Toluna: King of the Online Survey Companies?

With so many paid survey websites, if you’re interested in leveraging your views and opinions to make a little extra cash, how can you tell which companies or websites will value your time enough to reward your efforts properly? After all, getting paid is the main reason to do these surveys, right?

One of the best ways to ensure you’ve signed up with a premium company is to go with one of the largest, market-leading ones. Toluna, with their millions of users, is certainly one of the biggest out there, so we’ll take a look at the features, pros, and cons of their service to help you decide if it is worthy to join their army of panelists.


Toluna is an international market research and data collection company which is founded in Paris, France back in the year 2000, and they have expanded rapidly to their current size. Today, they operate in 86 countries and have around 13 million users. Specifically, users in the USA will be working with the Toluna USA group.

They largely work gathering data on behalf of other market research and advertising companies. They, in turn, supply the data to a wide range of recognizable companies such as Sky, Coca-Cola, Danone, Sony, and Etsy.

How Does Toluna Work?

It should come as no surprise to learn that the Toluna website is very easy to navigate, and the signing up process is straightforward. With over 13 million users, they surely have had enough experience in setting up user-friendly software!

A nice bonus as well is that you get 500 points deposited into your account just for setting up your profile, which is truly generous and nice of them. This is actually just one of the several ways to earn some bonus points.

There are for example a number of mini-surveys that can be taken. These are short and sweet, with just yes or no style questions and can bag you 15 points each. You can also earn 100 points for surveys that update your profile, which is also useful for getting more regular surveys. Additionally, you can grab 500 bonus points for every friend you refer.

However, the bulk of the surveys you’ll complete will be longer, which will take around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Nonetheless, they will earn you between 15,000 and 20,000 points for your account.

Bear in mind that:

  • 30,000 points can be turned into a gift card
  • 75,000 into a physical check for $25
  • 90,000 points is a $30 transfer into your PayPal account

There is a huge range of ways to claim your rewards too, with Taluna offering gift cards from Amazon and iTunes to Best Buy and even Starbucks. If you prefer cold, hard cash, that is also a viable option since they give out checks and do PayPal transfers.

You can also spend some of your points to enter monthly sweepstakes draws that Toluna operate. These can earn you prizes ranging from electrical items to cash prizes of several thousand dollars. It’s also worth noting that Toluna now has an app that can be downloaded onto tablets and smartphones, which syncs with your main profile to allow you to tackle surveys while you are out and about.

What We Like about Toluna

  • Connected to a range of reputable companies
  • A wide range of survey topics
  • Registration is free
  • Points just upon signing up
  • Lots of ways to accumulate points
  • Product testing is also available
  • Big sweepstakes prizes

What We Don’t Like about Toluna

  • Very competitive market
  • Points system might not be favorable for everyone
  • Payment can take up to eight weeks to clear once you’ve made the request.

A Quick Summary

  • Toluna is one of the market leaders in this sector.

It boasts a huge audience of survey takers based all around the world. The access to this accrued knowledge is very attractive to market research and retail companies, ensuring a steady flow of surveys and product tests.

It is possible though that you could be disqualified from some surveys simply because Toluna has so many users to ask, so they can wait for the perfect people with the exact demographic they want to target.

  • Its popularity brings choices.

There is a wide range of topics that you can complete surveys on, which makes sure that you would be able to find something that interests you.

  • Product surveys are also available.

It’s not just online surveys with this company. You can also apply to complete product tests wherein you will receive physical samples to use and rate at home. You can request any products you like, and they can be anything from cosmetics to dog food.

  • It can be impersonal.

You won’t quite get the tailored service that some survey companies offer, and it can all feel a little impersonal and robotic at times, especially since human interaction is non-existent.

  • Toluna has a points system process.

Some people like building up points to cash in whenever they like. Others simply prefer to be paid in cash. Basically, Toluna is a points system, whether you are happy or not will be a personal choice.

Toluna vs. Other Survey Sites

The best way to compare Toluna to other sites is to consider the range of surveys available, and in that sense, they are simply fantastic. Some other survey companies may offer smaller, more frequent options, but the larger scale surveys here are still quite frequent and pay better.

The fact that so many big brands work with Toluna means you really do have the chance to make your voice heard by speaking directly to the manufacturers of services and items that you use every day; that is something you may not get with a less well-known company.

The Verdict

There is no doubt this site is 100% legit. There are simply too many people using it, and with too many well-known companies allowing their names to be attached to this site, it’s anything but legit.

The main problem is that you can often fail the early screening tests several times in a row before you see a survey true to completion. That can be dispiriting, but we would advise you keep at it because once you are established as a good panelist, there are great opportunities