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Regardless of the size of the business, marketing is crucial to its success. Businesses succeed by appealing to the masses, but unfortunately, they don’t always have access to a vast collection of real, unbiased opinions to help them improve their marketing materials or products. A few critical opinions could be the difference between a new release flopping or even worse, offending people. Differences in culture and market sentiment are the reason brands vary their regional offerings and marketing campaigns, and a targeted panel allows them to define those demographics more easily.

In order to collect opinions en masse, many companies use online panelists to complete surveys about new projects before releasing them to the public. This lets them pay to receive the valuable feedback they need, earning panelists money for their time.

After all, learning the opinions of 10,000 people is much cheaper than a totally failed campaign or new release. This is where you, the panelist, comes in. If you want to share your opinions with brands (and get paid for it), survey sites may be for you. One of these survey sites to consider is TestSpin, who offers an array of ways for you to be heard.

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About TestSpin

TestSpin is an online market research company that offers survey panels for businesses to receive feedback on their various products, services, and marketing materials. With over 20 years of experience providing market feedback from panelists all over the world, they’ve worked with hundreds of companies internationally – including some you’ve probably used.

How Does It Work?

When a company needs feedback from the market, they come to TestSpin to set up a survey to collect the thoughts and opinions of the demographic they select. Once the survey is live, anyone who qualifies for the survey will receive an email invitation to participate, linking them to the relevant page. Upon completion, the information is added to the aggregate results of the poll and used by the company to make decisions. Once the campaign closes, you’ll be paid for your time.

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Who’s It For?

Anyone who wants to earn some money and help shape various brands would likely enjoy TestSpin. From hearing new music before it is released to previewing the new product from your favorite brand, their survey opportunities make it fun to earn cash.

TestSpin is an international market research company, so they accept new panelists from a variety of different countries. They also have a minimum age of 13, allowing for younger generations to have their opinions heard.

Getting Started

To register, you’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself. This will include creating an account login to track your surveys and earnings, as well as providing information about you as a consumer. You’ll be asked your location, occupation, income, marital status, and more specifics like your car or home type. All these factors are taken into consideration to determine your eligibility for surveys, so answer honestly – otherwise you risk being screened out or banned from participating.

Survey Opportunities

There are 2 primary types of survey opportunities that are available at TestSpin: online surveys and online focus groups.

Online surveys are usually simple question-and-answer questionnaires that vary in both length and response type. In some you may simply select a few multiple-choice answers while in others you’ll have to write out more thoughtful responses (and sometimes a combination of both). The longer the survey, the more money you will earn overall.

Online focus groups do a little bit more than just answering direct questions – they review and provide feedback on things like music, products, advertisements, websites, and more that can’t quite be quantified by a questionnaire. These opportunities take longer but also pay more, offer a refreshing format, and let you get some exclusive access to new releases.


For payment and your rewards, TestSpin uses “itcoins” (essentially credits) on their site as your balance. These credits are earned for completing tasks and can be redeemed once you reach 10,000 (the equivalent of $10) through RedeemItNow. RedeemItNow offers a variety of cash-out options, including PayPal, gift cards, and even some products you can get directly.

On average, you can expect between $1-10 for each online survey you take, varying based on how specific the niche is and how long it takes you to complete. If you join a focus group, you’ll have to do more but will also earn $30 or more. Payments are paid out once the campaign the company sets up is complete, so you may end up having to wait 30 days to receive your reward.

The Good

International Support

It’s important for international market researchers to have international panelists, so people from many countries can sign up for TestSpin.

Focus Groups

Focus groups pay a sizable amount more than the surveys and allow you to test out some unreleased content before anyone else.

Cash-out Variety

Choose cash, a gift card, or a prize to spend your hard-earned rewards on – don’t settle for raffles.

The Bad

30-Day Crediting

Waiting 30 days to receive your payment after completing a survey is some serious delayed gratification, and when you add in the time it takes for cashing out to process, you’re in for a few weeks of waiting to see your earnings.

Minimal Niche Benefit

Unlike specialized survey sites, TestSpin doesn’t have too much of a benefit of being a specialist in a category. They are more looking for general opinions of the masses, so if you’re a doctor or other high-profile profession, you may be able to earn more with a niche panel.


As a general survey site, TestSpin wouldn’t be anything special. However, the addition of online focus groups and the variety of interesting opportunities they provide makes them more desirable. They have the important cash-out methods, offer support for international panelists, and allow users 13+ to participate, so they’re easy and convenient to use. If you’re looking to add some spice to your portfolio of survey sites, TestSpin is a worthy addition.

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