inviting everyone you know. In the end, those who are interested will sign up and those who are not will just ignore the email and the promotional code.

SurveySavvy launched a new market research tool not too long ago called SavvyConnect, which is a web extension that you can download to your smartphones, computers and tablets and that will run silently on the background without you noticing it.

The idea of this app is that it will gather information about what, for how long and at what time you do the things you do on the internet. SurveySavvy establishes on their website that you should, by no means, alter the way you use the web, but do the things you normally do every day.

All this information is collected and studied in depth in further processes that we should not care about, as long as our privacy is not violated. The company reassures us that it will not, and that all the data they gather from your devices won’t have your name or any personal information that could put you or any of your family members in danger.

Finally, SurveySavvy also holds draws every month through which you can win monthly prizes. Participation in these draws is obtained as soon as you start a survey that you end up not qualifying for; it is automatic so you do not have to worry if you are not sure of where to click.

Prizes and rewards

A good thing that everyone likes about SurveySavvy is that they pay only and exclusively in cash so you can forget about all those prizes and merchandise that you really couldn’t care less about.

For every survey you finish, you will be making from $1 to $3, and you will be able to request your payment with a balance as low as $1. This is probably the first time we have come across a minimum balance like this.

As we stated above, if you happen to not qualify for a survey, you will be given one entry for the monthly draw which are 50, $10 prizes.

Moreover, if you decide to be part of the SavvyConnect program, you will be earning $5 for each device that has the app installed, with a maximum of three devices per household. This means that you will be making $15 extra dollar for every month in which you use the web extension.

Lastly, you will be making $2 for each referral’s survey and $1 for each of your referral’s referrals studies, which means that you can be making a lot of extra bucks passively without even noticing it.

To request your payment, all you have to do is go into your account as ask to be paid and you will soon be getting a check via post directly to your home address.


What we liked about SurveySavvy

Among the good things about SurveySavvy is their referral program, which not only lets you earn money for inviting friends, but also for each time they complete a survey. This means that if you bring someone else into the panel, you will be passively making extra money for as long as they are active.

Not only that, you will also earn $1 every time one of your referral’s referrals also completes a survey, making it an almost infinite chain of extra cash possibilities.

Another great thing is their newest tool SavvyConnect. Although this might have both lovers and haters, we have to admit that it is an easy way to earn more money by doing nothing. The only problem with this is that it will depend on pure luck whether the web extension works well for you or not.

Also, surveys are short and tend to pay up to $3. This might not sound like much but the truth about paid surveys is that you can stumble upon websites that pay only $.40 per completed survey.

Finally, they have the lowest cash-out threshold we have ever seen, allowing you to request your money as soon as you have $1.

What we did not liked about SurveySavvy

Not everything is good about SurveySavvy, though, and one of the cons is that you cannot be paid via PayPal. This is a big shame especially because a check mailed to your house can take as long as 3 months to arrive, while a PayPal transfer would only take minutes.

Another issue is that you might not qualify for as many surveys as you would like, especially if you live outside the United States.

The last disadvantage is that some people tend to have issues with SavvyConnect, saying that it messes up with their internet connection making it not as safe as the company says the tool is.



The first thing we have to say about SurveySavvy is that it is a legitimate website and that it is one of the most serious companies among the paid survey panels that exist.

They offer real cash and no gift cards, and they allow you to be a member even if you do not live inside the U.S. Also, the referral programs is one of the best out there.

That being said, we recommend it to everyone who is thinking of becoming a member of SurveySavvy. However, you might want to re think the SavvyConnect program if it’s giving you too much trouble with your internet’s performance.

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