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TimeBucks is one of thousands of rewards panels that promise to pay you for completing all kinds of easy tasks and offers. But the innumerable internet scams have taught us to know better than to believe such easy promises. How safe is it to register with this panel? Will they trick you into giving away some sensitive info? If not, will you be able to make some money there?

Let me tell you upfront: it seems to be legit. They don’t charge a dime for using the panel, which is the first clear-cut sign of legitimacy. Further on, the company behind this panel is Australian Clearing Pty Ltd. I tracked it down in the Australian Business Register, which is a government website and therefore absolutely trustworthy.

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Now, the fact that a reward site is legit doesn’t mean it’s good. That’s why I signed up and tried it to get first-hand experience, and here’s what I learned.

timebucks homepage preview

How Does It Work?

TimeBucks doesn’t differ from most get-paid-to panels I’ve had a chance to try. The equation is simple: you complete small, mindless tasks, and they pay you a tiny amount of money per task.

But what types of tasks can you expect here? Here are just a few:

  • Watch videos
  • Install free apps
  • Follow or unfollow people on Instagram
  • Take surveys
  • Vote in polls
  • Post on TikTok
  • Play games
  • Complete captchas
  • Purchase things on AliExpress or earn 3-5% commission whenever someone makes a purchase through your link
  • Watch slideshows

Exactly. Anyone can do these things, regardless of their background, skills, or experience. That’s precisely the reason why they pay so low.

How Much Can I Earn There?

Let’s see what the site says about the first question to pop up in everyone’s head.

There isn’t an exact way to determine a median hourly rate or anything like that. That’s because every member’s earnings will depend on several variables: their country, device, and how long they’ve been using the panel.

In the FAQ, they’ve singled out a very promising example. A first-time US user can expect to earn up to $50 on their first day – but only if they use the panel both from their computer and mobile. As a rule, new users get the best offers first. Alas, most of these offers aren’t recurring, so you can’t just take them again.

In my personal experience, however, there were just a few available tasks to begin with, and none of them paid more than $1. Indeed, most offers paid just a few cents.

TimeBucks tasks page

When I checked out available videos to watch, there were just six of them. Mostly YouTube tutorials, and I was supposed to watch at least 60 seconds of each. As simple as the activity is, the reward wouldn’t knock anyone off their feet.

time bucks user tutorials page preview

True, your earnings show up in the wallet on your dashboard the moment you complete an offer. But it’s hard to rejoice just because it took no time for your $0.001 to show.

Judging by most experiences I’ve read about online, you can hardly hope to earn more than $20 to $30 every month. And that’s if you’re lucky with your location and are ready to spend significant time on the site!


  • Numerous payment options. The services they use are Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, AirTM. And you will get your earnings every week on Thursday – provided you’ve earned at least $10. If you prefer bitcoins to actual cash, you can opt for that too. PayPal is available too but not as a direct option. More on that in the Cons section though!
  • Relatively low cashout threshold – $10 shouldn’t be too difficult to earn. And when you compare it with the $20 to $25 industry average, you’ll see why we deem the TimeBucks threshold manageable.
  • Pretty awesome referral program that’s five levels deep. That means you will get a commission off of every person you refer, as well as every other member they refer. In plain math, that’s 15% of every level-one referee’s lifetime earnings. Other levels pay 1-2% of the referee’s lifetime earnings.
  • Worldwide availability is definitely an asset considering that most reward panels are heavily focused on the US and UK. According to their Terms & Conditions, they are not available in these five countries: North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Iran, and Syria.


  • The Instagram activities smack of greyhat. Mass following and unfollowing people is kind of unethical. If you do it too often or too much, you risk getting your Instagram account banned. They probably used to incentivize similar activities on Facebook too, which is why their domain got blocked there.
  • They don’t host their own surveys but redirect you to other survey panels – where you have to sign up all over again. And that takes even more time! For example, I got a survey from Survey Time, another get-paid-to panel. The only reason I could take it without any additional hassle is that I was already a member there.
  • Most offers pay very low, well under $1 or even $0.1. If a 60-second video pays $0.001, how much time would it take to earn $1 by watching videos? Exactly 1,000 minutes. But even if you’re okay with that (which I doubt), you can’t do it because there aren’t so many videos available. True, surveys do pay a bit higher. I’ve seen people claiming that they even got $1 surveys. But that’s obviously rare.
  • PayPal users are in for a bit of a hassle. They won’t pay you directly through PayPal. So, you can open up an AirTM account and connect it to your PayPal if the latter is your best option.
  • No app available, even though they encourage members to take offers on the go. A silver lining here is that their website is mobile-friendly. Otherwise, it would have been a nightmare!
  • Some people don’t get nearly enough offers to get paid weekly. Like I said above, the number of offers largely depends on your country and demographic profile.

Final Thoughts – Is TimeBucks Worth Your Time?

Considering how varied user experiences are with this panel, it’s not easy to confidently say yes or no.

On the one hand, there’s no reason to doubt the legitimacy of this panel. Even though one can never be 100% positive, it’s safe to assume that your personal info won’t get jeopardized.

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On the other hand, most of the tasks I’ve seen pay ridiculously low, and are limited in number. So, if you want to see for yourself, you can give it a go and hope to get luckier than me. But it’s best not to expect any miracles!

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