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Univox Community is one of many survey sites that have been formed over the years which allow you to take a wide variety of surveys to earn rewards. While the reward types that are offered seem to be more diverse than those available on other sites, are they really better?

To decide whether Univox stands out among other survey sites or not, you have to learn more about how their site works and what is offered as compensation for your time. Thus, let’s take a closer look at this unique survey community today.

About Univox Community

Univox Community is a website where you can share your real opinion and feedback about different products that are currently on the market or on products that are going to be released in the future. This community exists to help businesses decide how to proceed with their products with the help of the feedback that people give on Univox Community directly informs them. This relationship between the two is essential for businesses, and that is why they are willing to pay to get good, reliable feedback data.

This community site is owned by a market research company called Market Cube. They also do online panel development and technology research to help companies. This company was established in 2009, and Market Cube has a lot going for it!

Does that mean that Univox Community has something going for it, too? Let’s find out.

How It Works

This is a global website which means that anyone can join, even if you live in a country that is typically excluded from joining a website like this one. To join, you will need to fill out some information in your profile including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Region
  • Shopping behavior
  • Car ownership

Apart from those, there are quite a number of things that Univox will ask you about, and that is because they are trying to ensure that you will be able to find accurate surveys on their site.

Some people complain about how many questions about themselves they had to answer, but these answers help to get you surveys that you will actually be qualified for. Additionally, the first survey that Univox Community gives you would pay you $5 simply for completing all of this detailed information that you would need to fill out anyways. Once you give them this information and confirm your email address, you’ll be able to start participating in surveys.

Earning on Univox

The surveys on Univox Surveys range from just one short minute to over an hour. Beyond surveys, you can also earn rewards by joining in discussions, polls, and other activities on the site. Be aware that not every activity on the site will give you an award, as some are just for fun.

On average, payouts for every survey are between $0.50 and $2.00 for a 5- to 15-minute survey. There are, of course, longer surveys and surveys that pay more, but these are the averages.


You will get reward points of various amounts every time that you complete a survey or do other paid activities on the site. 100 points are equivalent to $1.00.

The minimum threshold for cashing out is 2500 points or $25.00. At that time, you can ask Univox to send you money via PayPal, an Amazon e-gift card, or a Virtual Visa Card.

There are actually four different user levels on Univox. All of them are free, and you earn membership into each level based on the number of surveys that you complete. As you move up the membership ranks, the cashout threshold gets lower. The lowest is at $10 or 1,000 points.


  • Disqualification Bonuses

One nice thing about this particular survey site is that you get a small bonus if you are disqualified while taking a survey. The bonus is only $0.05, but that’s better than getting nothing but wasted time for trying to complete a survey that you are ultimately not a match for.

  • Sign-Up Bonus

Univox is one of the few sites that still gives a bonus simply for signing up to use their survey portal. You will get a $2 credit by signing up. While you won’t be able to cash that out immediately, every little penny counts!

Between this bonus and the sign-up survey, you’ll essentially be given $7 free just for signing up and filling out your profile information.

  • Referral Bonuses

You can get a bonus on Univox Community by referring friends to join. Once your friend tries to qualify for 10 surveys or successfully completes one survey, you will get $1. You can refer up to five individuals for a total of $5 in potential bonus awards.


  • MIA Customer Support

When users have had big issues on this site, they have often found themselves unable to get in contact with the customer support team within a reasonable amount of time. This can be very disheartening especially if you enjoy using the site but cannot do so due to an error.

  • Disqualification

While it is nice that Univox Community gives out a small bonus when you get disqualified from a survey, the amount of disqualification that happens for some Univox users is frustrating. Rather than happening early in the survey, some people are disqualified after investing 10 or more minutes into what they thought would be a paid survey. Yikes!

When met with this feedback, Univox Community suggested that users do a better job of keeping their profiles and sub-profiles up to date so that they wouldn’t be disqualified as frequently. While that might be part of the problem, it doesn’t seem like Univox is making a real effort to fix this issue.

Conclusion: Scam or Legit?

Univox Community is a legitimate website that has paid millions of members for doing surveys on their site for years. That being said, there are some issues that Univox has not fully addressed such as disqualification from surveys that can make it frustrating to use their site. Thus, if you decide to use Univox, be sure to keep your profile as accurate as possible to limit these issues from affecting how much you can make while doing surveys.

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