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Another day, another survey site to be reviewed. While making some extra side money from survey sites can be great, it can also be incredibly frustrating when the survey site doesn’t turn out to be as promising as was originally suggested.

This review of the site SurveyU will detail the company itself, their usual survey requirements, and the details of how you can get paid from this site. Plus, the final verdict will give you the answer you’re looking for about whether or not this site is worth your time. Everything you need to know about SurveyU, coming right up! Let’s get to it.

About the Company

Based in New York City, SurveyU is a survey site specifically made to get surveys answered by high school and college students. The goal for them is to make it easy for companies and other organizations to easily get opinions from this age group while also rewarding the students for taking the surveys.

The company maintains that your input can be used to influence the direction of newspapers, public affairs, political campaigns, and more just by giving your opinion in a number of surveys compiled on their site. By marketing themselves specifically as a survey site for students, they both limit their overall membership and do a good job of attracting a specific clientele.

First Look at the Website

The site is very easy to join, and once you get in you’ll immediately notice that you get some introductory points that will help you towards your first reward. From what users have stated, you can quickly fill out some questionnaires so that you will be recommended relevant surveys in a short amount of time.

Signing Up and Using the Website – Legit or Scam?

First, let’s discuss the signup process. You must have a .edu email address or another form of school-identifiable email in order to register for the site. This restriction is in place to protect the integrity of the surveys. If you are a student and do not have this kind of ID for any reason, use the contact page to let them know your situation. That being said, the site is not currently accepting new registrations, so it is not possible for us to get deeper into the signup process.

Once you’re ready to take your first survey, the survey process will go something like this:

  • Every survey has between 20 and 30 questions, though some different ones may show up from time to time
  • Each survey should take no more than 10 minutes. Most take five minutes or less
  • Any survey longer than this will carry a higher reward for the extra effort required

Once you are ready to cash out your points, there are a few things that you need to know about how points and rewards work on the SurveyU website.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Most surveys give you 70 points
  • When you get 150 points, you can get a $5 PayPal credit
  • When you get 300 points, you can get a $10 Amazon gift card

These numbers look pretty great, right? In just five surveys, you can cash out for a $10 gift card. It’s a pretty quick reward in theory, but the detail that is missing is that there are not always a high volume of surveys available to you. The total number available actually tends to be quite limited, which can be frustrating for members.

On the plus side, the site will alert you by text or email when there is a new survey available so that you can join it quickly before the responses are all completed. This makes it easy to join the newest surveys without needing to log in to the site on a regular basis, which makes the overall process simpler.

Finally, the site is small but they are still able to respond to any queries that you have quickly thanks to the limited number of registrants on the site as well. If you have any questions, use their contact form. You should receive a response within about 24 hours.

User Reports

Due to the nature of registration requirement for this website, there are mixed reviews about the site. For anyone who is eligible to join, however, there is a common consensus that the site is legitimate. It does pay out when you have enough points to do so.

However, the most common complaint among members is the limited number of surveys available. The site  currently might be restricting registration for this reason. Since there are not many surveys available, more members would just wind up being disappointed by their inability to make some extra money.

What We Think

Overall, this site is a good choice. However, there are specific conditions to be considered.


  • This site is an easy site for college students as they will be eligible for nearly every survey there
  • It’s easy to cash out your points
  • You get a fairly large reward for each survey


  • You can only cash out for Amazon credit or PayPal credit; there is no cash payment option available
  • Registration is not currently open at this time
  • Their number of surveys available is very limited

Verdict – [Legit]

While it may be frustrating that it is not possible for current college students to register for the site at this time, this site is a good option for students when it is open to new registrants.

For non-college students, this site is not worth your time. You cannot join it without having a college student email address, so you would be wasting your time to rely on it. Even if you could get a membership, you will not be eligible for any surveys.

To summarize, this site pays well for those students who are college students, but the number of surveys available isn’t always enough to be able to cash out more than once every few months, which can be frustrating. If you’re OK with only making a few bucks every few months, then this site is an easy option for college students.

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