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Online survey takers are mostly aware of all the dangers that lurk in the shadows of the Internet. If you incautiously enter your personal information whenever a website asks for it, you expose yourself to all kinds of scam. The worst scenario is that someone might trick you into giving them money and then sell your info to a third party. Other scenarios are more or less harmless but will be a full or partial waste of your time. Time that you can definitely put to good use if you are well informed.

Today I am giving you a review of an online survey panel called Technology Advisory Board. My primary concern will be if they are a legitimate and trustworthy platform. After I’ve determined if you can trust them with your info without any consequences, I will consider if they are worth your time.

Who Are They?

Technology Advisory Board is a subsidiary of Decision Analyst, Inc. It’s a global market research company with over 40 years of experience and headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth area. Their profile on Better Business Bureau offers a nice overview – they have both an accreditation and an A rating. That should say enough about their legitimacy.

On the flip side, there are user complaints and disputes, most of which concern the delay in compensation of survey points that the users had earned. The company has replied to those complaints with an explanation that the points take in between six and eight weeks to get approved and posted to the user account. It appears that the BBB were satisfied with this explanation, since it hasn’t affected the company’s rating.

As part of the screener survey, you will get to check a box to consent with their sharing your information with Survey Sampling International, so you could qualify for their surveys as well.

technology advisory agreement box

How Does It Work?

The “Sign Up” button occupies a central place on their homepage – hard to miss it, which tells me that they are welcoming new users.

As soon as you hit the button, you will be presented with a screener survey. They won’t ask you much – just the basics such as gender, education level, birthdate, your preferred language for taking surveys, the size of your company as well as your role within it.

This survey won’t get you any reward. It’s just there to provide them with the general information, so they could determine your profile and send you more relevant surveys.

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However, when you’re done with it, you should get an email to let you know that there might be more screener surveys that actually pay.

You will also get access to your user dashboard, with information on your survey history, number of points you earned, as well as new surveys that are available for you, if any. As soon as new surveys become available, you will also get notified via email.

Unlike most get-paid-to platforms, these guys are very straightforward with the rules. You can find almost every single information in their “About Us” and “FAQ” sections. I really appreciate this open policy, since it’s very fair on the users and reduces the chance for scammy behavior. It’s also a very rare and praiseworthy move on their part.

technology advisory board homepage preview

Earning Potential

Now to the most pressing question: how much can you really earn with Technology Advisory Board?

For every survey taken successfully, they will compensate you with a certain number of points. The mathematics are simple: one point equals one cent. So, to earn a dollar, you would have to accrue 100 points.

However, you can’t just cash out whenever you like. For that, you will need to meet their threshold of 2,500 points or $25. As soon as you accrue that amount, you can either redeem your points for cash (via PayPal or check) or donate the amount to charity.

The paid screener surveys that I referred to earlier in the article will typically bring you just 10 points – which translates to 10¢. Lengthier surveys might make you up to 1,000 points ($10). Now, that would sound very appealing if it weren’t for the fact that you will only get two or three surveys per year. Yes, you read that right. Even if each of them brings you the maximum amount, that’s only about $30 per year. Granted, it won’t take much of your time. But it’s still far from enough to act as a real incentive.


  • Surveys are easy to complete. Each will take ten minutes on average – quite an easy way to make some money.
  • The compensation is nice. Anywhere in between 700 and 1,000 points ($7 to $10) per lengthier survey seems like a nice amount, considering their duration. It’s far above the industry standard, which is $2 to $3 per hour of survey taking.
  • The website is transparent and easy to browse. They are pretty open about their policy, with all the rules and facts disclosed. This eliminates the guesswork that is so common in get-paid-to platforms.
  • You get to choose what to do with your points. You can convert them to cash that you will get via PayPal or check, or opt for gift cards. Occasionally, they will also offer you a free product to test.


  • Not enough earning potential. Even though successfully completed surveys pay well, taking them a couple of times per year is far from enough to make it appealing to new users.
  • The points you earned take up to eight weeks to get delivered to your account. If you decide to join the panel, get ready to set up reminders and check if your points have been reflected in the balance. It’s a frustrating experience, to be sure.
  • The cashout threshold is high. You have to earn $25 before being able to cash out. Since surveys are rare, it will likely take over a year to earn that much.

Final Verdict

With Technology Advisory Board, you don’t have to worry about scammy or otherwise dishonest behavior. They are firmly established and have decades of experience, as well as a nice reputation to uphold. So, there’s no need to be afraid.

Another question is whether you want to spend some of your time for a compensation that can only buy you peanuts. (Lots of peanuts, to be honest.) This one is entirely up to you. If you decide to give them a shot, make sure not to commit to them exclusively. Even though they pay nicely, there are just too few earning opportunities with them. It would be best to register with a few different survey panels. By earning a little bit from each of them, you will get a sense that you are making money on the side, without considerable effort. As all of us know, paid surveys can’t and won’t get you rich. They are just supposed to make you a dollar here, few dollars there, without much hassle.