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“Earn easy pay – just a click away.” This simplistic message welcomes you to the site called Unique Rewards. Below it sits an animated video of Fat Bob, a “fat, lazy, undisciplined man” who binges on junk food, trying to drown his sorrows in countless trash shows as the bills keep piling up. Okay, this is plainly vulgar and insensitive. So, is Fat Bob what this site is all about? This Unique Rewards review will try to dig into it and reveal to you whether it’s worth your time.

It’s always the same drill when it comes to get-paid-to panels. You are to register with a site, enter some basic info about yourself, and start engaging in a number of mindless activities. In return, you get paid a small sum – usually, between a cent and a dollar per activity. Yes, these sums are meagre most of the time. But that’s not the main issue – you may even get tricked out of those because you fell prey to a bogus site.

To be honest, that video didn’t seem promising to me when I first saw it. But does that mean that Unique Rewards are a scam? Read on to find out!

unique rewards homepage preview

How Does It Work?

As is often the case with GPT panels, Unique Rewards does not offer you anything of their own. They merely serve as a middleman between you, the user, and the advertisers they work with. So, what you’re signing up for is an aggregation of various tasks given to you by various advertisers. Which means you’ll have to sign up over and again on different sites they redirect you to, as they aren’t sharing or circulating your info between them.

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Unfortunately, those third parties are not always or exclusively good guys. But more on that later.

First, let’s see what you need to do to earn those rewards.

  • Complete online surveys and offers. The offers are typically more profitable, but there’s a catch you need to be aware of. Some of them may require your credit card number. For example, you need to subscribe for a free 7-day trial on a product, and provide the number so they could kick-start your paid subscription without warning after those 7 days. Typically, a survey will bring you anywhere between $0.50 and $1. But keep in mind there aren’t many!
  • Watch videos or listen to the radio. Most of the time, you aren’t required to pay attention at all. But that doesn’t mean it’s exactly set and forget. From time to time, you will need to hop in to turn off an ad, proving that you’re there after all.
  • Play games. Not Fortnite or Minecraft, mind you. You’ll play monotonous, simple games like those simple Flash Player games we used to play back in the 1990s and early 2000s. (If you like the idea of making money by playing video games, hop on over to this article for some inspiration.)
  • Click ads or emails. This one is a bit risky since many of those ads and emails are scams. So, make sure to only do it if you have a powerful antivirus on your computer. If you’re afraid or suspicious (as you should be), just skip that option and resort to the safer ones. Also, make sure to either use a secondary email address, or organize your primary one super neatly, with filters and everything. Every ad will bring you around $0.01.
  • Shop online. This is possibly the best paying opportunity, with cashback up to 35%. Naturally, it only makes sense if you were already eyeing those particular products that they’re offering cashback on.
  • Refer friends. As soon as your referee earns their first $20, you will get a $5 bonus. Plus, you’ll keep getting 10% of their lifelong earnings. Sounds nice assuming that you have a bunch of survey-taking friends and are eager to recommend this panel to them.

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Don’t hope for the balance on your account to reflect your earnings instantly. It may even take up to 72 hours to change. Not through Unique Rewards’ own fault, as they were eager to remind us on the Rules page. It happens because of their advertisers, who seem to be solely responsible for all the shenanigans you may encounter here. Or so Unique Rewards would have us believe.

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  • No gift cards – only cash. And this cash can be delivered to you via PayPal, which is hands down the most convenient option, or a good ol’ check.
  • The site is completely free to join. This is one of the basic preconditions that legit GPT panels must meet. If they should ever charge you for becoming a member, wrinkle your nose coz something stinks.
  • They are generous with the Gold Membership – you will get it as soon as you earn your first $20. And it means that your commissions will get higher, topping up your income from this panel.


  • The safety issue is grave. Even though this site doesn’t appear to be a scam in itself, it does give way to other fraudulent sites all too often. Some of those ads you’re supposed to click on for rewards are infested with malware. Also, you’re likely to be bombarded with lots of emails, many of which are pure spam.
  • There are payment issues too! People who decide to take their chances with this site may be in for trouble. Whereas some users claim they got their payment without any delay, others even complain of getting fake checks. Although it’s possible to get around this by requesting payment via PayPal, it’s still worrisome. (BBB agrees, judging by the F rating.)
  • Relatively high payout threshold of $20. Even though it’s not too difficult to reach, it won’t be easy either. Many surveys won’t deem you the right demographic and will kick you out in the middle. Also, there are offers that just won’t work for whatever reason, technical or otherwise.
  • US and Canada only – they will probably accept you even if you’re from anywhere else, but they won’t pay you.

Final Verdict – Boost the Safety and Then We’ll Reconsider Unique Rewards

While Unique Rewards themselves most likely aren’t scam, they do seem to deal with a lot of scammy partners. And that is the main reason why I don’t think it’s a good idea to supplement your income with this panel. Before expecting users to trust them with their sensitive data, these guys should work on acquiring honest, trustworthy partners. Such as it is, those $20 or $30 per month just aren’t worth the risk, even though they are so easy to earn.

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